We’re still here!



I know that the posts have been few and far between for most of 2017.  I’ve been a little stressed at my day job and needed a break.  Things are settling down and I’m getting re-energized for the blog.   We’ll be posting a few reviews during September, and I’ll be sharing photos from the Historical Romance Retreat during the last week of the month.  The hope is that we’ll be back to hosting the occasional guest (probably not a daily thing moving forward) starting in October.


Happy Holidays


The staff of Romancing the Book would like to wish everyone a belated Happy Holidays.

We also wanted to apologize for having been quiet the last week or so.  We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with our web host as well as taking a much needed break.

Over the next month we’ll be posting the occasional review as well as a few other items.  At this time, we plan on being back to our regular guests in February… but stay tuned as plans may change.


Holiday Vacation

happy holidays


The staff at Romancing the Book wants to wish you a Happy Holiday season no matter what holiday you celebrate during this time of year.  We are taking this week off in order to spend time with our families and will be back on January 4 with our first guest of 2016.  We won’t be entirely quite this week.  We will have some reviews for you to enjoy.


Happy Thanksgiving!



We at Romancing the Book would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  As we’re spending time with our families, we’re taking a short break from the blog.  We’ll be back on Monday with another guest and tomorrow in honor of Black Friday, we’ll have a bunch of product reviews for you.

We are so thankful for each and every one of our readers, authors and publishers.  We couldn’t do what we do without you all!


White water rafting pictures

I’ve posted pictures of my white water rafting trip (and of the tattoo experience) on my Myspace and Facebook pages. So, swing on by MySpace at and check out the pictures (Hopefully this is the exact link to the photo albums). And while you’re there, if you’re a member, feel free to add me as a friend.

Here’s a teaser of the Salmon River in Idaho…

And perhaps I might get some sort of slideshow going here if I can figure out widgets or whatever I need… and I have more time on my hands.


I’m a little bummed…

Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)I was totally excited when I heard that Sherrilyn Kenyon was going to be signing copies of her new book in Seattle. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book. So, I took time off work, convinced my sisters to take a road trip with me and we set out to drive across the state of Washington for a girls weekend.

After a 5 hour car drive, we arrive to the booksigning and discover a huge crowd… and that there is going to be a talk before the signing begins.


Spring Cleaning

I have a lot of books. My bookshelf is overflowing. I have boxes upon boxes of books stored away for the day that I have enough living space to have them all unpacked.

But as I read books, I realize that I can’t keep every book I buy. In fact, I don’t want to. I’m very much a series reader and I’m coming to the realization that my library needs to be weeded out and I’m going to focus on series.



I’ve been a reading fool lately, but just haven’t wanted to spend the time on the computer to write out reviews for the books (which for the most part are making a huge pile on the floor next to my desk). I work an eight hour day staring at a computer screen and there are many days when I don’t even want to think about sitting down at my computer at home. So, my reviews (and e-mails… oy!) pile up until I have to deal with them.


I’m still reading!!!

Hi readers! In case you’ve been wondering why we haven’t posted any new reviews in a week or so, I though I should update you on where I’ve been. I’ve actually just started a month long house sitting adventure with very (and I mean very) spotty internet connection. My laptop has to be in just the right place to pick up an unsecure and weak wireless network. Then on top of that, this week was Holy Week and I’ve been busy with church commitments (that’s what I get for joining the choir).