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This page is where all our contemporary romance reviews can be found.  This does include romantic suspense.  But if you’re looking for chick-lit (women’s fiction), try our general fiction page.  All reviews are in order by the author’s last name.

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Adair, Cherry — Undertow
Adams, Jeanne — Deadly Little Lies
Anderson, Catherine — Morning Light 
Anderson, Rolynn — Last Resort
Andre, Bella — I Only Have Eyes For You
anthology — Be My Texas Valentine 
anthology — Be Mine, Valentine
anthology — Flames of Gold
anthology — Fool for Love
anthology — Holiday Hideout
anthology — Holiday Kisses
anthology — Kiss Me, I’m Irish
anthology — Making Spirits Bright 
anthology — Mistletoe Wishes
anthology — Summer Shorts
anthology — The Guy Most Likely to…
Ashgrove, Claire — A Broken Christmas


Ballance, Sarah — Unforgiven
Banks, Becky– The Legend of Lady MacLaoch
Banks, Maya – Enticed by His Forgotten Lover
Barker, Lisa — Inheritance
Barrett, Jo — Through Your Eyes
Barrett, Suzanne — Gift of the Heart
Barrett, Suzanne — In Love and War
Barrett, Suzanne — Late Harvest
Barth, Christi — Act Like We’re In Love
Barth, Christi — Cruising Toward Love
Becker, Lisa — Click: An Online Love Story
Becraft, Drea — Forget the Yesterdays
Becraft, Drea — Timing is Everything
Bergman, Jamallah — If You Only Knew
Berkom, D.V. — Bad Spirits Books 1-5
Bertram, Pat — Light Bringer
Betita, Maureen O. — Something Different
Blake, Toni — Swept Away
Bostrom, Karen — Red Leather Reunion
Bradford, Barbara Taylor — Letter From a Stranger
Brant, Marilyn — On Any Given Sundae
Brentanos, Viviane — Fragile Dreams
Bridgeman, Hallee — Sapphire Ice
Brimble, Rachel — Paying the Piper
Brown, Carolyn — One Hot Cowboy Wedding
Browning, Laura — Bittersweet
Browning, Laura — Santa’s Helper
Bryant, Lynne — Alligator Lake
Buchanan, Belina G. — When All Is Said and Done
Buchman, M.L. — I Own the Dawn
Buchman, M.L. — The Night is Mine
Burke, Wendy — The One He Chose
Bybee, Catherine — Married by Monday
Bybee, Catharine — Wife by Wednesday


Campbell, Wendy — Through the Window
Carmichael, Kathy — Hot Flash
Carr, Robyn — Bring Me Home for Christmas
Carr, Robyn – Harvest Moon
Carr, Robyn — Hidden Summit
Carr, Robyn — Redwood Bend
Carr, Robyn — Sunrise Point
Casher, Stephanie — When Love Isn’t Enough
Cassada, Carol — Westmore
Cassidy, Dakota — Waltz This Way
Cheney, Kristine — Secret Santa
Christiansen, Cindy A. — Caskets and Corruption
Clark, Rebecca J. — Her One-Night Prince
Clayton, Alice — The Unidentified Redhead
Clements, Sally — The Morning After
Columbus, Christine — Looking For Henrietta
Craig, Christie — Blame on Texas
Croft, Nina – Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire
Curry, Kelly — Happily Ever Afton


Dahl, Victoria — Good Girls Don’t 
Daughters, K.M. — In the St. Nick of Time
Davis, Vinnie — Storm’s Interlude
Dawn, Stacy — Oh Holly Night
Deen, Natasha– What Happens In Vegas
Delsol, Wendy — The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls
Diamond, Delaney — Fight for Love
Donovan, Susan — I Want Candy
Duarte, Judy — Christmas On Nutcracker Court
Duffy, Gillian — The LA Commandments
DuLong, Terri — Sunrise on Cedar Key
Dye, Ellen — His Saving Grace


Edwards, Louisa — Hot Under Pressure
Edwards, Louisa — Just One Taste
Edwards, Louisa –  Too Hot to Touch
Engman, Linda — Manhattan Holiday
Ethridge, Margaret — Contentment
Evans, Jayme — Sinister Knight


Fallon, LE — Trip to Paradise
Ferrarella, Marie — Caitlin’s Guardian Angel
Farrell, Rebecca — Maya’s Vacation
Fichera, Liz — Craving Perfect
Fields, Joya — Love Delivered
Fitzpatrick, Kelly — Dodging Cupid
Foster, Lori – Savor the Danger
Foster, Lori — Trace of Fever
Foster, Lori — When You Dare
Fox, Susan — Yours, Unexpectedly
Fredman, Shelly — There’s No Such Thing As A Secret

