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Below are all reviews at Romancing the Book that are categorized as Young Adult (YA) or New Adult (NA).  They are of all sub-genres and are sorted by author’s last name.  You can use the alphabet below to jump down the page.

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Agnew, Paige — Starless Sky
Aguirre, Ann — Outpost

Bell, Amber Dawn — Cave of Terror
Bevins, Kaitlin — Persephone
Bow, James — The Unwritten Girl

Cowen, Amanda — Between Friends

Dale, Lisa — Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier
Denton, Jasmine — Inner Demons
Donovan, Rebecca — What If

Faletti, Dana — Wake

Kane, Aria — Once Upon A Darkness

Laybourne, Emmy — Monument 14
Ling, Aya — Princesses Don’t Get Fat

McDonald, Abby — Sophomore Switch

Oakes, Colleen — Queen Of Hearts
O’Donnell, Maggie — To Gaze Or Not To Gaze
O’Neale, Stacey — The Shadow Prince

Philbin, Joanna — Rules Of Summer

Ryals Russell, Rebecca — Odessa

Smith-Ready, Jeri — Shift
Stiefvater, Maggie — Linger
Stiefvater, Maggie — Shiver




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