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***If you have previously submitted a review request prior to January 2017, please re-submit as we’re re-working our database.  Please also check to see if we have reviewed your book before submitting a request.***

Review Policy (as of January 2017):

Romancing the Book’s reviewing services are 100% free, under the condition that a review copy of the said book (either in print or eBook format) is provided. To request a review, please fill out the form with all the required information below. If one of our reviewers is interested in reviewing your book, our review coordinator will be in touch.  All direct emails requesting a review will be deleted.

Please keep in mind that all submissions will be considered for review, but not guaranteed unless a review copy is requested by our staff.  We read all genres within romance and erotica.  If your book is outside these genres, your chances of a review from us are greatly decreased, but there is a chance someone will pick up the book.  We will keep review requests in our database for approximately 1 year from the date it was added.

Our review will post approximately 4-6 weeks after our staff member receives the book.  The post will include:

  • book cover
  • book title and author (linked to author’s website)
  • series information (if applicable)
  • release date
  • publisher
  • number of pages
  • blurb
  • review
  • rating

We also will categorize the review with the following icons:




As part of our service, we will notify you that the review is complete and provide the link to our review.  We will also repost our reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  Due to the sheer volume of reviews at RtB, this may not occur until a couple months after the review has been posted on the blog (and we do apologize about this and ask that you don’t email us asking to rush the process).

If you need more information before submitting your request, please email Jen with any questions at  Please do not use this email address to submit your request or send an unsolicited copy of the book.  These emails will be deleted.  That said, if you are a publisher and would like to add us to your review list, contact Jen for details.


Review Request

If you would like a review, please fill out this form.
  • If you are not the author, but rather a publicist or publisher, please let us know who we will contact for the review copy.
  • How will we contact you?
  • Where can we find the book online? This can be Goodreads, Amazon or your own website. We need this in order to get the blurb.
  • When did or will this book release?
  • We review self-published, small pub and big pub books. This is more for research as we are on many publisher review lists and do not want to duplicate requests in our database.
  • Please help us categorize your book by choosing what main genre your book falls into.
  • Pick 2-3 of these sub-genres that best describe your book.
  • Our reviewers have varying views on sex in books. So, we need to know how graphic your book is.
  • How many pages is the book? If an ebook, please guestimate on the length.
  • For a review to be completed, we need a copy of the book. Please let us know what formats are available.

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