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If you love vampires, werewolves, magic, then this is the page for you. Here is a list of our reviews from the fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and sci-fi genres, organized alphabetically by author’s last name.

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Aaron, Angela — The Guardian
Andersen, Jessica — Lord of the Wolfyn
Ann, Brooklyn — Bite Me, Your Grace
Anthology — Melt My Heart
Anthology — Something Spooky Comes This Way
Anthology — Tidal Whispers
Arthur, AC —Seduction’s Shift
Arthur, AC — Temptation Rising
Ashbless, Janine — Cover Him with Darkness
Ashgrove, Claire — Doomed to Torment
Ashgrove, Claire — Enslaved by Fear
Ashgrove, Claire — Immortal Trust
Ashgrove, Claire — Marked For Death
Ashley, Amanda — Desire the Night
Ashley, Amanda — His Dark Embrace
Ashley, Amanda — Night’s Mistress
Ashley, Kelliea — Mad Hatter’s Alice
Atchley, Jane — Unbound Heart
Avers, Genia — Forbidden Magic

Ballante, Vicki — The Love Commission
Baptiste, Jeanne — Enchantment of the Fairies: Blue
Baptiste, Jeanne — Enchantment of the Fairies: Red
Barbour, Mimi — Together for Christmas
Becraft, Drea — Sold at First Bite
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie — A Darker Passion
Belfield, JA — Eternal
Bennett, Jenn — Binding the Shadows
Bennett, Sondrae — Brink of Passion
Bentley, Karilyn — Magical Lover
Bentley, Karilyn — Wolf Mates
Berwin, Margot — Scent of Darkness
Bicknell, FL — The Most Intimate Wish
Black, Tasha — Curse of the Alpha
Blake, Trinity — Time Pirate
Belvins, Candace — Only Human
Black, Jenna — Rogue Descendant
Blake, Selena — Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf
Blexrud, Susan — Love Fang
Bodine & Rosemoor — Written in the Stars
Bradlee, Jen — A Cat Without a Grin
Brooks, Liana — Even Villains Have Interns
Brown, Leila — Solstice Heat
Brush, Staci — Of Wishes and Myths
Buckley, Lorelei — Direct Strike
Buckley, Misa — Ironhaven
Burton, David H — Broken
Bury, Britt — The Darkest Day

Cahill, Rhian — Coyote Whispers
Callahan, Coreene — Fury of Fire
Callihan, Kristen — Forevermore
Cameron, Stella — Darkness Bound
Campbell, Angela — Cry Wolf
Campbell, Gwen — Captain O’Reilly’s Woman
Cantwell & Gschwandtner — Foxy’s Tale
Carlo, Jianne — The Dragon Slayer
Carter, Margaret L. — Bear Hugs
Cassidy, Dakota — Honey I Shrunk the Werewolf
Chase, Ashlyn — Flirting Under a Full Moon
Chase, Ashlyn — How to Date a Dragon
Chase, Ashlyn — Kissing With Fangs
Chong, Stephanie — The Demoness of Waking Dreams
Chong, Stephanie — Where Demons Fear to Tread
Clark, Bri — The Familial Witch
Clark, Bri — Glazier
Clay, Michelle — Bitter Black Kiss
Colgan, Jennifer — Devil’s Due
Conn, Claudy — Darklove
Copper, Alyssa — The Motel Room
Cox, Dorothy — Watcher
Cox, Sandra — Tall, Dark and Undead
Crandall, Lynn — Always And Forever Love
Croft, Nina — Bittersweet Blood
Croft, Nina — Bound to Moonlight
Croft, Nina — Break Out

Daco — Electromancer
Dale, Becca — The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door
D’Arc, Bianca — Dead Alert
Dare, Lydia — The Wolf Who Loved Me
David, Jillian — Flame Unleashed
Day, Sylvia — A Touch of Crimson
Delight, Raine — Fantasies Unbound
Derek, Angie — The Beast’s Redemption
Doggett, Debra — Gambler’s Moon
Donnelly & Mackenie — Infinite Betrayal
Douglas, Kate — Crystalfire
DuBois, Cera — A Hunter’s Angel
DuBois, Cera — A Hunter’s Blade
Dubrinsky, Violette — The Warrior
Durand, Anna — Reborn to Avenge
Durand, Anna — Reborn to Burn
Durand, Anna — Reborn to Die
Durham, S — The Lycan Moon
Duvall, Dianne — Night Reigns

