Contest Rules

Since we hold several contests each week on the blog, we have a few simple contest rules. So, here’s the small print.

  1. Only one win per household or email address per month. The three exceptions to this:
    a. If an author holds a “first to comment/answer” contest (which will be very rare).
    b. If all the entries are from previous winners.
    c. The author picks a winner based on the best answer, story, etc and not a random drawing.
  2. Starting on June 15, 2012, most contests will be held using Rafflecopter.  If this is the case you MUST fill out the Rafflecopter form for your entries / comments to count.  If the form is not working, please email Jen at
    • Most contests will require a question to be answered or some sort ofmeaningful comment. Failure to follow this direction will make your entry void.
      • In particular, this means a simple comment of “please enter me in the contest” is NOT a valid entry as it brings nothing to the conversation or enhances the author’s visit to Romancing the Book.
    • If extra entries are awarded for doing something special, such as following the blog or tweeting a message, we will verify the winning entry.  So, please do not cheat by claiming these entries are completed when they were not.
    • If extra information is required, but not provided, your entry will be invalid.
  3. Please be sure to read the requirements for each contest. Some authors, publishers or whomever is offering up the contest prize, will place restrictions on the contest due to age appropriate content or shipping costs.  We do ask that you please respect their wishes… after all, they don’t HAVE to give away prizes.
    • In the end, the party providing the prize does have the discretion to void an entry or request a new winner be chosen.  Generally this is because a person has already won a prize with them recently.
  4. All winners will be contacted via email and in that message, will be given a deadline by which to claim their prize (usually a week). If a book is unclaimed, we will either pick another winner from the comments or hold a flash contest.
  5. Once we receive your contact information, it is passed along to whomever is sending the prize. We are not responsible for the delivery of the book as it is possible for books/prizes to be lost in the mail. However, I will follow up for you ONCE to ensure a prize has been mailed. Please email Jen at either or (preferably which ever email address I used to contact you) for that follow up.  If you are awaiting an ebook, please check your spam folders before contacting us for follow up.
  6. All personal information is deleted after the contest prize has been distributed.


Again, we want to stress that we are not responsible for prizes lost in the mail.  When possible, we (at RtB) will track our packages.  If a prize is lost or damaged in the mail, we will not replace the prize.