Erotica Reviews: Menage

Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes with three or more people.   These books are for readers over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Airies, Rebecca — Exile’s Longing
Airies, Rebecca — Her Mates’ Embrace
Alexander, R.G. — Three Sinful Wishes
Alvarez, Keiko — Uncorked
Andria, Alexx — Kings Of Asphalt
Anthology — Anything for You
Anthology — Hungry For More
Arend, Vivien — Falling Freestyle
Ashton, Avril — Until the Sunset
Austin, Nicole — Make Mine a Double
Avalon, Faye — Bad in Bed

Bacio, Louisa — The Vampire, The Witch and The Werewolf
Baker, Tamsin — Healing Hearts
Baker, Tamsin — Knowing Destiny
Banks, Maya — For Her Pleasure
Barker, Kira — Caught in the Middle
Barnette, Abigail — Silent Surrender
Bell, Juniper — Beautiful Obsession
Blaine, Destiny — Wild Outlaws
Blaze, JA — One + One + Three
Bordeaux, MM — One Hard Ride
Bradley, Gabriella — Anya’s Dragons
Bridges, Gail — America’s Darlings
Brown, Berengria — Break a Leg and Fall in Love
Bunino, Sandra — Brooke’s Wish

Cale, Emily — Power Play
Campbell, Gwen — Angel in Leather
Campbell, Gwen — When a Pack Dies
Candro, Ria — Bonded
Carnes, Cara — Passion’s Training
Carmichael, Kim — Interchangeable
Carr & Couper — Misplaced Hands
Carr & Couper — Misplaced Lessons
Carter, Beth — Lily Roar
Carter, Beth — Mad Delights
Chatillon, Celine — Blood Bond
Colcroft, Karenna — In His Shirt
Cole, Chloe — Convincing Quinn
Corwin, Monica — The Midnight Masquerade
Couper, Lexxie — Blowing It Off
Crescent, Sam — The Bad Boys’ Reluctant Woman
Crescent, Sam — Desire
Crescent, Sam — Gavin’s Submissives
Crescent, Sam — His To Control
Crescent, Sam — Just Friends
Crescent, Sam — Loving A Vampire
Crescent, Sam — Time to Play
Crescent, Sam — Trapped Between Two Alphas
Cunning, Olivia — Double Time

Dalton, Tymber — Hope Heals
Dalton, Tymber — Monkey Business
Dalton, Tymber — The Reluctant Dom
Davenport, Tanith — The Hand He Dealt
DeLand, Cherise — Rope Me In
Denys, Jennifer — BDSM Weekend
Deveaux, Kate — The Butler Did It
Devereux, Adonis — The Lotus Ascension
Devereux, Adonis — Love Comes Twice
Devereaux, Vanessa — This Cowboy’s Heart
Devlin, Delilah — Begging For It
Donahue, Tina — Sinfully Wicked
Donahue, Tina — SINN
Dragon, Cheryl — Four GIs and a Witch
Draven, Stephanie — It Stings So Sweet

Edwards, Madison J — The Invitation
Ellis, Alysha — The Cowboy Takeover

Felthouse, Lucy — Eyes Wide Open
Forte, PG — Finders’ Keepers
Fox, Alyssa — Betrayed
Fox, Calista — Claim Me
Fox, Felice — Hold Me Together
Fraser, Lauren — Rode Hard

Gallagher, Lauren — Who’s Your Daddy?
Glass, Debra — Scarlet Widow
Gower, Hazel — Ours
Gower, Hazel — Theirs

Harte, Roxy — Prodigal Slave
Hepner, Elise — Party Games
Hill, Jasmine — Serena’s Submission
Holt, Desiree — Buckskins, Boots and Bondage
Holt, Desiree — Training Amber
Howl, Starfox — Deployment

Jacobs, Ann — Lover’s Feud
Jacobs, Ann — Perfect Master
Jacobs, Ann — Shotgun Relations
James, Lorelei — Long Hard Ride
Jay, Emma — Riding Out the Storm
Jones, Lisa Renee — Rebecca’s Lost Journals

