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Do you like to travel back in time with your reading? We hope you find a book here that fits your tastes. All reviews are listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

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Alexander, Victoria — His Mistress by Christmas
Alexander, Victoria — Secrets of a Proper Lady
anthology — Christmas Gold
anthology — Secrets: Sensual Cravings (Vol 28) ***
anthology — Twisted Fairy Tales ***

Balogh, Mary — Simply Perfect
Banche, Linda — Gifts Gone Astray
Bancroft, Blair – Mistletoe Moment
Beecroft, Alex — Captain’s Surrender ***
Benedict, Alexandra — Too Great a Temptation
Benedict, Alexandra — Too Scandalous to Wed
Bennett, Sara — Mistress of Scandal
Blackthorne, Natasha — Waltz of Seduction ***
Bilodeau, Linda — The Wine Seekers
Bittner, Rosanne — Thunder on the Plains
Borissova, Boirslava — Affairs of the Heart
Boyle, Elizabeth — Love Letters from a Duke
Brant, Lucinda — Autumn Duchess
Brant, Lucinda — Salt Bride
Brennan, Sheryl — Celtic Sacrifice
Brockway, Connie — The Other Guy’s Bride
Bryan, Emily — Vexing the Viscount
Burke, Barbara — Recompromising Amanda
Burke, Darcy — To Seduce A Scoundrel
Burrowes, Grace — The Heir
Burrowes, Grace — The Soldier
Byrd, Nicole — A Lady Betrayed

Calvert, Dawn — Hero Worship
Camp, Candace — The Bridal Quest
Campbell, Anna — Midnight’s Wild Passion
Carey, Carolynn — My Elusive Countess
Carlo, Jianne– The Dragon Slayer
Carr, Isobel — Ripe for Pleasure
Caskie, Kathryn — How to Propose to a Prince
Coffeen, Jennifer Ann — Priceless Deception
Collins, Manda — How to Dance with a Duke
Collins, Manda — How to Romance a Rake
Connolly, Shirley Kiger — Say Goodbye to Yesterday
Copeland, Lori — When Love Comes My Way
Corti- Petska, Jannine — The Lily and the Falcon
Corti- Petska, Jannine – Love’s Sweet Wager
Corti- Petska, Jannine — Surrender to Honor
Cosby, Diana — His Woman

Dahl, Victoria — It’s Always Been You 
D’Ansey, Leigh — The Duke’s Blackmailed Bride
Dawson, Geralyn — Her Outlaw
Devlyn, Tracey — A Lady’s Revenge
Devon, Summer — The Mad Baron
Devon, Summer — Her Outlandish Stranger 
Devon, Summer — Powder of Love ***
Diablo, Keta — Decadent Deceptions ***
DiPasqua, Lila — A Midnight Dance
Dobson, Marissa — Winterbloom
Dolan, Kate — Deceptive Behavior
Dunn, Cathie — Highland Arms

Eagan, Denise — The Wild One
Edwards, Cassie — Flaming Arrow
Enock, Suzanne — Taming an Impossible Rogue
Erickson, Karen — Lessons in Indiscretion ***

Fridl, Ilona — Bronze Skies

Gabaldon, Diana – Outlander
Gabhart, Ann H. — The Blessed
Gabhart, Ann H. — Words Spoken True
Gabielle, Tina – In the Barrister’s Chambers
Gaines, Alice — My Lady’s Pleasure ***
Galen, Shana — Rogue Pirate’s Bride
Galen, Shana — When You Give a Duke a Diamond
Gellis, Roberta — Rhiannon
Gellis, Roberta — Sybelle
Gentry, Georgina — Colt
Goode, Suzi- Unlawful Hearts
Goodger, Jane — When A Duke Says I Do
Grange, Amanda & Webb, Jacqueline — Pride and Pyramids: Mr. Darcy in Egypt
Grant, Donna — Highland Mist
Grant, Suzie — Wrong Kind of Paradise
Grasso, Patricia — Enticing the Prince
Gray, Nathalie — Full Steam Ahead   ***
Grey, Katherine — Impetuous
Groover, Bobbi — The Inn at Little Bend
Guhrke, Laura Lee — The Wicked Ways of a Duke

Haymore, Jenniffer —  A Touch of Scandal
Haymore, Jenniffer — Once Upon A Wicked Night
Henderson, Alison — A Man Like That
Henderson, Joyce — Promise the Moon 
Henderson, Peggy — Yellowstone Redemption
Hern, Candice –  Lady Be Bad
Howard, Francine Thomas — Paris Noir
Howell, Hannah —  Highland Avenger
Howell, Hannah — Highland Bride
Howell, Hannah — If He’s Dangerous
Howell, Hannah — Unconquered
Hunter, Jillian — A Bride Unveiled

Jager, Paty — Schooling Miss Burke
James, Eloisa — The Ugly Duchess
James, Eloisa — Winning the Wallflower
James, Samantha — The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell
Jeffers, Regina — Christmas at Pemberley
Jeffers, Regina — The Disappearence of Georgiana Darcy
Jeffries, Sabrina — A Lady Never Surrenders
Jeffries, Sabrina — To Wed a Wild Lord
Jio, Sarah — The Violets of March
Jordan, Nicole — Princess Charming
Jordan, Sophie — Lessons of a Scandalous Bride
Joyce, Brenda — Deadly Vows
Joyce, Brenda — The Perfect Bride
Joyce, Brenda – Seduction

