Contemporary Romance Reviews

This page is where all our contemporary romance reviews can be found.  This does include romantic suspense.  But if you’re looking for chick-lit (women’s fiction), try our general fiction page.  All reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Adair, Cherry — Undertow

Adair, Marina — Feels Like the First Time
Admirand, C.H. — Welcome Back To Apple Grove
Alexander, Jerrie — The Last Execution
Allred, Alexandra — She Cries
Ames, Krista — Take Me Home, Cowboy
Andrews, Amy — Risky Business
Andria, Alexx — Falling From Grace

Angell, Kate — No Time to Explain
Anthology — A Christmas To Remember
Anthology — Be Mine, Valentine
Anthology — Flames of Gold
Anthology — He’s The One
Ayusso, Danae — Thicker Than Water

Banks, Becky — The Legend of Lady MacLaoch
Barrett, Jo — Through Your Eyes
Barrett, Suzanne — In Love and War
Becker, Lisa — Click
Blake, Toni — Swept Away
Braden, Kara — The Longest Night
Brink, Barbara Ellen — Crushed
Brown, Carolyn — How To Marry A Cowboy
Brown, Carolyn — The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby
Brown, Carolyn — The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride

Brunstetter, Wanda E. — The Seekers
Buchman, M. L. — Full Blaze

Bybee, Catherine — Making It Right

Cardello, Ruth — In the Heir

Carmichael, Kathy — Hot Flash
Carr, Robyn — Harvest Moon
Carr, Robyn — The Chance
Carr, Robyn — The Promise

Carr, Robyn — Wildest Dreams
Carrington, Rachel — Connecting Strangers
Carrington, Rachel — Now You See Me
Cassada, Carol — Westmore
Chailyn, Kendra Mei — What You Do To Me

Charles, Natalie — Seeking Mr Wrong
Clayton, Alice — Wallbanger
Cleveland, Heather — Devil’s Food
Colgan, Jenny — The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris
Cooper, Inglath — Good Guys Love Dogs
Craig, Christie — Texas Hold ‘Em
Crowne, Mackenzie — The Billionaire’s Con

Dahl, Victoria — Good Girls Don’t

Daniels, BJ — Outlaw’s Honor
Daughters, KM — In the St. Nick of Time
Davis, Leanne — Poison
DeFranco, RoseAnn — Return To Audubon Springs
DeFranco, RoseAnn — Secondhand Romance
DeLand, Cerise — Strong Arms of the Law
Denton, Jasmine — Soul of the Sea
DeTarsio, Dee — The Scent of Jade
Dietz, Misty — Come Hell Or High Desire
Dixon, Nell — The Cinderella Substitute
Donovan, Sharon — Kiss Of Death
Drake, Laura — Nothing Sweeter
DuLong, Terri — Sunrise on Cedar Key
Dye, Ellen — His Saving Grace

 Edwards, Louisa — Just One Taste
Edwards, Louisa — Too Hot to Touch

Falcon, Susana — Chronicles Of  A Lady Bartender
Fallon, L.E. — Trip to Paradise
Faye, Jennifer — Rancher To The Rescue
Faye, Jennifer — Snowbound With The Soldier

Faye, Jennifer — Sprinkled with Love
Fichera, Liz — Craving Perfect
Ford, Keri — In the Hay
Ford, Keri — On the Fence
Ford, Keri — Through the Wall
Foster, Lori — Savor the Danger
Foster, Lori — Trace of Fever
Foster, Lori — When You Dare
Fox, Graylin — Smolder

Garbera, Katherine — Reunited…with Child
Garbera, Katherine — Seducing His Opposition
Garland, L.J. — In My Sights
Gayle, Brenda — Father Of The Bride?
Gayle, Brenda — The Doubting Heart

Geraci, Maria — This Can’t Be Love

Gilmore, Jessica — Baking for Keeps
Gorman, Ursula — Old Aquaintances
Gould, Debbie — In My Sights
Grant, Robena — The Blue Dolphin
Grant, Robena — Unlock The Truth
Greer, Gwyneth — The Showboat Affair

Hardy, Kate — A Spoonful of Sugar

Hartman, Ruth J. — Purrfect Voyage
Hatfield, Shanna — Not His Type
Higgins, Kristan — My One and Only
Higgins, Kristan — The Perfect Match
Higgins, Kristan — Waiting On You

James, Anna — Coming Home
James, Jennifer — Love Kinection
James, Julie — Just the Sexiest Man Alive
James, Maddy — Bed, Breakfast and You
James, Maddy — Falling for Grace

James, Maddy — The Heartbreaker
James, Maddy — Rawhide and Roses
James, Sandy — The Bottom Line
Jane, Missy — Too Hard To Break
Joachim, Jean — Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights
Johnson, Cat — One Night With A Cowboy
Johnson, Cat — Small Town Heat
Johnson, Jennifer — Rescue Me
Jones, Lisa Renee — Lone Star Surrender

Jump, Shirley — A Teaspoon of Trouble

Kauffman, Donna – Pelican Point

Kendrick, Sharon — The Sheikh’s Bought Wife
Kennedy, JoAnne — How To Handle A Cowboy
Kenner, Julie — Night Moves
Kenner, Julie — The Perfect Score

Kennerson, Martha — Always My Baby
Kennie, Ryshia — Fatal Intent
Kenny, Janette — Cowboy Come Home
Kenny, Janette — Illegitimate Tycoon
Kincaid, Kimberly — Drawing The Line

