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Below are all reviews at Romancing the Book that are categorized as Young Adult (YA).  They are of all sub-genres and are sorted by author’s last name.  You can use the alphabet below to jump down the page.

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Agnew, Paige — Starless Sky
Ardis, Priya — My Boyfriend Merlin
Ardis, Pryia — My Merlin Awakening
Argyle, Amer– Witch Song
Armentrout, Jennifer L.– Obsidian
Armentrout, Jennifer L. — Onyx

Bell, Amber Dawn — Cave of Terror
Blade, Veronica — A Bite’s Tale
Borissova, Borislava — The Starlight Prince
Bow, James — The Unwritten Girl 
Boudreau, Helene — Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath

Carey, Anna — Eve
Carey, Anna — Once
Childs, Tera Lynn — Sweet Venom
Combs, Samantha — Spellbound

Dale, Lisa — Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier
Deen, Natasha — True Grime
Denton, Jasmine — Inner Demons
Duncan, Jenna-Lynne — Hurricane

Estep, Jennifer — Dark Frost
Estep, Jennifer — Kiss of Frost
Estep, Jennifer – Touch of Frost

Faegen, Trinity — The Mephisto Covenant
Ferreiro-Esteban, Carmen — Two Moon Princess

Habel, Lia — Dearly, Departed
Howard, Amalie — Bloodspell

Jensen, Megg — Anathema

Kagawa, Julie — The Immortal Rules
Kluvar, Cayla — Allegiance
Knight, Ciara — Rise from Darkness 
Krey, Jennifer — The Hollow of Mont Noir

Laird, Chynna T. — Blackbird Flies
Larry, Natasha — Darwin’s Children
Lilley, J. — Discovered

McDonald, Abby — Sophomore Switch
McLaughlin, Lauren — Scored
Meyer, Stephenie — Twilight
Michelle, P.T. — Brightest Kind of Darkness
Mitchell, T.L. — Harbor Moon series
Morris, Paula — Dark Souls

Noël, Alyson — Fated

Peterson, Larry — The Priest and the Peaches
Pierre-Antoine, Marlon — Wandering Stars
Pullman, Philip — The Dark Materials Trilogy 
Purdy, Rebekah L. — Cinderella Complex

Rainfield, Cheryl — Hunted
Reece, Julie — Crux
Reed, Rick R — Dead-End Street
Reid, Kimberly — My Own Worst Frenemy
Reese, Julie — Crux
Rose, Imogen — Initiation
Rose, Imogen — Integration
Russell, Rebecca Ryals — Odessa
Russell, Rebecca Ryals — Zarena

Sala, Sharon — My Lunatic Life
Sala, Sharon –  Lunatic Detective
Simone, Ni-Ni — No Boyz Allowed
Soule, Sherry — Beautifully Broken
Stiefvater, Maggie — Linger
Stiefvater. Maggie — Shiver
Stokes, Tawny — Demon Whisperer
Stokes, Tawny — Static
Swanson, Cidney — Chameleon
Swanson, Cidney — Rippler

Tanzman, Carol — Dancergirl
Templeton, J.A. — The Deepest Cut

Vega, Estevan — Arson

Whittington, Belle — Cicada



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