Gaines, Abby — Married by Mistake
Gallagher, Tina — Misguided
Garbera, Katherine — Overnight Cinderella
Garbera, Katherine — Reunited… With Child
Garbera, Katherine — Seducing His Opposition
Gardiner, Jenny — Sleeping with Ward Cleaver
Gayle, Lily — Slightly Tarnished
Gerard, Cindy — Breathless for the Bachelor
Gillian, Claire — The P.U.R.E.
Gloag, Sherry — His Chosen Bride
Grant, KT — Claiming of Suzy
Gordon, Lucy — The Italian’s Wife by Sunset
Gorman, Ursula — Old Acquaintances
Graham, Heather — Phantom Evil
Greene, Grace — Beach Rental
Greer, Gwyneth — The Showboat Affair
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer — Winter’s Journey
Gross, DJ — Stolen Justice

Hardy, Kate — One Night, One Baby
Hart, Liliana– Whiskey Rebellion
Hart, Regina — Smooth Play
Hartman, Ruth — Purrfect Voyage
Healy, Sara — Can I Get An Amen?
Higgins, Kristan — My One and Only
Higgins, Kristan — Somebody to Love
Hillman, Emma — Finally His
Hinze, Vicki – Not This Time
Hodges, Cheris – Recipe for Desire
Holden, Wendy — Marrying Up
Hoornstra, Margo — Next Tuesday
Horton, Sharon — Sparks
Huchu, Tendai — The Hairdresser of Harare
Huffert, Barbara — Close to Forever
Huffman, Heather — Ring of Fire

Jackson, Lisa — You Don’t Want to Know
Jamieson, Kelly — Faceoff
Jaimeson, Maggie — Expendable
James, Anna — Coming Home
James, Julie — Just the Sexiest Man Alive
James, Maddie — Bed, Breakfast, and You
James, Maddie — Crazy for You
James, Maddie — Rawhide and Roses
Joachim, Jean — Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights
Johnson, Jennifer — Double Dog Dare
Johnson, Jennifer — Rescue Me
Jones, Lisa Renee — Lone Star Surrender
Jordan, Autumn — In the Presence of Evil
Julian, Stephanie — Sex, Lies and Surveillance

Kage, Linda — The Best Mistake
Kauffman, Donna — Sugar Rush
Kaye, Robin — Call Me Wild
Kelly, Mira Lynn — Never Stay Past Midnight
Kennedy, Joanne — Cowboy Trouble
Kennedy, Joanne — Tall, Dark and Cowboy
Kenny, Janette– Cowboy Come Home
Kenny, Janette – Illegitimate Tycoon
Kent, Alison — Maximum Exposure
Kingston, Tara – Claimed by the Captain
Klein, David — Clean Break
Kwan, Coleen — When Harriet Came Home

Labelle, Jennifer – Second Chance Love
Larkin, Allie — Stay
Larter, Nadine Rose — Coffee Time at Little Angels
Laurey, Rosemary — Chase the Cook
Lee, Elaina — First Kiss ^
Lee, Georgie — A Little Legal Luck
Lee, Linda Francis — Emily and Einstein
Leigh, Judith — When the Vow Breaks
Lister, Ann — An Early Spring
Lord, Cate — Lucky Girl
Louellen, Amie – Brodie’s Bride
Loy, Jennifer — Million Dollar Bra
Loy, Jennifer — Rodeo Drive
Lyndhurst, Rachel — Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire
Lynn, J. — Tempting the Best Man

