Guest & Contest: Lila Munro

Inspiration or Determination?

First I’d like to say thank you to my most gracious host for today. I’m very excited to be here at Romancing the Book and visit with all the passersby.

So many times we’re asked as writers what inspires us to write a certain genre or theme or book, or even what inspires us to write period. But what I don’t see a lot of is writers being asked what gives them the determination to act on that inspiration.


Guest & Contest: Rebecca Royce

In my house when I was growing up, we watched Star Trek around the dinner table. I guess you could say it was my family’s ‘thing.’ We watched other stuff too but mostly I remember the nights we watched Captain Picard command the Enterprise. (Don’t worry die-hards, I have seen every version of Star Trek. I love them all. I am a Treky too. If you don’t believe me check out my novel Screwing the Superhero.)

Anyway, I digress.


Guest & Contest: Theresa Meyers

Scrumptious Reading – Why I write Steampunk
By Theresa Meyers

I adore tea. I’m not ashamed to admit it. In fact most weeks it’s tea with my non-writing mommy friends that keeps me sane and enables me to write. It’s probably one reason I enjoy writing steampunk. The other, well, that’s pure fantasy. And since I write steampunk (which is Victorian-era-like settings with fantastical inventions, science and for me, romance) tea is a very appropriate pastime.


Interview & Contest: Gabrielle Bisset

Jen: We welcome Gabrielle Bisset as her blog tour makes a stop at Romancing the Book.  Gabrielle, please tell us about Blood Avenged and where the idea came from.

Gabrielle:  Blood Avenged is the story of Vasilije and Sasa. Vasilije is an ancient vampire who’s committed his existence to enjoying the pleasures of life. Hedonistic and jaded, he nevertheless adores women, who he sees as one of the best pleasures this life can give. The murder of one of his vampires takes him to New Orleans to find the killer, and there he meets Sasa, a human woman who moves him more than any woman has in centuries.


Interview & Contest: Sarah Pekkanen

Jen:  Please tell us about These Girls and where the idea came from. 

Sarah: I wanted to write a novel celebrating the rich, nurturing bonds of female friendships for a few reasons: First, it seemed like the natural progression in my books, since all of my novels focus on the important relationships in a woman’s life. My first book, The Opposite of Me, is about sisterhood. My second, Skipping a Beat, is about marriage.


Interview & Contest: Cathy Maxwell

Cathy Maxwell talks about how Daphne du Maurier helped her write WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE, her upcoming THE CHATTAN CURSE trilogy, and the fun of escaping to another world…
Jen: Cathy, thanks for joining us and congratulations on the republication of WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE. First, when was WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE published? And why does a publisher “re-release” a book?

Cathy: WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE was first published in 1998, almost fifteen years ago.


Excerpt: When Dreams Come True by Cathy Maxwell

Eden didn’t want to lie, not to him, not anymore. But she couldn’t tell him the truth.

Lord Penhollow sat down on the piano bench beside her, his back to the instrument. “Play.”

“What shall I play?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Her fingers trembled as she touched the ivory keys. She was all too aware of him, of his thigh brushing against hers, of his arm leaning on the piano, of the intensity in his face.

For a moment, her mind went blank.


Guest & Contest: Robyn Carr

Let’s talk romance heroes. Give me a man with calluses on his hands. Yup, that’s what I’m saying. Throw in a farmer’s tan. A little sunburn on the back of his muscled neck. I’d like to see the shoulders of a man who uses his muscles. And no matter what he does for a living, his fingernails have to be clean. Hair isn’t much of a factor with me – it can be a military buzz, longish and unruly, ordinary length with a double colic, ponytail, anything goes.


Interview & Contest: Isabel Cooper

Please help the us welcome Isabel Cooper to Romancing the Book.  We’re happy to have her stop by and I have to thank my staff for helping me interview her.  Enjoy!!

Jen: Please tell us about Lessons After Dark and where the idea came from.

IC: At the end of No Proper Lady, Simon and Joan decided to start training other people to continue the war against dark forces. In Lessons After Dark, that training begins, and Englefield Hall plays host to a small crowd of students: some interested in the unseen world, some drawn into it by their own powers.


Interview & Contest: Carolyn Brown

Today we are excited to welcome Carolyn Brown to Romancing the Book.  And we’d also like to thank Desere, one of our review staff, for interviewing Carolyn.  Ladies, the floor is all yours…

Carolyn: Good morning everyone at Romancing the Book! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog site to talk about the fourth book, One Hot Cowboy Wedding, in my growing Spikes & Spurs series. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?