Jul 152013

The Hunter by Monica McCarty
Series: The Highland Guard (# 7)
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 400
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review

The war for Scotland’s freedom continues as King Robert the Bruce battles on. At his command is an elite army of trained warriors, soldiers dedicated to their king, their country—and to the remarkable women they love.

Prized for his unbeatable tracking skills, Ewen “Hunter” Lamont accepts a dangerous assignment: locate a missing undercover courier. But this is no ordinary target. Ewen has met his prey before as “Sister Genna,” a fiery, forbidden woman forever etched in his memory after one stolen, sinful kiss. Now that he knows her real identity, he’s more determined than ever to keep her safe. But without the protection of the veil between them, fighting the allure of the beautiful lass may be the toughest battle this extraordinary warrior has ever faced.

After her ill-fated attempt three years ago to rescue her twin sister, Janet of Mar has found salvation acting as a royal messenger—until she surrenders to a darkly handsome warrior whose rough, sensual kisses stir feelings the woman in her can’t deny. But when betrayal leads to danger, and a crucial communiqué is put in jeopardy, Janet has no choice but to put her faith in the hunter who can find anything—perhaps even her heart.


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Review: Highland Healer by Willa Blair

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May 052013

Highland Healer by Willa Blair
Series: Highland Talents (# 1)
Release Date: January 17, 2013
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Pages: 330
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

He needs her for his clan. He wants her for himself. Can he have both? Toran Lathan never expected to become Laird, and never expected to meet a woman like Aileanna Shaw. Her healing ability is just what his people need, but Toran cannot resist her beauty. Yet will loving him destroy her ability to heal? Aileanna Shaw has a healing touch–and a special talent she must keep secret. Stolen from her home by a marauding army, she’s kidnapped again by the Highland Laird she heals. Is she a prize of war, or the prize of his heart? While Toran battles the invading lowland army, he also battles his desire for Aileanna. And Aileanna must decide if she can trust her secrets to this fierce warrior who needs her talent, but wants her love.


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Apr 172013

If He’s Tempted by Hannah Howell
Series: Wherlockes (# 5)
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Publisher:   Kensington Books
Pages: 352
Source:   NetGalley

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to her beloved Wherlocke family and the story of a love destined to heal old wounds…

Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned…

Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother. But with the help of the enchanting Olympia, he concocts a daring plan to end his mother’s devious designs for his sister. While each step in their bold scheme works to perfection, the sins of the past could unravel a growing desire that neither Olympia or Brant can control…


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Mar 162013

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah Maclean
Series: The First Rule of Scoundrels (# 2)
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Publisher:   Avon
Pages: 384
Source:   Edelweiss

Here’s the thing: Pippa was never supposed to be a heroine.

She was supposed to be a sweet side character in A Rogue By Any Other Name — the odd younger sister who ends up married because that’s what happens to odd younger sisters. And Cross was supposed to (get this!) marry a lady doctor. I had plans for him that involved neither ruination of engaged aristocratic misses nor falling head over heels for strange bespectacled beauties.

Not to mention the fact that Temple’s book was supposed to come first.

I’ve never been one of those writers who has characters who speak to her. I am lord and deity over my books. I tell my heroes to do stuff and they do them, for heaven’s sake. But…for some reason, for this book, I wasn’t in charge. They were. To be more specific, Pippa was. She wanted her time in Cross’s office and she wanted to know what she was missing out on, and she wanted…well…him. And she shocked me just as much as she shocked Cross, honestly.

Suffice to say, she may not be my favorite heroine…and he may not be my favorite hero…but together they are absolutely my favorite couple. And I cannot wait for you to meet them.


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Review: Checkmate, My Lord by Tracey Devlyn

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Jan 312013

Checkmate, My Lord by Tracey Devlyn
Series: Nexus (# 2)
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Pages: 416
Source:  NetGalley

A desperate mother falls in love with the spymaster she’s sent to betray.

Spymaster Sebastian Danvers, Lord Somerton, has spent the last decade protecting England’s shores against a French invasion. Known for his cold logic and ability to sacrifice anything for the greater good, few can outwit him, and even fewer dare challenge him. Until now.

After being exiled to his country estate, Sebastian is surprised when his beautiful, no-nonsense neighbor turns her seductive wiles on him. But years of intrigue have left him wondering why a respectable widow would risk scandal for a few nights in his bed. Sebastian takes his time unraveling the widow’s secrets, for he quickly realizes she might be the one sacrifice he is unwilling to make.

Living a quiet existence at Winter’s Hollow, Catherine Ashcroft spends her days doing little more than caring for her precocious six-year-old daughter and negotiating her neighbors’ various complaints against their absentee landowner, the enigmatic Earl of Somerton. But, all her boredom comes to a searing halt after learning her newly returned neighbor might have had something to do with her husband’s murder.

Catherine’s orderly existence soon upends and she now finds herself in a desperate bid to save her daughter’s life. But she must betray the earl to do so, even though she no longer suspects him of foul play. Lauren succumbs to the the earl’s passionate kisses and recognizes the same loneliness she has felt for years lurking in his hard, crystalline eyes. As her lover’s enemies close in, will Catherine be able to save both her beloved daughter and the handsome spy who has stolen her heart?