Macomber, Debbie — 1105Yakima Street
Macomber, Debbie — 74 Seaside Avenue
Macomber, Debbie — Hannah’s List
Macomber, Debbie — The Inn at Rose Harbor 
Magro, Mandy — Rosalee Station
Mallery, Susan – All Summer Long
Mallery, Susan — Already Home
Mallery, Susan — Barefoot Season
Mallery, Susan — Only Mine
Mallery, Susan — Only Yours
Mann, Catherine — Hot Zone
March, Emily — Hummingbird Lake
March, Emily — Nightingale Way
Marcus, Wendy S. — Once a Good Girl
Margolis, Sue — A Catered Affair
Marr, Maggie — Can’t Buy Me Love
Marsh, Nicola — The Boss’s Bedroom Agenda
Marsh, Nicola — Busted in Bollywood
Marsh, Nicola — Purchased for Pleasure
Marsh, Nicola – Sex, Gossip and Rock and Roll
Marshall, Lynne — One for the Road
Marton, Sandra — Not for Sale
Martin, Deirdre — Just a Taste
Martin, Kat — A Song for My Mother
Masters, Cate — Rock Bottom
Matthews, Claire — Highschool Reunion
Matthews, Claire — Intimate Friends
Matthews, Mary — Waiting for Cary Grant
McClure, Jenna — Animal Attraction
McDonagh, Margaret — His Very Special Nurse
McDonald, Donna — Dating a Cougar
McGuire, Jamie — Beautiful Disaster
Michaels, Fern — Christmas at Timberwoods
Milburne, Melanie – Deserving of His Diamonds?
Milburne, Melanie — His Poor Little Rich Girl
Milburne, Melanie — The Man With the Locked Away Heart
Milburne, Melanie — Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child
Milburne, Melanie — Shock: One- Night Heir
Milburne, Melanie — The Surgeon She Never Forgot
Milburne, Melanie — The Wedding Charade
Milburne, Melanie — Willingly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded
Milchman, Jenny — The Very Old Man
Miller, Julie — At Your Command
Miller, Linda Lael — Big Sky Country
Miller, Linda Lael – Big Sky Mountain
Miller, Linda Lael — Creed’s Honor
Miller, Linda Lael — The Creed Legacy
Mitchell, Meg — The Arrivals
Molina, Terri — Forget Me Not
Moore, Becky — Guardian Angel
Moore, Laura — Trouble Me
Moran, Kelly — Summer’s Road
Moss, Brooke — The “What If” Guy
Munroe, Shelley — Christmas is Coming
Murray, Hannah — One Hit Wonderful
Murray, Jeanette — The Officer Says “I Do”
Murphy, Lee Ann Sontheimer – Kinfolk
Murphy, Lee Ann Sontheimer — Love Never Fails

Neggers, Carla — Saint’s Gate
Norris, Amy J. — Just a Little Faith
North, Hailey — Not the Marrying Kind
Novak, Brenda — When Lightning Strikes

O’Clare , Lorie — Run Wild
Owen, Katherine Clare — Not to Us

Page, Laurie — Christmas Kisses for a Dollar
Palmer, Diana — Merciless
Pearce, Margaret — The Togetherness Routine
Phillips, Carly — Sealed with a Kiss
Phillips, Carly — Serendipity
Plakcy, Neil S. — Zero Break
Preflatish, Carol — Saved by the Sheriff
Probst, Jennifer — The Marriage Bargain

Raines, Hunter — Paradise Found
Raines, Nona — One Good Man
Raines, Nona — Take This Man
Rainey, Anne — Pleasure Bound
Ray, Francis — A Dangerous Kiss
Ray, Francis — A Seductive Kiss
Ray, Francis — When Morning Comes
Ray, Francis — With Just One Kiss
Reed, KJ — Comfort Zone
Reilly, Michael — Fresh Heir
Renham, Lynda — Croissants and Jam
Reus, Katie — Everything to Lose *** ^
Richards, Jana — The Girl Most Likely 
Richards, Remy — Sexting the Limits ***
Ringle, Molly — Of Ghosts and Geeks
Rivers, Lucianne – Entice Me
Rivers, Lucianne — Hold Me
Rivers, Lucianne — Thrill Me
Roberts, Nora — The Next Always
Roberts, Sheila — Angel Lane
Roberts, Sheila — The Nine Lives of Christmas
Roberts, Sheila — The Snow Globe
Rock, Joanne — Full Surrender
Rock, Joanne — Her Man Advantage
Roebuck, Susan — Perfect Score
Rogers, Jacquie — Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues
Romes, Jan — One Small Fib
Rose, Ranae — Taken Hostage *** ^
Ryan, Jenna — Mistletoe and Murder
Ryan- Davis, Emily — Hot for Pepper
Ryan- Davis, Emily — Tied and Twisted ***