Ecker, Melissa — Giving Up the Ghost
Eden, Cynthia — Angel of Darkness
Eden, Tigris — Enslaved in Shadows
Edwards, Barbara — Ancient Awakening
Edwards, Barbara — Ancient Blood
Edwards, Hailey — A Feast of Souls
Edwards, Hailey — A Hint of Frost
Edwards, Hailey — Soul Weaver
Elliott, Leanore — Soul Betrayal
Elliott, Leanore — Soul Redemption
Elliott, Leanore — Soul Sacrifice
Ellis, Leanna — Plain Fear: Forgiven
Elsborg, Barbara — Kiss Interrupted
Emery, JC — Anomaly
England, Dara — Beastly Beautiful
Estep, Jennifer — By A Thread
Estep, Jennifer — Deadly Sting
Estep, Jennifer — Heart of Venom
Estep, Jennifer — Karma Girl
Estep, Jennifer — Poison Promise
Estep, Jennifer — The Spider
Estep, Jennifer — Spider’s Bite 
Estep, Jennifer — Spider’s Revenge
Estep, Jennifer — Tangled Threads
Estep, Jennifer — Venom
Estep, Jennifer — Web of Lies
Estep, Jennifer — Widow’s Web
Ethridge, Margaret — Inamorata
Ethridge, Margaret — Paramour
Evans, Jayme — Eternity’s Lonely Heart
Evans, Jayme — Eternity’s Many Loves
Evans, Jayme — Eternity’s Scottish Hero
Evans, Jayme — Eternity’s Sweet Endeavor

Falkner, Tammy — A Lady and Her Magic
Falkner, Tammy — The Magic Between Us
Falkner, Tammy — The Magic of “I Do”
Fennell, Judi — Magic Gone Wild
Fitzpatrick, Kelly — This Side of Dead
Flagg, M — His Soul to Keep
Forrest, KB — Daughter of Fire
Forrest, KB — Fire Demon
Frank, Jacquelyn — Adam
Frank, Jacquelyn — Forbidden
Frank, Jacquelyn — Forged
Frank, Jacquelyn — Forsaken
Frederick, MJ — A Ghostly Charm
Frost, Jeaniene — One Grave at a Time

Garner, Cynthia — Heart of the Demon
Gavan, Danielle — Ardeur
Geissinger, JT — Edge of Oblivion
George, Lexi — Demon Hunting in the Deep South
Gideon, Nancy — Prince of Shadows
Gilman, Sarah — Out in Blue
Glover, Sarah M — Grave Refrain
Gooden, Nina S — The Big Bad…
Grant, Donna — Darkest Highlander
Grant, Donna — Midnight’s Captive
Grant, Donna — Midnight’s Lover
Grant, Donna — Midnight’s Master
Gray, Cecelia — Falling
Greenwood, Nicki — Water
Grey, Shanon — The Shoppe of Spells
Greyson, Maeve — The Highlander’s Fury
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer — The Calling
Guida, ML — A Pirate’s Curse
Guida, ML — A Pirate’s Revenge

Hackett, Anna — At Star’s End
Hackett, Mary Curran — Proof of Heaven
Haddock, Nancy — Always the Vampire
Hahn, Amy — The Ice Carousel
Hahn, Joni — Agent N6: Dylan
Haines, Jess — Enslaved by the Others
Haines, Jess — Hunted By The Others
Hall, Minta — The Magician of Wall Street
Handeland, Lori — Any Given Doomsday
Handeland, Lori — Zombie Island
Harlow, Karin — Enemy Lover
Harlow, Karin — Enemy Mine
Harper, Dani — Changeling Dawn
Harper, Dani — Changeling Dream
Harper, Dani — Changeling Moon
Harper, JK — Hunting Wolf
Harper, Molly — Better Homes And Hauntings
Havens, Candace — Take It Like a Vamp
Hays, Clark — The Cowboy and the Vampire
Heaton, Felicity — Craved by an Alpha
Heaton, Felicity — Hunted by a Jaguar
Heller, Ellie — A Matter Of Fate
Henry, Mark — Road Trip of the Living Dead
Hewitt, Gabriella — Out of the Shadows
Hill, Joey W. — A Mermaid’s Kiss
Hill, Sandra — Kiss of Surrender (second review)
Hill, Sandra — Kiss of Temptation
Holzner, Nancy — Bloodstone
Holzner, Nancy — Darklands
Howell, Kiki — Hidden Salem
Howell, Kiki — A Questionable Hero
Hughes, Mary — Assassins Bite
Hughes, Mary — Passion Bites
Humphreys, Sara  — Tall, Dark and Vampire
Humphreys, Sara — Vampire Trouble