Karlsen, Chris — Heroes Live Forever
Karlsen, Chris — Journey in Time
Kelley, Christie — Every Night I’m Yours
Kelley, Christie — One Night Scandal
Kennedy, Joanne — Cowboy Fever
Kennedy, Joanne — One Fine Cowboy
Kenny, Janette — A Cowboy’s Christmas
Killion, Kimberly — Taming a Highland Devil ***
Kleypas, Lisa — Mine Till Midnight
Knight, Eliza — A Lady’s Charade
Knight, Eliza — A Pirate’s Bounty ***

Lang, Emma — Matthew
LaRoque, Linda — A Law of Her Own
Lathan, Sharon — Miss Darcy Falls In Love
Laurens, Stephanie — Beyond Seduction
Laurens, Stephanie — The Perfect Lover
Laurens, Stephanie — Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue
Lawless, Kathleen — Anora’s Pride
Lawless, Kathleen — Callie’s Honor
Lawless, Kathleen — Deliver Me
Layne, Diana — Pirate’s Proposal
LeBlanc, Jenn – The Rake and the Recluse
Leever, Patricia — Cat O’Nine Tails
Leigh, Ana – The Lawman Said I Do
Lejeune, Tamara — The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness
Linden, Carolone — I Love The Earl
Linforth, Jennifer — Madrigal
Little, Candy Ann — The Unwilling Bride
London, Julia — The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount
Lynne, Victoria — With This Kiss

MacKenzie, Sally — The Naked Duke
MacKenzie, Sally — The Naked King
MacKenzie, Sally — The Naked Marquis
MacMillan, Gail — Caledonian Privateer
MacNeal, Melissa — Sexual Secrets ***
MacTavish, Dawn — The Privateer
Mallory, Anne– In Total Surrender
Mallory, Margaret — The Guardian
Marlowe, Deb — How to Marry a Rake
Marlowe, Mia — Touch of a Rogue
Mason, Connie & Marlowe, Mia — Lord of Fire and Ice
Mater, Margaret — What Might Have Been
Maxwell, Cathy – Because of You
Maxwell, Cathy – When Dreams Come True
Mayburn, Ann –Diamond Heart
Mays, Judy — Midnight Angel of Bodmin Moor
McBride, Bess — Across the Winds of Time
McIntyre, Amanda — Wild and Unruly
McKee, Laurel — Lady of Seduction
Means, Elizabeth — Dangerous Charade
Michaels, Kasey — Much Ado About Rogues
Michaels, Kasey — The Taming of the Rake
Miles, Michelle — One Night Only
Miller, Barbara — If Wishes Were Kisses
Miller, Barbara — Knight’s Errant
Mims, Meg — Double Crossing

Nash, Joy — The Grail King
Nee, Kimberly — Devil in Disguise
Nelson, Jessica — Love on the Range

Perriman, Wendy K. — Fire on Dark Water 
Putney, Mary Jo –  The Rake

Quinn, Paula — Ravished By a Highlander

Ramsey, Sara — Heiress Without a Cause
Ramsey, Sara — Scotsman Prefer Blondes
Rhose, Calisa — Home
Richards, Caroline — The Darkest Sin
Ritch, Olivia — Unseen Heiress
Robinson, Maggie — Mistress By Marriage
Robinson, Shannon — Seducing the Sheriff
Rodale, Maya — The Heir and the Spare
Romero, Julie — A Soldier’s Embrace
Rothwell, Kate — Someone to Cherish

Sainte-Eve, Adrianne — Horizontal Collaborator
Satow, Barbara — Vane Imaginings
Schwab, Eileen Clymer — Shadow of a Quarter Moon
Scott, Barbara — West of Heaven
Scott, Theresa — Captive Legacy
Simpson, Donna Lee — Curse of the Gypsy
Simpson, Donna Lee — Revenge of the Barbary Ghost
Sinclair, Michelle — Tempting the Highlander
Sinclair, Rebecca — California Caress
Sinclair, Rebecca — Montana Wildfire
Sinclair, Vonda — My Fierce Highlander
Sinclair, Vonda — My Wild Highlander
Sims, Ruth — The Phoenix
Sloane, Stephanie — The Angel in My Arms
Sloane, Stephanie — The Devil in Disguise
Sloane, Stephanie — The Saint Who Stole My Heart
Smith, Jackie M — A Soldier’s Vow
Snow, Heather — Sweet Enemy
Solomon, Anna — The Little Bride
Stuart, Anne — Shameless
Szereto, Mitzi — Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Lusts ***

Templeton, Julia – Little Miss Independent
Thomas, Jodi — Texas Blue
Trent, Christine — By The King’s Design
Trissel, Beth — Somewhere My Lass
Trissel, Beth — Somewhere My Love
Troppello, Joanne — Mr. Shipley’s Governess 
Twist, Jenny — Domingo’s Angel 
Tyler, Leanne — Season of Love

Van Dyken, Rachel — An Unlikely Alliance
Vincent, Renee — The Fall of Rain
Vincent, Renee — Raeliksen

Waite, Olivia — Hearts and Harbringers ***
Warren, Tracy Anne — My Fair Mistress
Welfonder, Sue- Ellen — Temptation of Highland Scoundrel 
Wells, Beverly — Only When the Loon Sings
Westbrook, Barbara — Restless Hearts
Westbrook, Barbara — Standing on Stolen Ground
Williamson, Beth — The Bounty ***
Willingham, Michelle — Seduced by Her Highland Warrior
Wine, Mary — Highlander’s Prize
Wurtele, Margaret — The Golden Hour

Yarbrough, Marilyn — Once Upon a Love

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