rtb_ad_125We offer a variety of advertising options at Romancing the Book. These are different from our free promotions and review services. If you’d like to discuss our advertising services, email Jen at  We are more than happy to advertise books, publishers, blogs and any book related services (blog tours, editing, etc). If you like what you see and you want to sign up, scroll down and fill out the form below.



To help you decide if advertising with us is a good fit for you, here are a couple stats:

  • We have an average of 900 visitors per day.
  • We have over 4000 Facebook and 2000 Twitter followers.
  • All our reviews are reposted to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and GoodReads, when applicable.
  • Our readership primarily focuses on romance and erotica, however, we do on occasion feature books outside the genre.


For a simple book cover ad (“above the fold” — this is under the contest list and above the “your ad here” graphic.  Sizing approximately the size of the Rachel Van Dyken cover to the right.)

  • $8/week
  • $25/month

For a simple book cover ad (“below the fold”)

  • $5/week
  • $15/month

We can also create an Amazon widget of your titles (2 or more titles).
above the fold widget

  • $10/week
  • $35/month

below the fold

  • $7/week
  • $25/month

For a skyscraper banner (approx 160 x 600 — see kindle ad to the right for sample)

  • $15/week
  • $50/month
    • You provide the graphic.  It can be NO wider than 200 px.

Header (the ad space right under the RtB banner and menu )

  • $65/month
    • You provide the graphic.  Graphic can be NO taller than 120 px or wider than 900 px.


  • We are offering a 15% discount for June, July & August.  Please use the code SUMMER16 in the form to receive your discount.


All advertisements will appear in the right hand sidebar, unless a header or footer ad is purchased.

  • We do not offer a graphic design service. Unless you provide us with coding for your ad, we will use a book cover with a link to (or another site if it is not available at Amazon).
  • If you’d like for the graphic to link to somewhere other than Amazon, let me know when placing your order.
  • If you’re ordering a skyscraper, header or footer banner, you have to provide the image/coding.
  • We will “bill” you via Paypal.
  • Payment is due before the Sunday the ad is to appear on the blog.
  • Failure to pay will postpone the ad until payment is received.
  • If you want the discount for a month long advertisement, you must pay for the month in advance. If you decide to pull the ad before the month is over, you will not be refunded. However, if we decide to take down the ad, you will receive a prorated refund.
  • If you have seen mentions of a discount on social media sites, please mention them in the form below to receive the discount. Let us know what the discount is for, where you saw it and when for validation.
  • Upon request, if the ad is linked to Amazon, we can provide click-thru stats.



RtB is a full service site and we offer advertising space on our blog. If you're interested in placing an ad under our header or in our sidebar, please fill out the following form.
  • If different from our contact.
  • How can we contact you if we have questions?
  • We only take payments via PayPal. If your PayPal address if different from your contact, what is it?
  • This would be a book title, website or service that we're advertising. If you'd like to have ads for multiple books, please list each title.
  • If not specified, we will link to Amazon (if applicable) using our affiliate coding.
  • Please see the descriptions on this page before making your selection.
  • We rotate ads in and out on Sundays. Please pick a Sunday for a start date.
  • We generally run ads for a week or a month. However, if you'd like to run your ad for some other length of time, we can adjust pricing. The longer you'd like your ad to run, the better a deal we can provide.
  • Did we post a discount code somewhere? If so, let us know what the code is and we'll apply the discount when we bill you.
  • Please provide a copy of the graphic you'd like for us to post. If you have coding for the graphic (i.e., a countdown widget), please skip to the next question.
  • If you've provided an uploaded file, you can skip this question. However, if you have coding or a link to the graphic you'd like for us to use, please provide it here.
  • Is there something else you'd like for us to know? Please let us know here.

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