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Listed below are our reviews of books that fall outside the romance genre. We have chick-lit, mystery, horror, and so on.  They are listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

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Allen, Jeffery B. — GoneAway Into the Land
Allred, Alexandra — Roadkill
Allred, Alexandra — Sweetbreath
Alter, Judy — Murder At The Blue Plate Cafe
Alter, Judy — Skeleton in a Dead Space
Ambrose, Terry — Honolulu Hottie
Ambrose, Terry — The Mystery at the Lei Palaoa
Ambrose, Terry — Tough Choices
Anderson, Kevin J — Death Warmed Over
Andre, Joel M — Cry of the Fallen
Asedegbega, Patricia — When I Grow Up…

Babenko, Vadim — A Simple Soul
Babenko, Vadim — Semmant
Ballance, Sarah — Hawthorne
Baron, Micheal — Spinning
Batman, Vicki — Temporarily Employed
Bauer, C.G. — Scars on the Face of God
Belle, Kimberly — The Ones We Trust
Belmond, CA — A Rather Remarkable Homecoming
Berkom, DV — Bad Spirits
Bertram, Pat — Light Bringer
Boop, David — She Murdered Me with Science
Bostwick, Marie — The Second Sister
Bostwick, Marie — Threading the Needle
Braziel, Jamie Lynn — Declaring Spinsterhood
Brink, Barbara — Entangled
Britton, Katharine — Her Sister’s Shadow
Brookfield, Amanda — Relative Love
Brooks, Donovan J. — A Dame to Die For
Brown, Alexandra — The Great Christmas Knit-Off
Brown, Carolyn — The Red-Hot Chili Cook-Off
Brown, Karma — Come Away with Me
Brown, Tracy — White Lines II: Sunny
Brown, Richard — The Gift of Illusion
Bruno, Anythony — Devil’s Food
Bryan, Mollie Cox — Scrapbook of Secrets

Cain, Sarah — The 8th Circle
Calen, Tom — The Ignota
Carr, Robyn — Four Friends
Chadwick, Elizabeth — A Place Beyond Courage
Cloyed, Deborah — The Summer We Came to Life
Cohen, Nancy J. — Peril by Ponytail
Collins, Jackie — Chances
Conrad, Hy — Rally Round the Corpse
Cook, J.S. — A Little Night Murder
Coonts, Deborah — Lucky Bastard
Coonts, Deborah — Lucky Stiff
Coonts, Deborah — So Damn Lucky
Coonts, Deborah — Wanna Get Lucky?
Corsentino, Joseph — Time of the Faeries Afterlight
Crisler, Lincoln — Magick And Misery
Cunningham, John H. — Red Right Return

Daniels, Robert — Once Shadows Fall
Dave, Laura — The First Husband
Davis, Barbara — The Secrets She Carried
Davis, Barbara — The Wishing Tide
Denvill, Barbara Gaskel — Satin Cinnabar
de Rosnay, Tatiana — A Paris Affair
Dickens, Charles — A Christmas Carol
Dixon, Norman Jr. — The Creepers: Born in Winter
Dow, Candice — We Take This Man
Duncan, Elizabeth J. — Untimely Death
Dunn, Carola — A Colorful Death
Dunnett, Kaitlyn — Vampires, Bones, And Treacle Scones

Ellison, JT — What Lies Behind
Evanovich, Janet — Explosive Eighteen
Evanovich, Janet — Smokin’ Seventeen

Fardig, Caroline — Bad Medicine
Fardig, Caroline — Death Before Decaf
Fardig, Caroline — It’s Just a Little Crush
Fardig, Caroline — That Old Black Magic
Faricy, Mike — Bite Me
Ford, Michael Thomas — Jane Vows Vengeance
Forelli, John — The Simulations
Frankel, Laurie — The Atlas of Love
Fredman, Shelly — No Such Thing as a Secret
French, Tana — Broken Harbor

Giffin, Emily — Heart of the Matter
Gilstrap, John — Soft Targets
Giordano, Adrienne — Dog Collar Knockoff
Goldberg, Amanda — Beneath a Starlet Sky
Grace, Rebecca — Shadows from the Past
Grace, Tammy L — Pieces of Home
Gradowski, Janel — Banana Muffins & Mayhem
Gradowski, Janel — Chicken Soup & Homicide
Gradowski, Janel — Christmas Canapes & Sabotage
Gradowski, Janel — Doughnuts & Deadly Schemes
Gradowski, Janel — Fudge Brownies & Murder
Gradowski, Janel — Pies & Peril
Graham, Heather — Phantom Evil
Grange, Amanda & Jacqueline Webb — Pride & Pyramids: Mr Darcy in Egypt
Greenough, Wayne — Memorial Day
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer — Blood Forge
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer — Dinosaur Lake
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer — Evil Stalks the Night
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer — The Ice Bridge
Gschwandtner, LB — The Naked Gardener
Gudenkauf, Heather — One Breath Away
Gustafson, Stuart — Missing in Mexico
Gyllenhaal, Liza — A Place For Us

Hague, GM — A Place to Fear
Handler, Daniel — We Are Pirates
Hannah, Kristin — Night Road
Hanson, Jack — Cry Havoc
Harlow, Jennifer — Death Takes a Holiday
Harlow, Jennifer — High Moon
Harlow, Jennifer — Mind Over Monsters
Harlow, Jennifer — To Catch a Vampire
Harris, Charlaine — Dead Reckoning
Harris, CS — Who Buries the Dead
Harris, Tessa — The Anatomist’s Apprentice
Harrop, Matthew — Circles In The Dust
Hart, Katrina — Finding Destiny
Hart, Liliana — Whiskey Rebellion
Harvey, Emily Sue — Song of Renewal
Heller, L. Alison — The Never Never Sisters
Higgins, Kristan — If You Only Knew
Hilderbrand, Elin — Winter Street
Hoag, Tami — The Bitter Season
Hoag, Tami — Cold, Cold Heart
Holmes, Steena — Stillwater Rising
Hopper, Ruthanna Khalighi — Beneath a Starlet Sky
Huffman, Benita — Telling Fortunes

