Historical Romance Reviews


Do you like to travel back in time with your reading? We hope you find a book here that fits your tastes. All reviews are listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

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Baker, Madeline — A Whisper In The Wind
Baker, Madeline — Forbidden Fires
Balogh, Mary — The Escape
Baptiste, Jeanne — Enchantment Of The Fairies: Blue
Baptiste, Jeanne — Enchantment Of The Fairies: Red
Bilodeau, Linda — The Wine Seekers
Blair, Willa — Highland Seer
Bowman, Kim — Something Like A Lady
Brant, Lucinda — Salt Bride
Brennan, Sheryl — Celtic Sacrifice
Brimble, Rachel — Love’s Debt
Bryan, Emily — Vexing the Viscount
Burrowes, Grace — Andrew
Burrowes, Grace — Douglas
Burrowes, Grace — The MacGregor’s Lady

Carroll-Brad, Linda — Capturing The Marshall’s Heart
Carroll-Bradd, Linda — Dreams Of Gold
Coffman, Elaine — For All The Right Reasons
Collins, Manda — Why Earls Fall In Love
Collins,Manda — Why Lords Lose Their Hearts
Conkle, Gina — Norse Jewel
Cooper, Andrea R. — Viking Fire
Cosby, Diana — His Woman

Darby, Sabrina — Wed At Leisure
Darby, Sabrina — Woo’d In Haste
Davis, Vonnie – Tumbleweed Letters
Dolan, Kate — A Change Of Address
Donnelly, Rachel — Lady Broke

Eagan, Denise — The Wild One

Faulkner, Tammy — The Magic Between Us
Fresina, Jayne — Once Upon A Kiss

Galen, Shana — Sapphires Are An Earl’s Best Friend
Gray, Heather — Mail Order Man

Haymore, Jennifer — The Rogue’s Proposal
Holt, Victoria — The Pride Of The Peacock
Holt, Victoria — The Secret Woman

James, Sandy — Redeemed
James, Sandy — Runaway
James, Sandy — Saving Grace
Jeffries, Sabrina — When The Rogue Returns
Joyce, Brenda — Deadly Vows

Kenny, Janette — A Cowboy Christmas

LaMense, Julie — Once Upon A Wager
Lawless, Kathleen — Deliver Me
Lawrence, Ann — Lord Of The Keep
Lee, Millie Ledford — Innocent Heart
Leigh, Jillian — Rules Of Engagement
Luedecke, Dawn — Beacon of the Night

MacAlister, Katie — Noble Intentions
MacLean, Sarah — A Rogue By Any Other Name
Mallory, Margaret — The Guardian
Marlowe, Deb — How to Marry a Rake
McCrickett, EmmaLee — A Cottage Christmas
Michels, Elizabeth — Desperately Seeking Suzanna
Michels, Elizabeth — Must Love Dukes
Miller, Barbara — Fortune’s Folly
Murphy, Michael — The Yankee Club

Nash, Sophia — The Once And Future Duchess

Quinn, Paula — Ravished By a Highlander

Rifkin, Gini — Special Delivery
Roman, Deanie — Charming The Chieftan
Rothwell, Kate — Someone to Cherish

Sainte-Eve, Adrianne — Horizontal Collaborator
Schwab, Sandra — Betrayal
Sinclair, Michele — Seducing The Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda — My Brave Highlander
Small, Beatrice — Love, Remember Me
Smith, Jackie M. — A Soldier’s Vow
Smith, Lauren — Wicked Designs
Smith, Stephy — Run To Texas
Springsteen, Kay — Something Like A Lady

Thomas, Jodi — Texas Blue
Trissel, Beth — Somewhere My Lass
Trissel, Beth — Somewhere My Love
Troppello, Joanne — Mr Shipley’s Governess

Viehl, Lynn — Disenchanted & Co
Viehl, Lynn — The Clockwork Wolf

Williams, Lana — A Vow To Keep
Williams, Lana — Believe In Me
Williams, Lana — Trust In Me

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