Erotica Reviews: Paranormal

Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes.  These books are for readers over the age of 18.  You can find fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi erotica reviews here.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Abbiss, Emma — Luna Lovers
Aires, Rebecca — Uncertain Claim
Alberts, Diane — Divinely Ruined
Albright, Shannan — Dark Passion Rising
Allee, Tiffany — Once Prey, Twice Forsaken
Alvarez, Amanda E. — Haunting Human
Amiri, Cornelia — Dance of the Vampires
Anderson, Maree — Let Sleeping Demons Lie
Anthology — Darker Edge of Desire
Anthology — Dark Pursuit
Anthology — Lustily Ever After
Anthology — Ravaged
Anthology — Secret Identities
Anthology — Something Wicked This Way Comes Vol 2
Anthology — Thrones of Desire
Anthology — Twisted Fairy Tales
Armstrong, Franny — Minx Juliette
Arsuaga, Cynthia — Born to Play
Ashbless, Janine — The King’s Viper
Ashton, Avril — Till Abandon
Astres, Iris — Alien Interrupted
Avet, Danica — Primal Flavor
Avet, Danica — Primal Song

Ballew, Diana — Immortal Prey
Barrymire, Lea — Alpha in Hiding
Beck, Stephanie — Bunny Hunt
Bentley, Karilyn — Warrior Lover
Bentley, Karilyn — Werewolves in London
Blue, Raelynn — White Tiger Christmas
Bostic, April — The Howling Heart
Bowlin, Chasity — The Haunting of a Duke
Burke, Stephanie — Cupid Gone Weird
Butler, Candice — Him
Bybee, Catherine — Soul Mate

Cade, Cathryn — Prince of Dragons
Cain, Lilly — Dark Harmony
Campbell, Marilyn — Ghost Lover
Carew, Opal — Crystal Genie
Carlisle, Lisa — Bloodlust and Metal
Carlisle, Lisa — Fiery Nights
Carlo, Jianne — Prymal Lust
Carlysle, Regina — Mad Moon
Carney, Dee — Intimate Whispers
Carter, Mina — Lyon’s Price
Carter, Mina — Melody’s Wolf
Chase, Ashlyn — Immortally Yours
Chase, Brindle — Princess Mine
Chenery, Marisa — Awakened from Ice
Chenery, Marisa — A Cougar’s Desire
Chenery, Marisa — Burning Ice
Chenery, Marisa — Cougar Heat
Chenery, Marisa — Embraced by a Warrior
Chenery, Marisa — Her Eternal Warrior
Chenery, Marisa — Ice Age Lover
Chenery, Marisa — Ice Claimed
Chenery, Marisa — Ice Hunter’s Mate
Chenery, Marisa — Ice Surrender
Chenery, Marisa — Love Bound in Ice
Chenery, Marisa — Love On The Ice
Chenery, Marisa — Loved by a Werewolf
Chenery, Marisa — Ra’s Hunger
Chenery, Marisa — To Love a Cougar
Chenery, Marisa — A Warrior to Love
Chenery, Marisa — Warrior’s Surrender
Chenery, Marisa — A Werewolf at the Falls
Chenery, Marissa — Werewolf’s Treasure
Coi, JK — Dark Immortal
Coi, JK — Immortal Duty
Cole, Regina — Sinful Truth
Colt, Shyla — Wicked Temptation
Colt, Shyla — Wolf in Waiting
Connolly, Lynne —Shifting Heat
Cooper, Astrid — Blood Immortal
Cooper, Lexxie — Ty the Sexy Dragon
Corrigan, Nancy — Beautiful Mistake
Crescent, Sam — Against All Odds
Crescent, Sam — Alpha Bait
Crescent, Sam — Taken By Her Mate
Crescent, Sam — The Alpha Takes A Mate
Crown, Amy — Thrust of Fate

Dale, Becca — Kya’s King
Dale, Becca — Ryan’s Treasure
Daniels, Kristin — Leap of Faith
Daniels, Wynter — Burning Touch
Darling, Lisa Beth — The Heart of War
Devereaux, Vanessa — The Bear’s Mate
Devlin, Delilah — My Sweet Succubus
DeWylde, Saranna — Furyous Ink
Dex, Jocelyn — Araya’s Addiction
Dohner, Laurann — Brawn
Dohner, Laurann — Darkness
Dohner, Laurann — Fury
Dohner, Laurann — His Purrfect Mate
Dohner, Laurann — Justice
Dohner, Laurann — Lacey and Lethal
Dohner, Laurann — Mine to Chase
Dohner, Laurann — Moon
Dohner, Laurann — Obsidian
Dohner, Laurann — Shadow
Dohner, Laurann — Slade
Dohner, Laurann — Tiger
Dohner, Laurann — True
Dohner, Laurann — Valiant
Dohner, Laurann – Wrath
Drake, Ella — Seduce the Flame
Dryden, Delphine — Love with a Chance of Zombies
Dubrinsky, Violette — Bound
Dysan, Kurt — A Dark and Stormy Promise

