Erotica Reviews: Paranormal


Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes.  These books are for readers over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Amiri, Cornelia — Dance of the Vampires
anthology — Lustfully Ever After
Ashton, Avril — Til Abandon

Bentley, Karilyn — Werewolves in London

Cade, Cathryn — Prince of Dragons
Chase, Brindle — Princess Mine
Colt, Shyla — Wicked Temptations 
Colt, Shyla — Wolf in Waiting

Dale, Becca — Kya’s King
Day, Xondra — Forever Night
Delight, Raine — Fantasies Unbound
Dohner, Laurann — Brawn
Dohner, Lauren — Fury
Dohner, Laurann — Justice
Dohner, Laurann — Slade
Dohner, Laurann — Valiant
Dohner, Laurann — Wrath

Elliott, Leanore — Beasts- A Different Life
Elliott, Leanore — Beasts- The Eyes of Constance


Friberg, Cyndi — Therian Promise

Gaberial, Reese — Dominating Dekalia

Julian, Stephanie — Grace In Moonlight


Kirk, Ambrielle — The Protector

Long, Heather — Brave Are the Lonely
Lowe, Elaine — Memory Lapse

Marsden, Sommer — Automagically
Miller, Cait — Trusting the Magic

O’Clare, Lorie — With Her Hunger
Orsini, Doreen — Undeniable

Pilla, Lauren — Hotel Sinn

Rayburn, Annie — Bittersweet Obsessions
Rosewood, Carolyn — Hunted
Ross, Aubrey — Refugee

Sax, Cynthia — Lust by Moonbeam
Subject, Jessica — Celestial Seduction 
Swan, Bianca — Celestial Sin

Tescho, Mel — Red-Hot Lover

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