Paranormal Romance Reviews


If you love vampires, werewolves, magic, then this is the page for you. Here is a list of our reviews from the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres, organized alphabetically by author’s last name.

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Anthology — Melt My Heart
Ashgrove, Claire — Marked For Death

Bicknell, FL — The Most Intimate Wish
Blexrud, Susan — Love Fang
Brush, Staci — Of Wishes and Myths

Carter, Margaret L. — Bear Hugs
Chase, Ashlyn — Kissing With Fangs
Clark, Bri — The Familial Witch
Crandall, Lynn — Always And Forever Love


Estep, Jennifer — Karma Girl
Estep, Jennifer — Spider’s Bite 
Estep, Jennifer — Tangled Threads
Estep, Jennifer — Venom
Estep, Jennifer — Web of Lies
Evans, Jayme — Eternity’s Many Loves

Hackett, Anna — At Star’s End
Harlow, Karin — Enemy Lover
Harper, Molly — Better Homes And Hauntings
Heller, Ellie — A Matter Of Fate
Henry, Mark — Road Trip of the Living Dead
Humphreys, Sarah — Vampire Trouble

Ione, Larissa — Bound By Night

Jackson, Lisa — Close To Home
James, Sandy — The Brazen Amazon
James, Sandy — The Impetuous Amazon
James, Sandy — The Volatile Amazon
Jay, Pippa — When Dark Falls

Kenyon, Sherrilyn — No Mercy

McCleave, Annette — Drawn Into Darkness
Monroe, Ashlynn — Santa’s Helpers: Aliens Stole The Turkey

Ridgewood, Tori L. — Wind And Shadow

Showalter, Gena — The Darkest Secret
Spear, Terry — Jaguar Hunt
Spear, Terry — Silence Of The Wolf
Swan, Joan — Rush

Tyler, Paige — Her Perfect Mate

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