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Erotica… books with elements of romance, with very spicy love scenes.  These books may have a happily ever after or at least a happy for now ending.  But what they do have in common are the explicit love scenes.  These books are for readers over the age of 18.  Our reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Aaron, Angela – Pleasure Island
Adams, Roni – The Chauffeur Wore an Evening Gown
Alan, Summer — Boning Up
Alexander, Randi – Chase and Seduction
Anderson, Evangeline – Season’s Spankings
anthology — Best Erotic Romance
anthology — Best Erotic Romance
anthology – Men Under the Mistletoe
anthology – My Sexy Valentine
anthology – Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women anthology
anthology – Secrets: Sensual Cravings (Vol 28)
anthology – Twisted Fairy Tales
Arend, Vivian – Falling, Freestyle
Armstrong, Tibby – Undercover Lover
Ashton, Avril – A Wicked Ride
Axelson, Xavier – The Incident

Banks, Maya – Understood
Black, Shayla – Belong to Me
Blu, Katie — Bet Me
Blue, Raelynn – Rocket to Love
Bostic, April — Right Here, Right Now
Bowles, Jan – Tamed by the Dom
Brown, Berengaria – Bookish Arousal
Brown, Koko – Nerds are Freaks Too 
Bruce, Ann — Rebound
Butler, Christie — One Weekend Only

Cale, Emily — Dessert First
Carlysle, Regina — Return of the Daredevil
Carnes, Cara – Passion’s Claim
Carlo, Jianne – Deviant Devil
Carr, Mari — Party Naked
Carr, Mari — Wild Irish Christmas
Carr, Mari — White Knight
Chenery, Marisa — Loved By a Werewolf
Chenery, Marisa — Werewolf’s Treasure
Colcroft, Karenna – Forever with Benefits
Connelly, A.E. — High Rise
Connelly, A.E. – Precisely at Dusk
Copeland, Jodi Lynn – Escape to Ecstasy
Croix, Callie – Deacon’s Touch
Croix, Callie — Dillon’s Claim
Crowe, Liz – Specific Gravity
Couper, Lexxie – Blowing It Off

d’Abo, Christine — Dom for Sale
Dane, Lauren – Never Enough
Daniels, Kristin – Safe Surrender
Daniels, Wynter – Burning Touch
Daniels, Wynter – Can’t Stand the Heat
Daniels, Wynter — Desert Island Delight
Daniels, Wynter – Loose Lips
Day, Sylvia — Bared to You
Deland, Cerise – Strong Arms of the Law
deMello, Suz – Seducing the Hermit
DeTarsio, Dee – The Scent of Jade
Devilin, Sasha – Daniel’s Dare
DeYoung Gail – Decadent Delights
Donovan, Lexie – In the Park
Dryden, Delphin — Tangled Truth 

Eaves, Janet – Claiming the Legend
Edwards, Madison J. – The Perfect Secretary 
Edwards, Madison J. — The Proposal
Elloitt, Leanore — Sunset Warrior
Evans, Brandi — His Forbidden Submissive
Evers, Shoshanna – Taste of Candy

Ford, Keri — Chasing Her Tail
Ford, Keri — In the Hay
Ford, Keri — On the Fence
Ford, Keri — Through the Wall
Fox, Calista – Backseat Mistress
Fraser, Lauren – Too Hot
French, Cecily – Back in Your Arms

Gabriel, Reese — Managing Macy
Gil, Angelita — Hungry for Touch
Grant, KT — Xavier’s Loving Arms

Harbin, Mandy — Digital Possession
Harlem, Lily – Cold Nights, Hot Bodies
Harlem, Lily – Cross-Checked
Harlem, Lily – Slap Shot
Hart, Kaily – Point Blank
Hawkeye, Lauren – Lead Me On
Hepner, Elise – Party Games
Hillman, Emma — Back to Life
Holloway, Casey — Get’n Hammered 
Holmes, Hartlyn — Night Moves
Holt, Desiree – Bite the Bullet
Holt, Desiree — Hard Lovin’ 
Holt, Desiree — Jungle Inferno
Holt, Desiree — Out of Control 
Holt, Desiree — Slapping Leather
Hunt, SammyJo — Broken Hearts and Candy Kisses 
Hunter, Aline — Make Me Shiver
Hunter, Sable — Scarlet Fever

Isley, Haven – Patience, Love

Jacobs, Ann – Prime Defender
James, Christina – Operation: Tempt Me
Jane, Missy — Resignation 
Jones, Ellie — Arousing Caitlyn
Jones, Persephone – Mating Season

Kamryn, Kellie — Pleasure Island
Kennedy, Stacey — All She Wants for Christmas is Her Dom
Kennedy, Stacey – Somewhere in Between
King, Serenity – Princess and the Professor
Kingston, Tara — Claimed by the Spymaster 
Knight, Stormy — Better After Midnight
Knight, Kayla – Her Long Hot Surrender
Knight, Kayla – Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
Knight, Stormy — Behind O’Grady’s Pub
Knight, Stormy – Blown Away
Knight, Stormy — Red Hot Lightning

Lace, Darah – Bucking Hard 
LaFleur, Lynn — Walking Sin
Layne, Jamaica – Market for Love
Leigh, Laci – 100 Points for Miss Kitty
Leigh, Lora – The One 
Lin, Amber — Giving It Up
London, Billy – On Carlisto’s Watch
Lowe, Elaine – Magic Eights
Lynn, Aurora Rose – Forbidden Passions

Mandrake, Michael – The True Meaning of Love
March, Eliza – More Than A Stud
Master, Kallypso – Masters at Arms
Masters, India — Rules of Attraction
McCarver, Shiree – Zola’s Magic Touch
McClive, Kayelle – Worth the Wait
McKenna, Cara — Don’t Call Her Angel
Michaels, Darren – Flipside Erotica
Michaels, Ingrid — Sorelle’s Orgasm
Moon, Kele – Finding Eden
Morticia, BL — My Lieutenant
Myles, Jill — Wicked Games

Pierce, Cassandra — Tropical Treats
Pierce, Nina — Invitation to Ecstasy
Pierce, Nina — Maid for Master

Quinn, Cari – Provoke Me

Raines, Nona — Her Perfect Man
Richards, Tory — The Mercenary Way
Robinson, Sky —  Going All In
Rylon, Jayne — Free For All

Sanderson, Scarlett – At Their Command
Sanderson, Scarlett — Beg Me 
Savage, Storm — Backstage Pass
Scott, Scarlett — She Likes Him Bad
Schroeder, Melissa – A Little Harmless Addiction
Schroeder, Melissa – A Little Harmless Lie
Schroeder, Melissa – A Little Harmless Obsession
Schroeder, Melissa – A Little Harmless Pleasure
Schroeder, Melissa – A Little Harmless Sex
Stein, Charlotte — Doubled
Summers, Sierra & VJ — Meredith’s Awakening

Tyler, Paige — Cindra’s Bounty

Wyck, Erykah – Learning to Submit

Zaines, Sheryl – Spin Action

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