Scarbrough, Jan — Tangled Memories
Scott, Magdalena — Midnight in Legend, TN ^
Scott, Jessica — Because of You
Scott, R.J. — The Christmas Throwaway
Scott, Scarlett — Reprieve
Scott, Inara — Rules of Negotiation
Scott, Kelli — Drive In ***
Seaton, Annie — Holiday Affair
Sellers, Julie — Coming Home ^
Semal, Chris — Trial by Tears
Shaffer, Cat — Kentucky Blues
Shaffer, Cat — No Safe Place
Shalvis, Jill — Christmas is Lucky Harbor
Shalvis, Jill — Double Play
Shalvis, Jill – Forever and a Day
Shalvis, Jill — Instant Attraction
Shalvis, Jill — Head Over Heels
Shalvis,Jill — Time Out
Sherwood, Kate — Home Ice ***
Shors, John — Cross Currents
Showalter, Gena — Catch a Mate
Sikes, Mary Montague — Jungle Jeopardy
Silver, Lynne — Mistress in the Making ***
Simone, Naima – Love and Protect *** ^
Sinclair, Cherise — Club Shadowlands ***
Skyze, Amber – Chasing Forever ***
Skyze, Amber — Sex on the Beach
Smith, Paisley — Soft Swap ***
Snow, Jennifer — Mistletoe Fever
Snow, Tiffany A. — No Turning Back
Solon, Geraldine — Chocolicious
Solon, Geraldine — Love Letters
Spencer, Catherine — The Greek Millionaire’s Mistress
Springsteen, Kay — Heartsight
St. John, Debra — A Christmas to Remember
Stacey, Shannon — Yours to Keep
Standifer, Allie — Jack’s Christmas Spirit
Steel, Danielle — Happy Birthday
Stein, Charlotte — All Other Things ***
Strange, Liz — One Week ***
Stephens, Susan — In the Venetian’s Bed
Stevenson, Dana — Out on a Limb
Stockham, Kay — His Son’s Teacher
Svartz, Mark — I Hate You, Kelly Donahue

Tate, Natasha — An Inconvenient Obsession
Tate, Natasha — Forbidden to His Touch
Tate, Natasha — Once Touched Never Forgotten
Templeton, Karen — Dear Santa
Tenino, Anne — The Fix
Terry, Bobby — The Marriage of Murders
Thayer, Patricia — A Mother for the Tycoon’s Child
Thirteen — Garden of Earthly Delights *** ^
Thirteen — Pretty as a Picture *** ^
Thomas, Jodi- The Comforts of Home
Thomas, Jodi- Just Down the Road
Thomas, Kay — Better Than Bulletproof
Thompson, Vicki Lewis – Should’ve Been a Cowboy
Trace, Piper — Fueling Her Fire ***
Trachtenburg, Bonnie — Wedlocked
Trelawny, Tea — Exposure *** ^
Trissel, Beth — Somewhere the Choirs Sing 
Tucker, Lisa — The Winters in Bloom
Tuhart, Marie — Roped and Ready ***
Tuhart, Marie — Saddle Up ***
Tunstall, Kit — Punishing Phoebe ***
Turner, Laina — Stilettos and Scoundrels
Tyler, Leanne — It’s Always Been You
Tyler, Stephanie — Beyond His Control

Van Dyken, Rachel — Every Girl Does It
Vaughn, Joselyn — Courting Sparks
Vaughn, Joselyn — Sucker for a Hot Rod
Vaughn, Tina — No Sweeter Love
Ventura, Olivia — Catch A Shooting Star
Vincent, Renee — Silent Partner

Walker, Julie Ann — Hell on Wheels
Wallace, Barbara — Weekend Agreement
Warin, Nessa L. – Sauntering Vaguely Downward ***
Warner, Christine — Some Like It in Handcuffs
Webnar, Jo — Saving Tampa
Weis, Alexandrea — To My Senses
Weitz, Barbara — Cutter Mountain Rendezvous
Weitz, Barbara A — Teed Up for Love
Whren, Merrillee — Four Little Blessings
Wilde, Lori – The Cowboy and the Princess
Wilde, Lori — The Welcome Home Garden Club
Wilson, J.L. — Daisies, Deadly Force, and Disastrous Divorce Disputes
Woodbury, Irene — A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis
Woods, Sherryl – Catching Fireflies
Woods, Sherryl — Where Azaleas Bloom
Woods, Sheryl — Beach Lane
Woody, Brenda and Steve Tindle — Best Lover in Town ***
Wright, Cheryl — Saving Emma
Wright, Kim — Love in Mid Air
Wyatt, Cheryl — A Soldier’s Family
Wynn, Zena — The Question ***
Wynter, Anya — The Mask ***

Yezak, Linda — Give The Lady a Ride
Yip, Clarissa — One Chance
Yip, Clarissa — Tempting a Cowboy

Zandri, Vincent — Love at First Site

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