Kacey, Jennifer — Together in Cyn
Kacey, Jennifer — A Very Menage Christmas
Kane, Samantha — Love’s Surrender
Karland & Azod — The Perfect Woman
Kenrick, Joanne — Threesome Sweetness
Kidesu, Anita — South Seas Seduction
King, Morgan — Duty to Love
Kitts, Tracey H — Fate’s Embrace
Knight, Kayla — Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
Knight, Kayla — Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors
Knight, Stormy — One Good Lay
Kyle, Celia — Scarlet

Lafleur, Lynn — Always Room for Four
Leeland, Jennifer — Wolf of Arundale Hall
Leigh, Lora — Wicked Pleasure
Linger, Voirey — And She Liked It
Logan, Elise — Menage On 34th Street
Long, Heather — No Regrets

Marlow, Lyra — Girl Next Door
Masters, India — In Training
Mayburn, Ann — Opal Moon
McCall & Gormley — Angels, Demons and Doms
McDowell, Tiffany — Cream in Her Coffee
McKade, Mackenzie — Tingle All the Way
Meyer, Bobbi Cole — Obsessive Surrender
Michaels, TJ — Seeker’s Solace
Moon, Kele — The Queen’s Consorts
Moss, C.R. — Sunset Temptations

Newton, Leteisha — Accepting Their Claim
Nicholas, Annie — Release

Oh, Madeline — Hand of the Master
O’Hurley, Alexandra — Two Knights Of Indulgence
Olson, Jodi — Christmas in Cuffs

Parks, Elodie — Night Of The Horse
Paulin, Brynn — Teeth, Nails and Tails
Petrova, Em — Blown Down

Rabiyah, Anastasia — An Arrangement of Three
Rain, Angelina — Flames Of Desire
Reese, Lainey — Damaged Goods
Reese, Lainey — A Table for Three
Reisz, Tiffany — The Siren
Renarde, Giselle — The Beast in Me
Risk, Nicki — Trinity
Robbins, Michelle — In Training
Roberts, Lorna Jean — Bound To Them
Robinson, Sky — Two Hot to Handle
Ross, Aubrey — Lorran
Ryan-Davis, Emily — Dial M For Menage
Ryan-Davis, Emily — Menage On 34th Street
Ryder, Dawn — Possession Protocol

Savage, Storm — Vampire Fire
Savage, Storm — Vampire Shadow
Sax, Cynthia — Mission Menage
Schroeder, Melissa — A Little Harmless Pleasure
Sharazade — Transported
Sheridan, Barbara — Unfinished Business
Skellington, Kaye — The Estrangement
Slater, Lia — Were Fever
Smith, Paisley — Soft Swap
Snow, Jenika — Being With The Brothers Next Door
Snow, Jenika — Claiming What’s Theirs
Snow, Jenika — Deep, Hard, And Rough
Snow, Jenika — Dominated By The Billionaires
Snow, Jenika — Dominating Their Virgin Sub
Snow, Jenika — Playing With Fire
Snow, Jenika — The Brother’s Virgin Captive
Snow, Jenika — The Suit And His Switch Claim Their Sub
Springer, Jan — Crimson Heat
Springer, Jan — Wet Heat
St. Clair, Tielle — Collective Memory
St. Clair, Tielle — On Being Wicked
St. James, Kate — Tea for Three
Summers, VJ & Sierra — Carrie’s Answers
Summers, VJ & Sierra — Daniel’s Surrender
Sutton, Moira — Pleasure’s Offering

Talbot, Julia — Lovers Of Her Dreams
Thorne, Diane — Alison’s Story
Turner, Alyssa — Polished

Valentine, Lex — Runaways

Walker, TS — Tiana, Steele and Spencer
Walters, NJ — Double Or Nothing
Wayland, Samantha — Destiny Calls
Williams, Stephanie — Under the Tree

Xander, Tiana — Haunted Passion


Young, Allyson — Virile

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