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Review: Taming an Impossible Rogue by Suzanne Enock

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Aug 252012

Taming an Impossible Rogue by Suzanne Enock
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Publisher:  St Martins Press
Pages: 345
Source:  Publisher

One year ago, Lady Camille Pryce left her haughty fiancé at the altar—for good reason. Not only was the marriage arranged before she could even walk, her betrothed was too smug to exert himself to meet her! Now, disowned, with no husband or family to support her, she’s left with one option: go to work in the notorious Tantalus Club…

A gentleman’s gaming house run by a woman, the Tantalus is no place for a proper lady; so, to save face, her jilted fiancé must retrieve her. But banned from the club, he’s forced to employ his ne’er-do-well cousin instead. A handsome, experienced rogue, Keating Blackwood is the perfect man to lure Camille away. But the moment they meet, Keating instead wants to save her…for himself. Impossible? Perhaps. But if Camille can make the ultimate player lay his cards on the table—and risk his heart—all bets are off…


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Jun 012012

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

EdenFantasys is a site for those over the age of 18.  If you’re not of age, please do not continue reading or visit the site.

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May 282012

A Gentleman Says “I Do” by Amelia Grey
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Page Count: 352
Source : Review provided by publisher through Netgalley

Burgeoning author Catalina Crisp completes a parody involving twins Iverson and Matson Brentwood’s scandalous arrival in London and publishes it under her father’s name. When the writing hits the town, it’s not long before a darkly handsome man–Lord Iverson Brentwood himself–is at her door, looking for her father with blood in his eyes. Dallying with the dashing rogue seems like the perfect escape…and it should calm him down enough to leave her father alone. But Catalina does the exact opposite–she heats him up like no other woman ever has…

Furious and threatening, Iverson storms into Catalina’s house, demanding satisfaction, but the infamous rake has finally met his match. With her cool demeanor and intense intelligence, Catalina heats his blood like no other woman in his notorious history…


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Review: Invitation to Scandal by Brownwen Evans

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May 252012

Invitation to ScandalInvitation to Scandal by Brownwen Evans
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Kensington Books
Pages: 320
Source: ebook provided by the author


 Catch Me If You Can

Plagued by scandalous rumors, Rheda Kerrich will stop at nothing to restore her reputation and make an honest living for herself–and she’s determined to do it without a husband. But times are hard, and smuggling is a risky though profitable trade. So when a dashing agent for the English government catches her in the act, she desperately resists his charms and conceals her illicit profession. Until she realizes he may be the key to her ultimate freedom–and unbridled passion…

Rufus Knight, Viscount Strathmore, has never had trouble beguiling the ladies of Kent. When his search for “Dark Shadow,” a cunningly elusive smuggler, leads him to alluring and headstrong Rhe, her objections to his amorous advances merely incite a tantalizing game of cat and mouse. Soon, they’ll find the very secrets driving them apart could ensnare them in a love they can’t escape…


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Review: Claimed by the Spymaster by Tara Kingston

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Mar 162012

Claimed by the Spymaster by Tara Kingston
Release Date: August 17, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages:  90 pages
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Russian actress Valentina Baranova travels to England to marry, but the arrangement is definitely not a love match. Betrothed to a cunning and ruthless English lord, she’s the sweetener in a deal that will put stolen British documents in Russian hands and curry the czar’s favor for her father. Determined to escape her loathsome intended, she flees him—and promptly falls into the hands of his most bitter enemy. An enemy who stirs her like no other.

Spy for the Crown, Alec Jameson, Lord Carrington, is on a mission—unmask the traitor responsible for his brother’s death before the blackguard can further betray Queen Victoria’s empire. Capturing Valentina to use as bait, he spirits her away from London. Despite his efforts to resist the alluring captive he’s snatched from his enemy’s grasp, Alec claims Valentina in the most carnal way possible. Once the beauty has been in his bed, he wants her for his own. But she must lay siege to a long-untouched part of Alec’s existence—his heart.

Review: Claimed by the Spymaster was a sensual and quick moving read. This was my first book by Tara Kingston and to say the least I was impressed. She puts forth effort into her characters in making you understand their weaknesses as well as their strengths. She’s one of those few authors who doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too much internal mumbo jumbo. In fact, if anything I’d like to know more about the hero and heroine.

Valentina was completely believable and relatable. While beautiful yet sensual she was vulnerable in her life. I however would have liked there to have been more time with her. She was more complex I feel and I wanted to get to know her more. Again and attribute to the author’s skill.

The same thing goes with Alec. He was a hero that is indeed an alpha but still had some beta challenges in life. The third son of nobility he never expected to inherit. But he indeed did and is out to avenge his brother. I’d love to have known more about him, his family and more of the details of his time growing up.

The chemistry between the too is fast and mutual. You’ll enjoy it immensely.

All and all it was a great read. I look forward to reading more of my Kingston’s work.

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