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Below are all reviews at Romancing the Book that are categorized as Young Adult (YA) or New Adult (NA).  They are of all sub-genres and are sorted by author’s last name.  You can use the alphabet below to jump down the page.

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Abrams, Amir — Hollywood High
Agnew, Paige — Starless Sky
Aguirre, Ann — Outpost
Andersen, J. — At What CostAndrefski, Jodie — The Girlfriend Request
Andrews, VC — Broken Glass
Ardis, Pryia — My Boyfriend Merlin
Ardis, Pryia — My Merlin Awakening
Argyle, Amber — Witch Song
Armentrout, Jennifer L. — Obsidian
Armentrout, Jennifer L. — Onyx
Asher, Jay — The Future of Us
Ayusso, Danae — Arrangement From The Ashes

Bell, Amber Dawn — Cave of Terror
Belwater, Danielle — Of Fire and Roses
Berry, Nina — Otherkin
Bevis, Kaitlin — Persephone
Bick, Isla — Shadows
Blade, Veronica — A Bite’s Tale
Blade, Veronica — From Fame to Shame
Borissova, Borislava — The Starlight Prince
Boudreau, Helene — Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath
Bow, James — The Unwritten Girl
Brennan, Sarah Rees — Team Human
Brockmann, Suzanne & Melanie — Night Sky
Busby, Cylin — Blink Once
Bynum, Karen Y. — Witch Way to Turn

Cadieux, LA — One Life
Campbell, JA — Summer Break Blues
Cannon, Chris — The Boyfriend Bet
Card, Melanie — Ward Against Death
Carey, Anna — Eve
Carey, Anna — Once
Childs, Tera Lynn — Sweet Venom
Cole, Kresley — Poison Princess
Combs, Samantha — Spellbound
Cordova, Zoraida — Life on the Level
Cordova, Zoraida — Love on the Ledge
Cordova. Zoraida — Luck on the Line
Cowen, Amanda — Between Friends

Dale, Lisa — Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier
Decker, A.E. — The Falling of the Moon
Decker, A.E. — The Meddlers of Moonshine
Deen, Natasha — True Grime
Deluia, Shevaun — Eternal Mixture
Demetri, Romarin — A Mirror Among Shattered Glass
Dennis, Michael D — A Native’s Tongue
Denton, Jasmine — Inner Demons
Donovan, Rebecca — What If
Dover, LP — Kyle’s Return
Duncan, Jenna-Lynne — Hurricane
Durham, Amy — Once Again

Elliott, Courtney — The Chick-Flick Project
Estep, Jennifer — Cold Burn of Magic
Estep, Jennifer — Dark Frost
Estep, Jennifer — Dark Heart of Magic
Estep, Jennifer — Kiss of Frost
Estep, Jennifer — Midnight Frost
Estep, Jennifer — Spartan Frost
Estep, Jennifer — Touch of Frost

Faegen, Trinity — The Mephisto Covenant
Faegen, Trinity — The Mephisto Kiss
Faletti, Dana — Wake
Ferreiro-Esteban, Carmen — Two Moon Princess
Freed, Eliza — Forgive Me

Gates, J. Gabriel — Dark Territory
Gates, J. Gabriel — Ghost Crown
Gayle, Emi — After Dark
Glines, Abbi — One More Chance
Glines, Abbi — You Were Mine
Grace, Stephanie J. — Easy Peasy

Habel, Lia — Dearly, Beloved
Habel, Lia — Dearly, Departed
Harnes, Kim — Still Photo
Hieber, Leanne Renee — The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart
Hoover, Colleen — Ugly Love
Howard, Amalie — Bloodspell

Jefford, Nikki — Entangled
Jensen, Meg — Anathema
Johnson, Bella — True Bond

Kagawa, Julie — The Immortal Rules
Kagawa, Julie — The Lost Prince
Kane, Aria — Once Upon A Darkness
Keel, Charlene — Dark Territory
Keel, Charlene — Ghost Crown
Kluver, Cayla — Allegiance
Knight, Ciara — Rise from Darkness
Krey, Jennifer — The Hollow of Mont Noir
Kuehn, Stephanie — Charm & Strange

Laird, Chynna T — Blackbird Flies
Lane, Andrew — Rebel Fire
Larbalestier, Justine — Team Human
Larry, Natasha — Darwin’s Children
Laybourne, Emmy — Monument 14
Layne, Lauren — Isn’t She Lovely
Lee, Vanessa — The Beauty Queen and the School Nerd
Leighton, Shayne — Of Light and Darkness
Lilley, J. — Discovered
Linder, April — Love, Lucy
Ling, Aya — Princesses Don’t Get Fat
Litton, Josie — Entwined
Litton, Josie — Hunted
Lyle, Patrice — Lethally Blonde

