Erotica Reviews: Contemporary

Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes.  These books are for readers over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Aaron, Angela — Pleasure Island
Adams, Roni — The Chauffeur Wore an Evening Gown
Alan, Summer — Boning Up
Alexander, Randi — Chase and Seduction
Alexander, TL — Layers
Anthology — Secrets: Sensual Cravings (Vol. 28)

Anthology — Smoking Hot Firemen 
Ashton, Avril — A Wicked Ride

Blue, Raelynn — Rocket to Love
Boyett-Compo, Charlotte — 30 Days To Syn
Brentanos, Viviane — Fragile Dreams
Bristol, Sidney — Hot Tango
Brookes, Sara — Break Me In
Brown, Berengaria — Bookish Arousal

Carr, Cassandra — On Display
Castille, Sarah — In Your Corner
Chase, Layla — Whirlwind
Copeland, Jodi Lynn — Escape to Ecstasy
Crescent, Sam — Ripper’s Torment

Dane, Lauren — Never Enough
Daniels, Wynter — Can’t Stand the Heat
Daniels, Wynter — Sizzle at Sea

Eaves, Janet — Claiming the Legend

Fire, Gynger — The Bucket List
Forrest, Rayne — Right From The Start
Forte, PG — Inked Memories

Garie, Sabrina — Next Move
Gerrard, Karyn — Heart Of Rock

Heart, McKinzie S. — Doctor’s Orders
Holt, Desiree — Aftershock
Holt, Desiree — Hard Lovin’

Jackson, D.L. — Beauty And The Brigadier
James, Jill — Tempting Adam
Jane, Missy — Erotic Images
Jayne, Jessica — Board Approved
Jones, Persephone — Mating Season

Kincaid, Taryn — Blizzard
Knight, Evie — Ariel’s Song
Knight, Stormy — Blown Away

Lace, Darah — Bucking Hard
Layne, Jamaica — Market for Love
Leaf, Erin M. — Mr. Rockstar
Leigh, Lacey — 100 Points for Miss Kitty
Leigh, Lacey — The Ultimate Betrayal
Leyne, Diane — Home For The Holidays
Lyn, Jenny — Burn
Lynn, Aurora Rose — Forbidden Passions
Lynn, Aurora Rose — Full Throttle Yearning

March, Eliza — More Than a Stud
Masters, Cate — Rock Bottom
Masters, Cate — Sweet Revenge
McCarver, Shiree — Zola’s Magic Touch
Michaels, Darren — Flipside Erotica
Mikell, Beth — Aftermath

Raines, Nona — One Good Man
Reus, Katie — Everything to Lose
Richards, Kate — Virgin Under Ground
Rose, Ranae — Taken Hostage
Rosemoor, Patricia — Written In The Stars
Ryan, Reese — Love Me Not
Ryder, Dawn — Out Of Bounds

Schroeder, Melissa — A Little Harmless Addiction
Schroeder, Melissa — A Little Harmless Sex
Shannan, Krystal — A Very Russian Christmas
Shortt, Emma — Bedded By The Italian Playboy
Shortt, Emma — Claimed By The Sicilian Tycoon
Shortt, Emma — Taken By The Greek Billionaire
Simone, Naima — Bargain With The Beast
Simone, Naima — Love and Protect
Skyze, Amber — Sex on the Beach
Snow, Jenika — Her Tattooed Fighter
Snow, Jenika — The Fighter’s Girl
Strange, Liz — One Week

Tennyson, Tara — Fully Exposed
Thirteen — The Garden of Earthly Delights
Thirteen — Pretty as a Picture
Tindle, Steve — Best Lover in Town
Tower, Veronica — Massuer
Trelawny, Tea — Exposure
Tuhart, Marie — Roped and Ready
Tuhart, Marie — Saddle Up

Woody, Brenda — Best Lover in Town
Wynn, Zena — The Question

York, Sabrina — Rebound

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