We’re still here!



I know that the posts have been few and far between for most of 2017.  I’ve been a little stressed at my day job and needed a break.  Things are settling down and I’m getting re-energized for the blog.   We’ll be posting a few reviews during September, and I’ll be sharing photos from the Historical Romance Retreat during the last week of the month.  The hope is that we’ll be back to hosting the occasional guest (probably not a daily thing moving forward) starting in October.


Calling All Reviewers



Are you an avid reader?  Have you tried your hand at reviewing?  Or maybe you’ve thought about it but didn’t know where to start.  Or maybe you are a reviewer, but don’t have access to books to review.  Perhaps we can help.

In the coming months, Romancing the Book is going to be shifting focus a little and will be having less guests and more reviews.  To do this, we need more reviewers on our staff.  


Holiday Hiatus

The staff of Romancing the Book is taking a short hiatus during the month of December.  We’ll still post some reviews and we have a contest or two lined up, but we won’t have any guests or regular posts during the month.  We are going to take the time off to do some behind the scenes work, but to also allow us to enjoy our holiday season.

While we’re taking this day off, here are some items for you to ponder:

  • We are currently booking promotions for 2015.  

Happy New Year

The staff of Romancing the Book would like to wish all readers a Happy New Year.  We thank each and every one of you for your support and we’re looking forward to a great 2014.

As an FYI, we’re taking the month of January off from promotions to focus on reviews.  There will be very few contests happening during this month.  But we’ll be back in February with a full slate of guests and contests.

That said, we’re looking for a few new reviewers. 


RtB Changes & Job Openings

First off, we have a new RSS feeds.  Yay!  The old ones should have transferred.  But if you’re no longer getting our feed, please use the icon in the top right sidebar to resubscribe.

We also have a new mailing list.  If you’d like to receive an email with an update on all our posts, or you’d like to have specialized emails for just reviews or contests, the sign up is in the sidebar.  If you get the all post newsletter, there is no need to subscribe to the others. 


Calling All Reviewers

Did you know that RtB gets an average of 10 review requests every day?  And while we have a staff of 30+ reviewers, our database of requests continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

If you’re an avid reader and would like to join our review staff, please go check out of reviewer terms and conditions and fill out the form that can be found here.


So You Want to Be a Reviewer?

We’re currently holding a poll on the blog (see the sidebar) and general consensus is that y’all keep going back to a blog because of the reviews (although contests help as well, lol).

If you’d like to learn more about reviewing for RtB, please visit our Become a Reviewer page to look over our guidelines and if things look good, fill out the form.  Be sure to add to your address book so our email to you doesn’t get lost in spam.


Social Media Networker and Reviewers Needed

First up, we ALWAYS need more reviewers as we bring in a lot more review requests than we can handle.  If you’re interested in learning more, please visit and read our small print and fill out the form if you agree with our terms.

But the real reason for posting today…

Are you well versed in using Facebook, Twitter and Google + as a media tool?  Do you have about 30 minutes a day that you can devote to these social media sites on behalf of Romancing the Book?  Then consider our new Social Media Networker position.


Reviewers wanted

Do you read ebooks and enjoy romance novels… especially erotica?  Have you thought about reviewing?  We’re looking for more people to join our volunteer review staff.  We get more requests than we could ever fill and and could use a few more reviewers.

We don’t have limited on how many books you read, however, we do have a one-month deadline.  Most of our review copies are ebooks, but we do have the occasional print book.

If you’d like to see about joining our staff, email Jen at reviews.bookblog AT to get more details.


Calling all reviewers

Romancing the Book is always looking for a few new reviewers to join our awesome staff.

  • Do you enjoy romance and/or erotica books?
  • Can you commit to reading and writing at least one review a month?
  • Can you read ebooks?

Then consider reviewing for us.  If you’re interested in joining our staff, email Stephanie at reviews.bookblog AT  Be sure to include a sample review (either the actual review or a link to where it can be found online).  If you’ve never written a review before, try your hand at it.  Pick a favorite novel of yours and review.  Tell us WHY you like the book.  We’re looking for a minimum of 100 words (remember, you’re trying to sell the book to others).