Ione, Larissa — Bound By Night
Ione, Larissa — Chained by Night
Irons, Katherine — Waterborne
Ivy, Alexandra — Fear the Darkness

Jackson, Lisa — Close To Home
Jager, Paty — Spirit of the Lake
James, Elle — Voodoo on the Bayou
James, Sandy — The Brazen Amazon
James, Sandy — The Impetuous Amazon
James, Sandy — The Reluctant Amazon
James, Sandy — The Volatile Amazon
James, Syrie — Nocturn
James, Torie — Point of No Return
James, Torie — Ties that Bind
Jay, Pippa — When Dark Falls
Johnson, Suzanne — Elysian Fields
Johnson, Suzanne — Pirate’s Alley
Johnson, Suzanne — River Road
Johnson, Suzanne — Royal Street
Jones, Darynda — The Dirt on Ninth Grave
Jones, Darynda — Eighth Grave After Dark
Jones, Darynda — Third Grave Dead Ahead
Jones, Lisa Renee — The Danger that is Damion
Jordan, Kelsey — First of Spring
Jordan, Kelsey — Heart of a Rocky
Jordan, Kelsey — The Lycan Hunter

Kane, Decadent — Traces of Poppy
Kaye, Laura — Forever Freed
Kelley, Karen — Where’s the Smoke
Kelly & Carpenter — Whispers in the Dark
Kennedy, Jeffe — Feeding the Vampire
Kennedy, Kathryne — Double Enchantment
Kennedy, Kathryne — Enchanting the Lady
Kennedy, Stacey — Supernaturally Kissed
Kenner, Julie — California Demon
Kenyon, Sherrilyn — Fantasy Lover
Kenyon, Sherrilyn — No Mercy
Kessler, Lisa — Night Demon
Kessler, Lisa — Night Walker
Kinrade, Kimberly — Seduced by Innocence
Kitts, Tracy — Constant Cravings
Knight, Julia — Ten Ruby Trick
Kuehl, Heather — Epiphany
Kyle, Anna — Omega Rising

Lai, Emma — His Capture, Her Rescue
Laine, Aimee — Hide & Seek
Lane, Kathy — Linked by Blood
Lario, Rosalie — Angel’s Desire
Lario, Rosalie — Mark of the Slyph
LaRoque, Linda — Born in Ice
Lewis, Rebekah — Mercury Rising
Limoges, M. — Claiming His Mate
Loch, Kathryn — Whisper to a Scream
Long, Heather — Brave are the Lonely
Long, Heather — Marshal of Hel Dorado
Long, Richard — The Book of Paul
LoTempio, Toni — Raven’s Kiss
Love, Kathy — Devilishly Hot
Lund, Tami — Dawning of Light
Lund, Tami — Into the Light
Lund, Tami — Light Beyond the Darkness
Lundy-Frommer, Sallie — Yesterday’s Daughter
Lyndon, Louise — Of Love and Vengeance
Lynne, Deborah Y — The Dragon Laird

Maltezos, Anastasia — Lycan Warrior
Mason, Nina — Starry Night
Masters, Cate — Ground Rules
Masters, Cate — The Magic of Lavender
McCleave, Annette — Drawn Into Darkness
McEntire, D — Purrs and Lace
McFall, Kathleen — The Cowboy and the Vampire
McIntyre, Katherine — Hunting for Spring
McKerrington, Kristal — Shetland Immortals: Against My First Love
McMahon, Maureen — Haunting Passions
McMaster, Bec — My Lady Quicksilver
Mead, Richelle — Succubus Revealed
Meyers, Theresa — The Chosen
Meyers, Theresa — The Hunter
Meyers, Theresa — The Slayer
Michaels, TJ — Egyptian Voyage
Miller, Cait — Trusting the Magic
Monroe, Ashlynn — Santa’s Helpers: Aliens Stole The Turkey
Monroe, Jill — Lord of Rage
Morgan, Alexa — My Lady Mage
Morgan, Alexa — Warrior’s Curse
Muir, LL — Going Back for Romeo

