Oct 122015

My Author Space by Addison Fox

Thanks so much for having me today on the blog! It’s always fun to get a peek inside of others lives and I thought I’d share my writing space with you today.

While I will write anywhere I have a block of time – a coffee shop, an airplane, lunchtime at work – I prefer whenever possible to write in my home office. A converted bedroom, my office is a haven that is full of pieces of my career. My 20th book – THE PROFESSIONAL – comes out this month and I wrote it in this room along with almost every one that came before.

A few highlights:

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Oct 072015

Hope White’s Writer’s Space

I create fiction in my pale pink office, with a golden retriever at my feet and a gray cat squeezed between my laptop and the arm of my chair.   It can be a little crowded, but it’s warm for sure.

My writing chair and pets

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Oct 072015

Dark PursuitToday we welcome the authors of the upcoming anthology Dark Pursuit.  Each author has told us a little about their inspiration for their story in this anthology.


Tempted to Death by Jessica Jarman

Months ago, Tara Wilcox ran away from Luca Castell and Oliver Gordon. She’d fallen hard for the pair of hunters and feared their growing feelings for her. But what truly terrified her was the possibility that they’d discover what she really is. That she’s the very thing they hunted.

Luca and Oliver are partners, in every sense of the word, and their lives are spent running toward danger. Falling for Tara was the biggest risk they’d ever taken, and her vanishing without a word gutted them.

But, she’s back, desperate for their help in hunting a vicious para creature. Despite the risks—to their lives and their hearts—reigniting the love they’d had is simple. But nothing is simple when, faced with an impossible choice, Tara reveals her true nature.

Now that Luca and Oliver know the truth, Tara has another choice to make—run again or trust that their love is strong enough to look beyond the monster she fears they’ll see.



I don’t know if you’d call it inspiration or not, but the idea of falling in love with a person who is something you’ve spent your life hunting has always been intriguing to me. Tara is a paranormal human, and Luca and Oliver have dedicated their lives to hunting paras. They’ve never had to question whether paras could be good or just not evil that needs to be eliminated.

So for them to fall for a woman who is both hunter and a para… Can they change, can they grow from the shoot-first-maybe-ask-questions-later mode they’ve always been in? That was the idea that sparked this whole story for me.


Bio: Jessica Jarman is an author, blogger and rather obsessive fangirl. Having grown up in Upper Michigan and currently living in Minnesota, she’s a Midwestern girl through and through. And wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Jessica’s not working to get words on the page, she passes the time with her amazing husband and four children, attempting to be crafty (and failing miserably), squeeing uncontrollably over my favorite shows or curling up with a good book.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr


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Oct 062015

Elle James's DeskMY OFFICE
By Elle James

My office is on the second floor of my house in an odd shaped bedroom that fits it perfectly. I love the long wall of bookshelves that are brimming with my books, writing and research books, and books of other authors I love or hope to read when I have spare time on my hands. Ha! I’m fortunate to have a walk-in closet to store the boxes of books I receive from Harlequin, mailing supplies, my promotional items and old uniforms from my time in the military.

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Oct 012015

Self-publishing VS. Traditional Publishing

It’s an indie author’s dream to get that “Yes!” from an actual publisher.  In some ways, it serves to validate your work as an author.  Not that I don’t feel validated with each sale of my self-published works, but it’s just…different.  It’s like when you think your hair looks good and then some random stranger comes up and says, “Your hair is absolutely lovely.”  Validation.  Not that we need it, but it simply feels so good.

Touchy-feely stuff aside, the two have a lot of differences, but also some similarities.  As for the differences, I now have deadlines.  Oh, my, the deadlines.  At least in my case, the deadlines have not been unreasonable.  I’ve had plenty of time to reach each one with ease.  However, life can and does get in the way, so budgeting time is a must.  None of my usual, “oh, I can put that off until tomorrow or next week” nonsense I used to pull in my self-pub days.  A difference I love is that I no longer have to make my own covers (or pay someone an arm and a leg to create them for me).  It’s a big load off my shoulders, and my covers are gorgeous:


JJ 1 & 2 covers


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Sep 162015

Finding The Funny In Contemporary Romance by Tawna Fenske

As an author of contemporary romantic comedy, I’m often asked where I find my sources of humor. That’s my cue to tell you about the time I waxed off my own eyebrow and mistakenly used green eyeliner to draw it back in. Or the time I spit gristle into a napkin at a fancy luncheon, accidentally dropped it in a colleague’s purse, and got busted trying to fish it out.

