Promotional Calendar


Thank you for your interest in promotions at Romancing the Book.

Our calendar is booked through the end of February 2014.


As of November 2013, here are our new promotion guidelines:

  • We will not host guests on the weekends (no Saturday and Sunday promotions with the exception during some of our special events).
  • Due to the shear number of requests that we get, we will only host an author once every 6 months.
  • We only post one promotion a day.  There will be very few exceptions to this rule (mostly dealing with an accidental overbooking).
    • We are eliminating the primary and secondary posts due to Jen’s stress levels.
  • We expect that once a spot is scheduled that you will have all materials for the post to be returned no later than one (1) week before your date.  Do not expect us to send a reminder, although one *may* come.
    • Promotions will post no later than 6:00 am (Eastern) and will be the top posts that day.  Part of our service is to advertise your visit on Facebook & Twitter.  We expect you to do the same.
      • We do provide the post’s link at least the night before it goes live for your convenience.
    • We strongly suggest that guests stop by at some point during their promotion to respond to comments left by our readers.  It makes for a more rewarding visit for everyone.
  • We are NOT requiring a giveaway during promotions in 2014.  However, if you are looking for reader participation, we would recommend one.

If you agree to these guidelines and would like to talk about scheduling a visit to RtB, please consult the calendar below to pick a few possible dates and then email Jen at  You should receive a response within 72 hours.

Please note, this calendar is searchable by using the arrows to advance to future months.

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