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So You’d Like to Become an RtB Reviewer…

Thank you for you interest in becoming a reviewer at Romancing the Book.
All reviewers must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • All reviews for books provided by Romancing the Book for review are the property of Romancing the Book. We reserve the right to post the review at other sites (ie Amazon, Good Reads, etc). We will provide you with the review link and allow you to use it on your personal website and accounts, where applicable. But other than quoting from your review, you are not to repost it in whole anywhere on the web (whether you are a current or past reviewer).
  • We require at least two reviews a month from all our reviewers. If your deadline cannot be met, you are required to notify Romancing the Book of the delay.
    • Two missed deadlines without notice will put you on suspension.
  • If a review cannot be completed for any reason (life, do not enjoy the book, etc), the book must be returned (and if an ebook, deleted) so that it can be reassigned.
  • You must be able to read ebooks.  95% of our requests are for ebooks.  We also start all reviewers with a probation where only ebooks are available.
  • You will write respectful reviews. We do post reviews of books we do not like. However, we will be respectful in stating our opinions and will not bash the author, publisher or subject matter.
  • No spoilers. If you feel you can’t get a point across without a possible spoiler, then put *possible spoiler* before you write it.
  • We write reviews, not glorified summaries. Each of our posts includes the official book blurb, so while some summarizing may be needed to get across a point, we want your thoughts and feeling regarding why you did or didn’t like the book.
  • We require a minimum word count of 150 words for ebooks and 200 for print books (unless you’re reviewing a short novella, we’ll waive the word count). Please be mindful of this when writing your review.
  • All reviewers must edit their reviews before submission. They must also use our required format, which will be provided upon signing.

While the previous terms are solely for Romancing the Book, the following conditions are the legal small print.

  • In compliance with FTC Regulations, we do not pay or accept payment for reviews. The only compensation for the review will be a free book from the author or publisher being reviewed.
  • Reviewers agree to not share, distribute or sell any e-books provided to them. It is illegal. Reviewers are responsible for their actions and Romancing the Book is not liable. If reviewer is found to break this law, they will be immediately removed from our reviewer list and can face legal action from the author or publisher.
  • Plagiarism is not condoned by Romancing the Book and we have a zero tolerance policy. If a reviewer is found to have plagiarized another’s review, the reviewer will be removed from staff effective immediately. We will also not accept a review you have written for another review site.

By submitting this form you agree to these terms and conditions.
Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notice.

If you agree to these conditions, please fill out the following form.   We require two writing samples (that will not be used other than to get an idea of your reviewing style).  Each must be at least 50 words.


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