Erotica Reviews: Paranormal


Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes.  These books are for readers over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Albright, Shannan — Dark Passion Rising
Alvarez, Amanda E. — Haunting Human
Anderson, Maree — Let Sleeping Demons Lie
Anthology — Ravaged
Anthology — Twisted Fairy Tales
Avet, Danica — Primal Flavor

Beck, Stephanie — Bunny Hunt
Bentley, Karilyn — Warrior Lover
Blue, Raelynn — White Tiger Christmas
Burke, Stephanie — Cupid Gone Weird

Cain, Lilly — Dark Harmony
Carew, Opal — Crystal Genie
Carlisle, Lisa — Fiery Nights
Carlysle, Regina — Mad Moon
Carter, Mina — Melody’s Wolf
Chenery, Marisa — A Cougar’s Desire
Chenery, Marisa — Burning Ice
Chenery, Marisa — Cougar Heat
Chenery, Marisa — Ice Age Lover
Chenery, Marisa — Ice Surrender
Chenery, Marisa — Love On The Ice
Coi, J.K. — Immortal Duty
Cooper, Astrid — Blood Immoral
Crescent, Sam — Against All Odds
Crescent, Sam — Taken By Her Mate
Crescent, Sam — The Alpha Takes A Mate

Dex, Jocelyn — Araya’s Addiction
Dohner, Laura — True

Fisher, Ellen — Seeing Spots
Fox, Calista — Deadly Attraction
Fox, Cathryn — Knocking on Demon’s Door

Gower, Hazel — Sasha’s Lion

Harper, J.K. — Alpha Wolf
Hawley, Francesca — Leader Of The Pack
Hunter, Aline — Vampire Mine

Leod, Ahn — Fire Wolf

Lopez, Lolita — Grabbed

McAllan, Raven — Livvy’s Devil Dom
March, Selah — Hard Harvest

Nelson, Virginia — Dom Of The Dead

O’Connor, Doris — Under The Alpha’s Protection

Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean — Accidentally…Cimil?
Peace, Catherine — This Time Next Year
Pierson, Peg — Flirting With Fangs
Pilla, Lauren — A Vampire For Halloween
Prince, Nikki — Freeing His Swan Dancer

Renarde, Giselle — The Beast In Me
Royce, Rebecca — Paging Doctor Wolf

Smith, Crystal G. — Swept Away
Snow, Jenika — A Fox Between The Bear’s Sheets
Snow, Jenika — A Kitty In The Lion’s Den
Snow, Jenika — Bared For Her Bear
Snow, Jenika — Fighting Dirty For His Girl
Snow, Jenika — Taken By Her Mate
Snow, Jenika — The Outlaw Stakes His Claim
Starr, Cricket — Partners
Stein, Ela — Pleasure Android 7.1
Steinbach, Tracey — Her Christmas Tree
Strong, Jory — Dragon Master

Teshco, Mel — Lusting The Enemy

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