Mar 272015

DK ffrench Author PicJen: Today we welcome D.K. ffrench to Romancing the Book. D.K., will you share a short bio with us?
D.K.: Lost in space, yet still boldly going, D.K. ffrench returned from the forbidden planet a long, long time ago to live a quiet life in a small town called London.

The minimal research he’d done lead him to the conclusion that his identity would best be protected if he masqueraded as a business analyst by day and a writer and musician by night and at weekends.

Available for musical soirees at the drop of a hat, he writes steamy SF romances on a MacBook Air and plays a Gibson Les Paul too loudly while he waits for a set of replacement dilythium crystals for the broken warp core on his ship.

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Mar 262015

Cara ElliottJen:  Today we are excited to welcome Cara Elliott to Romancing the Book.  Cara, will you share a short bio with us?
Cara:  Cara Elliott wrote her first book at age five, a lavishly illustrated Western featuring a cowboy and his horse. She has since moved on from Westerns to writing about Regency England, a time and place that has captured her imagination ever since she opened the covers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (She’s decided she must have a thing for Men In Boots!) When not writing, Cara loves exploring the funky antique markets and small museums of London, where she finds all sorts of inspiration for her stories.

A three-time RITA finalist, she has won numerous awards for her writing, including the Golden Leaf Award, two Daphne Du Maurier Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award in Regency Romance from RT magazine.

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Mar 242015
Jen:  Today we welcome Brynley Bush to Romancing the Book.  Brynley, will you share a short bio with us?
Brynley:  I’ve had a lifelong love affair with word.  I earned my degree in English and Creative Writing and wrote magazine feature stories for years before turning to writing fiction.  I write the kind of book I like to read: steamy contemporary romances featuring smart, sassy heroines with a sense of humor and strong, dominant alpha males who love their women a little feisty.I love rainy days, books, worn-in jeans, hot coffee, traveling to new places, the way words can weave into poetry, and happily ever afters. I live in Texas with my family and an assortment of pets.When I’m not writing, I love to read, spend time with my family, and travel.

I love to interact with my readers!  You can sign up for my newsletter on my website at, or find me online here:

Mar 202015

Franny Armstrong Author PicJen:  Today we welcome Franny Armstrong to Romancing the Book.  Franny, will you share a short bio with us?
Franny:  Franny Armstrong is a mother of three and a grandmother of four. Her husband supports her imagination and has the patience of a saint. She’s been writing since she was a child, creating plays to act out in front of the neighborhood children. She charged them five cents admission to join her in the family garage for the play.

Since 2002, after a serious breakdown, Franny had to express herself on the computer since she couldn’t speak, everything coming out gibberish at that time. She’s slowly healed to the point that she can function fairly well. Writing was the best medicine for her and still is.

Franny loves to write about rainforests and Caribbean islands rather than about cities. Her characters are well rounded and share her wacky sense of humor.

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Mar 182015

Today we welcome Bec McMaster to Romancing the Book.  To celebrate her blog tour for the release of Of Silk and Steam, Bec asked all her bloggers to answer questions to determine which character from her London Steampunk series we were most like.  We had to answer questions like: What word best describes you?  What is the perfect romantic evening/date (Victorian era style)?  Faced with a dangerous adversary, what would be your weapon of choice?  In the end, here’s my match:


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Mar 172015

MT-cutout-100x150Jen:  Today we welcome Maya Tyler to Romancing the Book.  Maya, will you share a short bio with us?
Maya:  I am a romance author, blogger, wife, and mother. I have a degree in Commerce and my day job is in Finance. Over the past few years, I decided to unleash my creative streak and get serious about writing. So far, I have published a short story “Just for Tonight” in an anthology titled With Love from Val and Tyne, and written a few books. Writing mostly paranormal romances, all of my books have a common theme–happily ever after. Dream Hunter is my debut novella. When I’m not writing, you can find me playing with Lego and watching superhero movies with my husband and sons. You can visit me anytime on Facebook or sample my quirky writing style on my blog.

You can find me on the web at the following locations:

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Mar 162015

DelhiBookFair-2015Jen:  Today we welcome Adite Benerjie back to Romancing the Book.  Adite, will you share a short bio with us?
Adite:  Adite Banerjie is a screenwriter and published author. Growing up in a home with a filmmaker dad who worked in the world’s largest film industry (yes, Bollywood!) and a voracious reader for a mom, it was inevitable she would fall in love with both films and books.

