Erotica Reviews: Menage


Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes.  These books are for readers over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Alexander, R.G. — Three Sinful Wishes
Alvarez, Keiko — Uncorked
Andria, Alexx — Kings Of Asphalt
Anthology — Anything for You
Arend, Vivien — Falling Freestyle

Bacio, Louisa — The Vampire, The Witch and The Werewolf
Bridges, Gail — America’s Darlings

Cale, Emily — Power Play
Campbell, Gwen — When a Pack Dies
Candro, Ria — Bonded
Carmichael, Kim — Interchangeable
Chatillon, Celine — Blood Bond
Couper, Lexxie — Blowing It Off
Crescent, Sam — Desire
Crescent, Sam — Gavin’s Submissives
Crescent, Sam — Loving A Vampire
Crescent, Sam — Trapped Between Two Alphas

Devereux, Adonis — The Lotus Ascension

Fox, Felice — Hold Me Together

Hepner, Elise — Party Games
Hill, Jasmine — Serena’s Submission
Howl, Starfox — Deployment

Knight, Kayla — Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men

Lafleur, Lynn — Always Room for Four
Logan, Elise — Menage On 34th Street
Long, Heather — No Regrets

Mayburn, Ann — Opal Moon
Meyer, Bobbi Cole — Obsessive Surrender
Moss, C.R. — Sunset Temptations

O’Hurley, Alexandra — Two Knights Of Indulgence

Parks, Elodie — Night Of The Horse

Rain, Angelina — Flames Of Desire
Risk, Nicki — Trinity
Roberts, Lorna Jean — Bound To Them
Ryan-Davis, Emily — Dial M For Menage
Ryan-Davis, Emily — Menage On 34th Street

Schroeder, Melissa — A Little Harmless Pleasure
Smith, Paisley — Soft Swap
Snow, Jenika — Being With The Brothers Next Door
Snow, Jenika — Claiming What’s Theirs
Snow, Jenika — Deep, Hard, And Rough
Snow, Jenika — Dominated By The Billionaires
Snow, Jenika — Dominating Their Virgin Sub
Snow, Jenika — Playing With Fire
Snow, Jenika — The Brother’s Virgin Captive
Snow, Jenika — The Suit And His Switch Claim Their Sub
Springer, Jan — Wet Heat
St. Clair, Tielle — On Being Wicked

Talbot, Julia — Lovers Of Her Dreams
Thorne, Diane — Alison’s Story
Turner, Alyssa — Polished

Walters, N.J. — Double Or Nothing

Young, Allyson — Virile

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