Jacquelyn, Nicole — Unbreak My Heart
James, Rupert — Stepsisters
Jeffers, Regina — The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy
Jio, Sarah — The Violets of March
Jones, Belinda — The Traveling Tea Shop
Jong, Erica — Fear of Dying

Kellerman, Jonathan — The Murderer’s Daughter
Kelly, Diane — Death, Taxes and Extra-Hold Hairspray
Kelly, Diane — Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte
Kennedy, XJ — A Hoarse Half-Human Cheer
Klein, David — Clean Break
Krulewitch, Marc — Maxwell Street Blues

Lafleche, Isabelle — J’Adore New York
Laurence, C.K. — The Quarterback’s Demon
Lear, James — The Sun Goes Down
Ledford, Deborah J. — Crescendo
Ledford, Deborah J. — Snare
Ledford, Deborah J. — Staccato
Lee, Cavanaugh — Save as Draft
Lee, Patrick — Runner
Lerner, Scott A. — The Fraternity of the Soul Eater
Lerner, Scott A. — Ruler of Demons
Lerner, Scott A. — The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest
Liebert, Emily — You Knew Me When
Lockley, Nigeria — Seasoned with Grace
Lord, Christopher — The Christmas Carol Murders
Lovely, Linda — Dear Killer
Lovely, Linda — No Wake Zone
Lynch, Jack — Die For Me

Macomber, Debbie — A Girl’s Guide to Moving On
Marcott, Lindsay — The Producer’s Daughter
Martin, JC — Oracle
McCann, Michael J. — Sorrow Lake
McCarthy, Stephanie — Murder Actually
McCloy, Kristin — Hollywood Savage
Meaney, Roisin — Semi-Sweet: A Novel of Love and Cupcakes
Meier, Leslie — Christmas Carol Murder
Meier, Leslie — English Tea Murder
Meissner, Susan — Stars Over Sunset Boulevard
Milchman, Jenny — The Very Old Man
Mina, Manco,  Mutti — The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Mizushima, Margaret — Killing Trail
Monk, Devon — Dead Iron
Moore, EB — Stones in the Road
Moriarty, Liane — What Alice Forgot
Munro, Shelley — Cat Burglar in Training
Murphy, Michael — The Yankee Club

O’Brien, Dan — Bitten
O’Dell, Mary — The Sweet Letting Go
Owen, Katherine Clare — Not to Us
Owen, Katherine Clare — Seeing Julia
Owen, Lauren — The Quick

Pascal, Francine — Sweet Valley Confidential
Pekkanen, Sarah — The Opposite of Me
Pekkanen, Sarah — Skipping a Beat
Perriman, Wendy K — Fire on Dark Water
Picoult, Jodi — House Rules
Plakcy, Neil S. — Mahu Blood
Plakcy, Neil S. — Zero Break
Ponderson, Ross — Child of Privilege
Poole, Daaimah S. — We Take This Man
Price, Stephen James — Pages of Promises

Reed, Rick R.  — Dead End Street
Reilly, Matthew — The Great Zoo of China
Renham, Lynda — Wedding Cake to Turin
Robb, JD — Devoted in Death
Robinson, Holly — Haven Lake
Robuck, Erika — The House of Hawthorne
Rodgers, Kathleen M — Johnnie Come Lately
Rosett, Sara — Milkshakes, Mermaids & Murder
Rouda, Kaira — Here, Home, Hope
Russo, Donna — Secret of the Glass
Ryan, Hank Phillipi — Truth Be Told

Sanchez, Ricardo — Bigfoot Blues
Satterlee, Thom — The Stages
Sax, Elise — An Affair to Dismember
Scott, Jennifer — The Sister Season
Scottoline, Lisa — Save Me
Schwab, Eileen Clymer — Shadow of a Quarter Moon
Showalter, Gena — Dating the Undead
Singleton, Alicia — Dark Side of Valor
Smith, Carrie — Silent City
Smith, Karen Rose — Drape Expectations
Snodgrass, Patricia — Glorious
Solon, Geraldine — Thirty Days of Red
Spinella, Laura — Perfect Timing
St. George, Sharon — Due for Discard
Stuart, Bruce — The Lightening Round
Staub, Wendy Corsi — The Black Widow
Staub, Wendy Corsi — Nine Lives
Staub, Wendy Corsi — The Perfect Stranger
Stidham, Bob — Tenacity
Sullivan, J. Courtney — Maine
Sutton, Phoef — 15 Minutes to Live

Terry, Bobbye — Buried in Briny Bay
Terry, Bobbye — The Marriage Murders
Thomas, Rosie — Iris and Ruby
Thompson, Carlene — To the Grave
Thurman, Rob — All Seeing Eye
Trent, Gayle — Battered To Death
Trout, Nick — Gone, Back Soon
Tucker, Lisa — The Winters in Bloom
Turner, K.A. — Catharsis
Twist, Jenny — Take One at Bedtime

Uviller, Daphne — Hotel No Tell

Venkataraman, Barbara — The Case of the Killer Divorce

Wagner, Krista — Intent
Watkins, EF — Dark Music
Wax, Wendy — Ten Beach Road
Webb, Arlene — Ashes
Wolf, Jamieson — Dancing with the Flame

Zandri, Vincent — Moonlight Rises
Zutell, Irene — Pieces of Happily Ever After

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