Review: "Dark Harmony" by Lilly Cain

Here’s the blurb from the publisher, Red Sage:
Running from a lover that has twisted her very nature, Lena Townsend hunts on her own.

Lena has been the object of many desires. Now she is all too aware that being an obsession can be deadly. Her mildly adventurous sexual life reached its pinnacle, and its end, when she met sexually dominant vampire Darien. He stole her life, and used her sensual nature to bend her to his will.


Interview with Sarah Pekkanen

Jen: This week we welcome Sarah Pekkanen to Romancing the Book. Sarah, will you please share a short bio with us?
Sarah: I grew up in Maryland, and after college, I began working as a journalist. I covered Capitol Hill for a while (where I constantly misquoted this one politician from Mississippi because I couldn’t understand his accents) then I moved to The Baltimore Sun to write features. When my oldest son was born, I stayed home and free-lanced for newspapers and magazines.


Review: Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep

Karma Girl (Bigtime)Back in November, Jennifer Estep visited the blog (click here to go to the post) to tell us about the last book in her Bigtime series. After that visit, I decided to get a copy of the first book, Karma Girl. Since Jennifer will be back with us this coming week to talk about Spider’s Bite, the first book in her new series, I thought I’d read and review Karma Girl for you.


Review: "Sophomore Switch" by Abby McDonald

I won an advance copy of Sophomore Switch over a year ago and as I was organizing my bookshelves recently I realized I hadn’t reviewed this book as I had promised. So, this past weekend I sat down and read… and couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to know what was going to happen next so much that I was reading during the commericals of the Super Bowl. LOL

From the back of my ARC:
Take an administrative snafu, a bad breakup, and what shall heretofore be known as “The Hot-Tub Incident,” and you’ve got two thoroughly unprepared sophomores on a semester abroad.


Cat Grant and Michelle Miles Winners

Lex, you’re the winner of Strictly Business by Cat Grant.

And since I never heard from one of my Michelle Miles winners, I picked another name from the comments. LadyVampire2u… come on down. You’re the proud new owner of a e-copy of Nice Girls Do.

I need both of you to shoot me an e-mail at before next Friday, November 7 to claim your books or I will pick new winners.


Jessica Inclan contest winner

Congrats to CrystalGB, the winner of an autographed copy of Intimate Beings by Jessica Inclan. Please send me an e-mail at with your mailing address to claim the book. I need to hear from you by next Friday or I’ll pick another winner.

Many thanks to Jessica for being with us this week. And readers, we have two guests with us this coming week, so be on the lookout for two chances to win.


New Poll / October Contest

As visitors to our blog have probably noticed, most of our guests have been authors of romance and/or erotica. It’s been easy for me to line up these authors because it’s mostly what I read.

But I want to know what sort of genres you read and would like me to find authors to promo here. I want to keep you all, our readers, happy… but I also want to get more variety of genres represented here.

Jen’s Review: Maximum Exposure by Alison Kent

Maximum Exposure (Sg-5 Series)I was lucky to receive an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of this book from Alison Kent with the understanding that I would review it before it’s December release. So, I read it this past week and here are my thoughts…

Finn is in Miami on a PI assignment– to dig into the personal life of Roland for a potential suitor. But when Olivia, Roland’s boss, spots Finn staking out her boutique, she approaches him about a photographic project that she wants to undertake.


Jen’s Review: The Bounty by Beth Williamson

The Bounty (Malloy Family, Book 1)Nicky Malloy is on the run and Tyler Calhoun is the bounty hunter hired to bring her to justice. Nicky’s managed to evade the law for 3 years, but with Tyler on her trail she knows her time is limited. And as they travel to Wyoming and his reward, sparks fly and both Nicky and Tyler begin to believe that a happily ever after might be within their reach.

I picked up the ebook version of this book a while ago after seeing Beth Williamson promo this erotica western series.


Winner of Donna Grant Contest

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with Donna Grant. I hope all of you run out and pick up a copy of The Pleasure of His Bed. But wait, I need to announce the winner of the autograped copy.

Drum roll please…. And the winner is acdaisy95!!!

Acdaisy, please e-mail me at before next Friday with your mailing address to claim the book.