Erotica Reviews: M/M


All reviews on this page are for Gay Romance or Erotica.  Due to the content of these books, we recommend the reader be over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Anthology — My Sexy Valentine

Bagby, D. Renee — Eris
Blaine, Cat — The Dude Ranch
Blaine, Destiny — The Savage Release

Downing, Mia — Just Ask

Germain, Karly — The Deputy And The Rock Star
Gryvon — What It’s Worth

Harlen, Lily — High Sticked

Jakes, SE — Dirty Deeds
Jones, Jambrea Jo — Retribution
Jones, Jambrea Jo — Salvation

Kell, Amber — To Have A Human

LLewellyn, A.J. — Beyond The Reef

Mandrake, Michael — The True Meaning of Love
Medina, Marie — His Wild Wolf
Michael, Sean — Obedience Classes
Michael, Sean — Revving It Up
Michael, Sean — Wallflowers
Michael, Sean — Working It Out
McAllan, Raven — P.A. Partner

Northcote, Jay — Nothing Serious

Raines, Hunter — Paradise Found
Rhine, Lillian Mackenzie — Maximum Adjustment
Richards, Charlie — The Vampire’s Special Lover
Roux, Abigail — Ball & Chain

Sims, Ruth — The Phoenix
Summers, VJ — Hard Limits

Witt, LA — Finding Master Right

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