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I am in the middle of moving. My sister, who happens to be my roommate, is getting married in June and so I find myself moving to a new apartment. I am actually looking forward to this change. I’m using this opportunity to weed out things that have collected over the years. Clothes I’ve not worn recently is being donated to charity. And books I’ve read and don’t want to keep are being posted at PaperBackSwap.


Update on My Spring Cleaning

While I was cleaning through my books that were on my bookshelf, I decided that I really needed to do a more thorough cleaning. So, I’ve pulled out all my boxes of books and started weeding out books. I’m keeping packed away all my series books that I’ll be keeping. And of course, I’ll hang on to most of the autographed books that I have. I’m created a huge “to-be-read” pile. And all those books that have been read but I don’t want to keep… well, most of those are being posted on Paperback swap.


Spring Cleaning

I have a lot of books. My bookshelf is overflowing. I have boxes upon boxes of books stored away for the day that I have enough living space to have them all unpacked.

But as I read books, I realize that I can’t keep every book I buy. In fact, I don’t want to. I’m very much a series reader and I’m coming to the realization that my library needs to be weeded out and I’m going to focus on series.