Ellendale, Max — Scared
Elliott, Leanore — Beasts: A Different Life
Elliott, Leanore — Beasts: The Eyes of Constance
Elliott, Leanore — The Beholder
Ellwood, Leigh — Sinful Surprises

Fenichel, AS — Mayan Craving
Fisher, Ellen — Seeing Spots
Fox, Calista — Deadly Attraction
Fox, Cathryn — Knocking on Demon’s Door
Fox, Lisa — A Matter of Lust
Friberg, Cyndi — Therian Prey
Friberg, Cyndi — Therian Prisoner
Friberg, Cyndi — Therian Promise
Frost, Thalia —Her Goblin Prince
Frost, Thalia — Her Goblin Protector
Frost, Thalia — Her Goblin Warrior

Gerrard, Karyn —My Vampire Cover Model
Gower, Hazel — A Merman of Her Own
Gower, Hazel — Sasha’s Lion
Grey, Ella — Irish Kisses
Griffon, SM — Into the Wolf’s Den

Hall, Tara Fox — The Chalet
Hall, Tara Fox — Surrender to Me
Hammell, Kacey — A Ghost for Christmas
Harper, J.K. — Alpha Wolf
Harris, Daisy — Lust After Death
Hawley, Francesca — Alpha vs Alpha
Hawley, Francesca — Leader Of The Pack
Hayes, Elle D — Wynter’s Blossom
Heaton, Felicity — Her Wicked Angel
Hill, Kate — Mating Call
Holloway, Casey — Get’n Hammered
Holt, Desire — Lust Undone
Hunter, Aline — Enemy Mine
Hunter, Aline — Omega Mine
Hunter, Aline — Vampire Mine
Husk, Shona — Tasting Thanatos

Illyvich, Sascha — Wolf Magic

Jackson, DL — Carnal Desires
Jackson, DL — This Endris Night
James, Lyric — Phoenix Kiss
James, Silver — Faerie Fool
Julian, Stephanie — The Bigger They Are…
Julian, Stephanie — Grace in Moonlight

Kane, Decadent — Impure Bargains
Karland, Marteeka — Wanted 2: Vodka Shots
Keaton & Layle — Falke’s Captive
Keaton & Layle — Falke’s Peak
Kennedy, Stacey — Shadowed Soul
Kennedy, Stacey — Some Like it Wicked
Keraleigh, Anna — Fairy Unbroken
Khan, Mina — The Djinn’s Dilemma
Kincaid, Taryn — Heat Wave
Kincaid, Taryn — Thunder
King, Sherri L — Winded
Kirk, Ambrielle — Donor
Kirk, Ambrielle — The Protector
Kirk, Ambrielle — Unleash
Kitts, Tracey H — Raven’s Destiny
Knight, BA — Immortal Love
Knight, Charisma — Ensnared

Langlais, Eve — Jealous and Freakn’
Langlais, Eve — Mated to the Devil
Lario, Rosalie — For Love of an Angel
Leigh, Ellis — Claiming His Fate
Leod, Ahn — Fire Wolf
Leon, Katalina — Lord Griffin’s Prize
Lockwood, Tressie — Coyote Inn
London, Billy — On Caristo’s Watch
Lopez, Lolita — Grabbed
Lowe, Elaine — Memory Lapse

Major, Casea — One Knight in Brooklyn
Maltezos, Anastasia — Her Vampire Lover
March, HD — Wolfsong Lullaby
March, HD — Wolfsong Requiem
March, Selah — Hard Harvest
Marsden, Sommer — Automagically
Masters, Cate — A Hard Day’s Knight
Masters, India — Eternal Soulmate
Masters, Kate — Dancing the the Devil
Mayburn, Ann — Emerald Moon
McCall, Caroline — Time Slip
McCoy, JL — Legacy of Blood
McKade, Mackenzie — Male Android Companion
McKinley, Kate — Surrender to the Siren Prince
Miller, Robin Leigh — Whiskey Bottle Lover
Monroe, Ashlynn — Back in the Saddle
Monroe, Ashlynn — The Vampire’s Plaything
Moon, Clarrissa Lee — Celeste Nites
Muir, Dorothy — Storm Called
Mullins, RE — It’s a Wonderful Undead Life