You get the idea.

In other words, I’m a magnet for absurdity, and that sort of absurdity lends itself well to writing romantic comedy.

And while About that Fling contains my trademark wacky humor, reviewers have been zeroing in on the fact that there’s a lot of emotional depth to this book, too. Finding ways to take heart-tugging emotional situations and squash them up into a big, messy ball with a bit of humor is one of the most enjoyable parts of writing romantic comedy, and I’ll admit I steal liberally from my own life on both counts.

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Sep 152015

Keeping Historic Heroines Real
By Mysti Parker

Women today have more freedom than ever before. Contemporary fiction is chock full of strong, independent heroines. They enjoy work, sex, and cold beer. They’re tough as any man. Historical heroines can be just as independent and tough, right?

The answer is yes…but only to a certain point. You have to keep in mind the limitations that were imposed on women depending on the time period. To illustrate, let’s think about your typical mid-1800’s woman.

Women were expected to reside within the “Cult of True Womanhood,” a societal view with four cardinal virtues: piety, purity, domesticity, and submissiveness. Any deviation from those virtues marred a woman’s reputation. Ingrained views of how women and men were biologically different were encouraged by Charles Darwin’s theory of “biological determinism.” This theory suggested that biology determined behavior. That particular belief has been used as an excuse for many societal prejudices, but in the case of women vs. men, these are the supposed innate differences:

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Sep 042015

When Did the Bad Boy Become the Hero?

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s with totally different ideas on what the hero was supposed to look and act like in both books and on TV. In westerns he always wore the white hat, in Regencies he was polished, and never touched the innocent maiden until marriage, in biker scenarios it was the guy who stood up to them, and in contemporary romance he wore suits and didn’t swear. They were the men who we all looked to, to protect us and right any wrongs, clean-cut, smooth-talking and on the side of the law.

It’s funny but in looking back I was always drawn to the bad boy, I just never thought of him as the hero. These days it seems that the roles have been reversed, and the bad boy has taken over. I do a lot of reading and in the biker books that I’ve recently become addicted to I’ve noticed that the once good guy like cops, lawyers and bankers are many times the culprits, while the bad-ass biker turns out to be the fierce protector and the one with morals.

These alphas are covered in tattoos and piercings, have filthy mouths, drink and smoke, pretty much take what they want and who they want, and live their lives on the border of illegal and legal activities. They don’t have to be particularly handsome, but they do need to be bigger than life, tougher than nails, and reek of mean-ass danger. Okay, who am I kidding? We also want them handsome!

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Aug 282015

Hi everyone!  Julie Ann Walker here, tickled pink to be back on Romancing the Book and talking about my upcoming title, the eight in the Black Knights Inc. series, TOO HARD TO HANDLE.

Now, we all know what to expect in a romantic suspense novel, right?  There will be action and adventure, daring and danger, romance and sssssteamy sexy times.  And red-hot alpha men who have really big…  Guns!  I was going to say “guns”, I swear!  *wink*  But what doesn’t immediately come to mind when the phrase “romantic suspense” gets bandied about are the kickbutt women between the covers of the books.  And I’m here today, standing proud and saying loud that “I LOVE A BADASS BROAD!”

Which is probably why I write them.

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Aug 182015

Fact in Fantasy: How the Real World Inspires Paranormal Romance

Ever wonder where paranormal romance authors get their inspiration? Surely we make it all up, right? Tales of strange creatures and humans with extraordinary powers can’t have a basis in reality. But the weirdest part of paranormal romance (and similar genres, like fantasy) is that we authors often take our inspiration from truth. Consider my Reborn series.

Anyone who knows me understands I nurse an addiction to anything ancient Egyptian. I own two pairs of Egypt-themed earrings, ankhs and scarabs. The ankh was the ancient Egyptian cross, a symbol of life, and scarabs are dung beetles, a powerful symbol of rebirth. Mummies often had scarab amulets hidden in their wrappings, and ankhs would appear on their coffins or tomb decorations. The heretic pharaoh Akhenaten had his name scratched off monuments after his death, because he dared to worship one god (or one aspect of the gods, if you prefer) instead of the entire pantheon known throughout Egypt’s ancient history. To the Egyptians, erasing a person’s name condemned his soul. They also believed the soul needed a mummy because it would walk the living world in the daytime, returning to its mummified remains at sunset, for the arduous nightly journey through the underworld.

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