Naughton, Elisabeth — Tempted
Nichols, GC — Colors
Northcott, Nancy — Renegade

O’Leary, Caitlyn — Revealed
Overbrook, Kristine — Redeeming the Night
Ow, Christina — Fate Reborn

Pang, Allison — A Brush of Darkness
Pang, Allison — A Sliver of Shadow
Parker, Mysti — A Ranger’s Tale
Parker, Mysti — Serenya’s Song
Persell, Micah — Of Consuming Fire
Peterson, Debbie — Spirit of the Rebellion
Pierce, Cassandra — The Professor and Her Vampire
Pineiro, Caridad — The Claimed
Pineiro, Caridad — The Lost
Polo, Amber — Released

Reed, Alexia — Hunting the Shadows
Remiel, Deena — Trinity
Reus, Katie — Destined Mate
Rice, Patricia — This Magic Moment
Ridgewood, Tori L. — Wind And Shadow
Riley-Magnus, Deborah — Cold in California
Risk, Mona — Osiris’ Missing Part
Roane, Caris — Obsidian Flame
Roberts, Nora — Stars of Fortune
Robins, Eden — Lander’s Moon
Robinson, DL — Banish the Dragon
Rodriguez, Michelle — Opera Macabre
Rogers, Flossie Benton — Wytchfae: Runes
Roland, Lee — Vicious Moon
Roman, Robert C — What Not to Fear
Rosewarne, Shelli — Scarlett Legacy
Royce, Rebecca — Embraced
Royce, Rebecca — Return to the Sea

Sandro, Angie — Dark Redemption
Sams, Candace — Eternally Chained
Sands, Lynsay — The Lady is a Vamp
Saville, Susanne — Dance Macabre
Schiller, MJ — Taken By Storm
Scott, Inara — Radiant Desire
Scudiere, AJ — God’s Eye
Showalter, Gena — The Darkest Secret
Showalter, Gena — The Darkest Seduction
Showalter, Gena — Lord of the Vampires
Showalter, Gena — Wicked Nights
Singh, Nalini — Lord of the Abyss
Sky, Shela — The Vampire’s Touch
Slatton, Tracy L — Fallen
Smith, Faith V — Immortal Justice
Snyder, Maria V — Scent of Magic
Sparks, Karrelyn — Wild About You
Spear, Terry — A Highland Werewolf Wedding
Spear, Terry — A Howl for a Highlander
Spear, Terry — Jaguar Fever
Spear, Terry — Jaguar Hunt
Spear, Terry — A SEAL Wolf Christmas
Spear, Terry — Silence Of The Wolf
Speer, Cindy Lynn — Blue Moon
Standifer, Allie — Poseidon’s Fortune
Stearman, Amy — Altered
Stevens, Gabi — Wishful Thinking
Stockton, Frances — Arrington’s Claim
Strange, Liz — A Second Chance at Forever
Strout, Anton — Alchemystic
Strout, Anton — Incarnate
Strout, Anton — Stonecast
Swan, Joan — Blaze
Swan, Joan — Fever
Swan, Joan — Rush
Swan, Joan — Shatter
Symmons, Kevin J — Rite of Passage

Tagliaferro, Misha — Thirst for Love
Townsend, Lindsay — Dark Maiden
Trent, Holly — The Cougar’s Pawn
Tuck, James — Blood and Silver
Tyler, Maya — Dream Hunter
Tyler, Paige — Her Perfect Mate
Tyler, Paige — Hungry Like a Wolf

Van Dyken, Rachel — Divine Uprising
Van Dyken, Rachel — Upon a Midnight Dream
Van Dyken, Rachel — Whispered Music
Van Dyken, Rachel — Wolf’s Pursuit
Vedam, Shereen — The Misspelled Charm
Viehl, Lynn — The Clockwork Wolf
Viehl, Lynn — Disenchanted and Co.

Walker, Brandy — Craving More
Walsh, Bernadette — Devil’s Mountain
Ward, JR — Dark Lover
Ward, JR — Lover Awakened
Ward, JR — Lover Eternal
Warren, Chrstine — On the Prowl
Watson, Penny — Sweet Magik
Webb-DeSisto, Marion — Vampyre Rescuer
Wells, Jaye — Cursed Moon
Wells, Jaye — Deadly Spells
Wells, Jaye — Dirty Magic
Wells, Jaye — Meridian Six
Wheeler, Bonnie — Fate Fixed
Wright, Dana — Asylum

Xander, Tianna — The Earth Dragon

Zanetti, Rebecca — Hunted

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