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Listed below are our reviews of books that fall outside the romance genre. We have chick-lit, mystery, horror, and so on.  They are listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

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Allen, Jeffery B. — GoneAway Into the Land
Alter, Judy — Murder At The Blue Plate Cafe
Anthology — Magick And Misery

Babenko, Vadim — A Simple Soul
Babenko, Vadim — Semmant
Baron, Micheal — Spinning
Bauer, C.G. — Scars on the Face of God
Boop, David — She Murdered Me with Science
Brink, Barbara — Entangled
Britton, Katharine — Her Sister’s Shadow
Brown, Carolyn — The Red-Hot Chili Cook-Off
Bruno, Anythony — Devil’s Food

Chadwick, Elizabeth — A Place Beyond Courage
Cook, J.S. — A Little Night Murder

Davis, Barbara — The Secrets She Carried
Dow, Candice — We Take This Man
Dunnett, Kaitlyn — Vampires, Bones, And Treacle Scones

Estep, Jennifer — The Spider

Frankel, Laurie — The Atlas of Love

Giffin, Emily — Heart of the Matter
Gilstrap, John — Soft Targets
Goldberg, Amanda — Beneath a Starlet Sky
Gyllenhaal, Liza — A Place For Us

Haines, Jess — Hunted By The Others
Hall, Alexis — Shadows & Dreams
Hannah, Kristin — Night Road
Harrop, Matthew — Circles In The Dust
Harvey, Emily Sue — Song of Renewal
Hopper, Ruthanna Khalighi — Beneath a Starlet Sky

James, Rupert — Stepsisters

Laurence, C.K. — The Quarterback’s Demon
Ledford, Deborah J. — Snare
Ledford, Deborah J. — Staccato
Lee, Cavanaugh — Save as Draft
Lee, Patrick — Runner
Liebert, Emily — You Knew Me When

McCloy, Kristin — Hollywood Savage
Meier, Leslie — Christmas Carol Murder
Monk, Devon — Dead Iron
Moriarty, Liane — What Alice Forgot<

Owen, Lauren — The Quick

Pekkanen, Sarah — The Opposite of Me
Pekkanen, Sarah — Skipping a Beat
Picoult, Jodi — House Rules
Poole, Daaimah S. — We Take This Man

Reed, Rick R.  — Dead End Street
Renham, Lynda — Wedding Cake to Turin
Rosett, Sara — Milkshakes, Mermaids & Murder
Rouda, Kaira — Here, Home, Hope
Russo, Donna — Secret of the Glass

Scott, Jennifer — The Sister Season
Spinella, Laura — Perfect Timing
Staub, Wendi Corsi — The Perfect Stranger
Stidham, Bob — Tenacity
Strout, Anton — Alchemystic
Strout, Anton — Stonecast

Trent, Gayle — Battered To Death
Trout, Nick — Gone, Back Soon

Wax, Wendy — Ten Beach Road

Zutell, Irene — Pieces of Happily Ever After

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