Kirk, Cindy — Be Mine in Good Hope

Lakes, Lynde — Billboard Cop
Lane, Shawn — Admiring Jesse
Larkin, Allie — Stay
Layne, Lauren — Made For You
Lee, Adrianne — Delicious
Lee, Adrianne — Delightful
Lee, Elaina — A Promise For Her Love
Lee, Elaina — First Kiss
Lee, Elaina — Written in Blood
Lee, Linda Francis — Emily and Einstein
Leigh, Judith — When the Vow Breaks
Lillard, Amy — Gabriel’s Bride
Lopp, Karen — Splintered Lies
Louellen, Amie — Brodie’s Bride

Macomber, Debbie — 1105 Yakima Street
Macomber, Debbie — 1225 Christmas Tree Lane
Macomber, Debbie — Hannah’s List
Madison, Tracy — By Magic Alone
Magro, Mandy — Rosalee Station
Maliga, Lisa — Sweet Dreams
Mallery, Susan — Already Home
Mallery, Susan — Before We Kiss
Mallery, Susan — Fool’s Gold Cookbook
Mallery, Susan — Only Mine
Mallery, Susan — Only Yours
Mallery, Susan — Until We Touch
Mallery, Susan — When We Met
March, Emily — Hummingbird Lake
Margolis, Sue — A Catered Affair
Marlo, J.S. — Cold Sweat
Marr, Maggie — Courting Trouble
Marsh, Nicola — The Boss’s Bedroom Agenda
Marshall, Lynne — One for the Road
Marton, Dana — My Spy
Marton, Dana — Spy In The Saddle
Marton, Sandra — Not for Sale
Matthews, Mary — Waiting for Cary Grant
McKeehan, Vickie — Deeper Evil
McKeehan, Vickie — Ending Evil
McKeehan, Vickie — Just Evil
Mentink, Dana — Force Of Nature
Milburne, Melanie — Willingly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded
Miller, Linda Lael — Big Sky Secrets
Miller, Linda Lael — Creed’s Honor
Miller, Linda Lael — The Creed Legacy

Miller, Linda Lael — Forever a Hero
Miller, Linda Lael — The Marriage Pact
Moore, Becky — Icing on the Cake

Morgan, Sarah — New York, Actually
Morgan, Tamara — If I Stay
Moss, Brooke — The “What If” Guy
Myles, Jill — Wicked Games

Neggers, Carla — Saint’s Gate

Nicholas, Erin — Forever Mine

O’Dell, Terry — What’s In A Name?

Palmer, Diana — Merciless
Phillips, Carly — Serendipity
Probst, Jennifer — The Marriage Merger

Rice, Heidi — Maid Of Dishonor
Roberts, Sheila — Angel Lane
Roberts, Shiela — The Snow Globe
Robertson, Faye — Holly’s First Christmas
Rogers, Jacquie — Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues

Scott, Magdelena — Midnight in Legend, TN
Sellers, Julie — Coming Home
Shaffer, Cat — Kentucky Blues
Shaffer, Cat — No Safe Place
Shalvis, Jill — Double Play
Shalvis, Jill — Instant Attraction
Shalvis, Jill — It Had To Be You
Shalvis, Jill — Once In A Lifetime
Sinara, Rula — The Promise Of Rain

Smart, Michelle — Once a Moretti Wife

Snow, Jennifer — Maybe This Christmas

Snow, Jennifer — Maybe This Love

Snow, Jennifer — Maybe This Summer
Sofras, Lynnette — Killing Jenna Crane
Solon, Geraldine — Chocolicious
Solon, Geraldine — Love Letters
Springsteen, Kay — Heartsight
Stacy, Shannon — Yours to Keep
Stewart, Mariah — At The River’s Edge

St. George, Harper — Dirty Boxing
Stockham, Kay — His Son’s Teacher

Tate, Tammy — Valentine Vision

Tenino, Anne — Poster Boy

Thayne, RaeAnne — Serenity Harbor
Thomas, Jodi — Betting The Rainbow

Thomas, Jodi — Wild Horse Springs
Thomas, Kay — Better Than Bulletproof
Thompson, Vicki Lewis — Should’ve Been a Cowboy
Trachtenberg, Bonnie — Weddlocked
Turner, Laina — Stilettos and Scoundrels

Vaughn, Joselyn — Courting Sparks
Vaughn, Joselyn — Sucker for a Hot Rod
Vincent, Renee — Silent Partner

Wacaster, Robert — A Writer’s Love Story
Walker, Julie Ann — Full Throttle
Walker, Julie Ann — Hell For Leather

Walker, Julie Ann — Wild Ride
Webb, Debra — Revenge
Webb, Debra — Ruthless
Webnar, Jo — Saving Tampa
Weis, Alexandrea — To My Senses
Weitz, Barbara A — Teed For For Love
Wilde, Lori — Love With A Perfect Cowboy
Wilde, Lori — The Welcome Home Garden Club
Wilson, JL — Daisies, Deadly Force and Disastrous Divorce Disputes

Wilson, Teri — Royally Roma
Wolfe, Selma — Detect Me
Woods, Sheryl — Beach Lane
Wright, Cheryl — Saving Emma

Wyatt, Tara — Dirty Boxing

Wyatt, Tara — Chain Reaction

Young, Karen — Lie for Me