She turned to fiction writing after a fulfilling and exciting career as a business journalist. When she penned her first romantic short story, she won the Harlequin India Passions Aspiring Authors Contest (2012). Her debut title, The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, based on the winning short story, was released in December 2013 in India. The e-book is available internationally (from June 2013). Her second title (Trouble Has a New Name) has been published by Harlequin India in July 2014 and comes out in North America in April 2014.

Adite lives in Greater Noida, near New Delhi, with her writer husband, mother and their adorable Irish Setter.

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Mar 132015

Jen: Today we welcome Nadine Sutton to Romancing the Book. Nadine, will you share a short bio with us?
Nadine: I come from Ireland, but I have lived in many different places. I’ve spent many years in Ireland, and shorter times living in Europe. For a long time now, I have lived in London, with my partner, but I don’t see it as my permanent home. However, I enjoy the artistic side of London life. I love to walk around and see buildings that have been here for centuries and to look around historical monuments, particularly the Royal Palaces. I enjoy the theater though it does not seem to me as good as it used to be! I used to go very often, now it’s more like an occasional treat. But I really love music, particularly country, folk, “light” opera, some Rock, and the music of the great musicals; I take advantage of being in London to attend concerts.

My hobbies are sedate ones. I like to knit and used to make a lot of woollies when I lived in cold climates. I also try my hand at things like flower arranging, jewellery making and painting. I used to swim and ride horses, and to play a little tennis, but I don’t get time for that nowadays. I love music and enjoy very much listening to music and going to concerts and musicals, and I take singing lessons. Naturally I love to read and always have a couple of books or my Kindle with me. I enjoy walking and an occasional game of golf and I love board games. I also enjoy travelling, whether by train, boat or air. I particularly love America, and hope to visit there again very soon.

My initial degree was in history. I loved English but I wanted to do something more “relevant” and I dabbled in politics. When I left college, I worked in many different fields, changing jobs quite often. Some of my jobs were to do with books; I was a library officer and worked in the office of a bookshop. I’ve also worked in the legal field, in education, in social work support, and in businesses. At present, I work in a public service and health field. I’ve worked in social work, helping with volunteer organizations. I used to work with a hostel for homeless people and with visiting the elderly and people in need.

My great hobby is reading, which naturally led me to want to write. I started writing when I was a kid, with absolutely no success. I wrote very serious short stories, usually with a feminist slant! I tried serious historical fiction. Then I gave it up for some years as I needed to earn a living and didn’t have the time. I enjoy my work, but I love to write. It is a very important creative outlet for me, as my job, while it’s useful in promoting public health and very worthwhile, helping the public, doesn’t have any creative side.

I have also done light journalistic work, on women’s issues, but about 10 years ago I began to explore creative writing, and to try to write fiction again. I took a few classes, and then I started to write light historical fiction, and joined writers’ groups. Now I’ve chosen to write modern fiction and my new story The Lovers of the Road is the result. I am looking forward to its being published and to finding, I hope, some new fans.

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Mar 112015

hires_jp_08Jen: Today we’re excited to welcome Jess Michaels to Romancing the Book. Jess, will you share a short bio with us?
Jess: Jess Michaels has written 50 books under 3 names with multiple traditional publishers. She currently writes only erotic historical romance set in the Regency period and publishes independently. She lives in Tucson, AZ with her awesome husband and two little old lady cats.


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Mar 102015


Highland Guard by Hannah Howell
Series: Murray Family (# 20)
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell brings back the daring Murray family in a brand-new tale of dangerous love rekindled. . .

Lady Annys MacQueen has no other choice. The deception that enabled her to keep her lands safe is on the verge of being revealed by a cruel kinsman. To shield her young son from the sword and her people from devastation, she must turn to the one man she could never forget. . .

He lives for duty and honor. So the only way Sir Harcourt Murray could repay the laird who saved his life was to agree to father a child with Sir MacQueen’s wife. . .Lady Annys. Now the passion he still feels for the lovely strong-willed widow is as all-consuming and perilous as securing her lands. But to convince her that his love is forever real means confronting her most wrenching fears–and putting everything they treasure most at stake.


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