Mackler, Carolyn — The Future of Us
Madsen, Cindi — All the Broken Pieces
Madsen, Cindi — Anatomy of a Player
Mahoney, Karen — The Stone Demon
Marchini, Tracy — Effie at the Wedding
McCarthy, Erin — Sweet
McDonald, Abby — Sophomore Switch
McGarry, Katie — Dare You To
McGarry, Katie — Pushing the Limits
McGuire, Jamie — Beautiful Oblivion
McLaughlin, Lauren — Scored
Meyer, Marie — Across the Distance
Meyer, Marie — Can’t Go Back
Michelle, PT — Brightest Kind of Darkness
Millay, Katja — The Sea of Tranquility
Miller, Maureen A — Beyond
Mitchell, TL — Harbor Moon
Morgen, Kristen — Behind the Glass
Morris, Paula — Dark Souls
Murphy, LS — Reaper
Murphy, Monica — Saving It

Noel, Alyson — Fated
Nohety, Russel — My Father Didn’t Kill Himself
Nolan, Lea — Conjure

Oakes, Colleen — Queen Of Hearts
O’Donnell, Maggie — To Gaze Or Not To Gaze
O’Neale, Stacey — The Shadow Prince
Orchard, Lisa — Gideon Lee
Orchard, Lisa — Lark Singer
Orchard, Lisa — Starlight

Pearce, Jackson — Fathomless
Pearce, Margaret — Cindy Jones
Pearce, Margaret — Swap Over
Pearce, Margaret — The Togetherness Routine
Peterson, Larry — The Priest and the Peaches
Philbin, Joanna — Rules Of Summer
Pierre-Antoine, Marlon — Wandering Stars
Polillo, Katherine — Destine
Purdy, Rebekah, L — Cinderella Complex

Radmerski, JA — The Edge of Never
Rainfield, Cheryl — Hunted
Reardon, Robin — The Revelations of Jude Connor
Reece, Julie — Crux
Reid, Kimberly — My Own Worst Frenemy
Renson, Jennifer — Carousel
Reynard, Sylvian — Gabriel’s Rapture
Reynard, Sylvian — Gabriel’s Redemption
Richardson, Angela — All the Pieces
Richardson, Angela — Pieces of Lies
Richardson, Angela — Pieces Of Truth
Riley, Lia — With Every Breath
Rivers, Rae — Archer
Rivers, Rae — Declan
Rivers, Rae — Sienna
Robinson, KA — Torn
Robinson, KA —Twisted
Robson, Cecy — Once Pure
Rose, Imogen — Initiation
Rose, Imogen — Integration
Ross, Shae — Fearless
Ross, Shae — Lace Up
Ross, Shae — Rush
Rowling, JK — Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, JK — Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone
Ryals Russell, Rebecca — Odessa
Ryals Russal, Rebecca — Zarena
Ryan, Shari J. — Schasm

Sala, Sharon — Lunatic Detective
Sala, Sharon — My Lunatic Life
Simone, Ni-Ni — Hollywood High
Simone, Ni-Ni — No Boyz Allowed
Singh, Kim — Fix You
Smith, Lauren — Forbidden
Smith-Ready, Jeri — Shift
Soule, Sherry — Beautifully Broken
Soule, Sherry — Moonlight Mayhem
Stephens, SC — Furious Rush
Sterling, LE — True Born
Stiefvater, Maggie — Linger
Stiefvater, Maggie — Shiver
Stokes, Tawny — Demon Whisperer
Stokes, Tawny — Static
Swanson, Cidney — Chameleon
Swanson, Cidney — Rippler

Tanzman, Carol — Dancergirl
Tayte, Megan – Death Wish
Templeton, JA — The Deepest Cut
Triana, Gaby — Wake the Hollow
Truitt, Tiffany — Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart

Van Dyken, Rachel — Bang Bang
Van Dyken, Rachel — The Bet
Van Dyken, Rachel — Compromising Kessen
Van Dyken, Rachel — The Consequence of Loving Colton
Van Dyken, Rachel — The Consequence of Revenge
Van Dyken, Rachel — The Dare
Van Dyken, Rachel — Elect
Van Dyken, Rachel — Elicit
Van Dyken, Rachel — Elite
Van Dyken, Rachel — Elude
Van Dyken, Rachel — Ember
Van Dyken, Rachel — Enchant
Van Dyken, Rachel — Entice
Van Dyken, Rachel — Eternal
Van Dyken, Rachel — Evoke
Van Dyken, Rachel — Fall
Van Dyken, Rachel — Fearless
Van Dyken, Rachel — Forever
Van Dyken, Rachel — Pull
Van Dyken, Rachel — Ruin
Van Dyken, Rachel — Savage Winter
Van Dyken, Rachel — Shame
Van Dyken, Rachel — Shatter
Van Dyken, Rachel — Tear
Van Dyken, Rachel — Toxic
Van Dyken, Rachel — The Wager
Vega, Estevan — Arson

West, Melissa — No Falling Allowed
White, Cecily — Prophecy Girl
Whittington, Belle — Cicada
Wise, Stacy — Beyond the Stars
Wolfe, SA — Freedom
Wolff, Tracy — Slashed



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