Nina, Tara — Cursed Laird
Nina, Tara — Portal to Passion
North, Nicole — Blade of the Wolf
Nutt, Karen Michelle — Magic of the Loch

O’Clare, Lorie — With Her Hunger
O’Connor, Doris — Under The Alpha’s Protection
O’Hurley, Alexandra — All’s Fair in Love and Lust
O’Hurley, Alexandra — Her Alien Affair
Orsini, Doreen — Undeniable

Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Accidentally…Cimil?
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Accidentally… Evil?
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Accidentally In Love with… A God?
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Accidentally Married to… a Vampire?
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Sun God Seeks… Surrogate?
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Vampires Need Not… Apply?
Pape, Cindy Spencer — All Hallows Evie
Peace, Catherine — This Time Next Year
Pearl, Lorraine — Night Therapy
Petrova, Em — The Tempest
Pierson, Peg — Flirting With Fangs
Pilla, Lauren — Hotel Sinn
Pilla, Lauren — A Vampire For Halloween
Post, Lexi —Passion’s Poison

Rayburn, Annie — Bittersweet Obsessions
Remiel, Deena —Ghost of a Chance
Renarde, Giselle — The Beast In Me
Renquist, Zenobia — Eternal Lovers
Renquist, Zenobia — Pet’s Pleasure
Renquist, Zenobia — Undercurrent
Richards, Anya — Arctic Destiny
Roberts, Lorna Jean — Chasing Cassie
Rochester, Jane — Soul Mate
Rosewood, Carolyn — Hunted
Rosewood, Carolyn — The Last Soul
Ross, Aubrey — Cayenne
Ross, Aubrey — Codename: Autumn
Ross, Aubrey — Elita
Ross, Aubrey — Krystle
Ross, Aubrey — Lorran
Ross, Aubrey — Minuette
Ross, Aubrey — Rammi
Ross, Aubrey — Refugee
Royce, Rebecca — I’ll Be Mated for Christmas
Royce, Rebecca — Paging Doctor Wolf
Royce, Rebecca — Unwanted Mate (second review)

Sanderson, Scarlett — Owned by the Night
Savage, Lacey — Stranger’s Touch
Savage, Storm — Dream Weaver
Sax, Cynthia — Dancing for Her Demon
Sax, Cynthia — Demon for All Time
Sax, Cynthia — Dragon Lord’s Captive
Sax, Cynthia — Foxy: Last Resort
Sax, Cynthia — Lust by Moonbeam
Sax, Cynthia — Ravished by Moonbeam
Sax, Cynthia — Tattooed Tryst
Shortt, Emma — The Valentine Fae
Simone, Erin — Whispers of Night
Sinclair, Tami — Beast of Burden
Smith, Crissy — Designated Alpha
Smith, Crissy — Last Call
Snow, Jenika — A Fox Between The Bear’s Sheets
Snow, Jenika — A Kitty In The Lion’s Den
Snow, Jenika — Bared For Her Bear
Snow, Jenika — Fighting Dirty For His Girl
Snow, Jenika — A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite
Snow, Jenika — Taken By Her Mate
Snow, Jenika — The Outlaw Stakes His Claim
Standifer, Allie — Mistletoe and Mayhem
Starke, Olivia — Dirty Love
Starr, Cricket — Partners
Steele, J. Hali — Hurt Me Good
Stein, Ela — Pleasure Android 7.1
Steinbach, Tracey — Her Christmas Tree
Stevens, Alyssa — Dangerous Match
Strong, Jory — Dragon Master
Stuart, Savannah — Desire Unleashed
Stuart, Savannah — Heated Mating
Subject, Jessica — Celestial Seduction
Summers, Sierra & VJ — Longfellow Seduced
Swan, Bianca — Celestial Sin
Szereto, Mitzi —Red Velvet and Absinthe

Tescho, Mel — Lusting The Enemy
Tescho, Mel — Red-Hot Lover
Thorn, Diana — Raising the Devil
Tortuga, BA — Alpha Call

Valentine, Blair — The Ice Queen Cometh
VaLey, Elyzabeth M. — A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood
Vine, April — Unbound
Vine, April — Undone

Wallace, Emma — Orla’s Wish
Walters, NJ — Wolf at the Door
Walters, NJ — Wolf in Her Bed
Walters, NJ — Wolf on the Run
Waters & Scott — Born Into Fire
Willoughby, Kate — Just Winging It
Willows, Kali — Terminal Lust
Winter, Mary — Bjorn’s Mate
Wiser, EG — Closest Encounter
Xander, Tianna — Kalen

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