Review: Trust by Avery Woods

Trust by Avery Woods
Release Date: March 5, 2018
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Pages: 250
Source: book provided by author for review



Why does society treat you as an outcast when you’re single? Is it not bad enough that I have my two best friends pressuring me to date every chance they get. It’s probably because I still haven’t told them the reason I’ve avoided dating: The fact that I am HIV positive. It’s this dirty little secret I’ve been keeping to myself for the last two years. I’ve tried telling my friends and family numerous times, but something always gets in my way. At least that’s what I tell myself. Don’t worry, I’m ninety percent sure you can find my picture under the word cynical in the dictionary.

Since my ex-boyfriend basically called me a walking disease, I’ve lost a bit of my self confidence you could say. I mean, how am I suppose to tell my friends and family? I guess writing a letter to my parents won’t cut it.

More importantly, how is Travis, the new guy I like going to take the news? He is perfect, and I am far from it. I have to trust him, but trusting someone is easier said than done.

If dealing with HIV wasn’t enough, the bombshell my mom decided to invoke on my sister and I sure takes the cake. At least that’s what I thought, until I attended Lauren’s birthday party. Who knew that would be a night I would never forget.

Who would have thought ripping off a band aid would be the most painful route to take?


Review: I had to sit and think about what I’d read before this review, and even then I’m not sure how to approach it. Trust is a heavy read. Not only did it explore the serious and rarely talked about topic of living with H.I.V., it forced me to examine my own thoughts and emotions about it.

The main character Hayden could have been so many young people. Funny responsible, and bright with the world as her oyster, she made one mistake. A single lapse in judgement changed the course of her life forever. Two years post diagnosis, she’s living with that reality in secret. Her shame about how she contracted the virus has kept her silent.

Attending a support group, she moves forward with her life, and struggles with feelings of guilt, and at times anxiety. A chance meeting with Travis makes her wonder if perhaps she could have more.  Travis is the catalyst to making her ask herself what her life could be, and wither she’s willing to risk rejection in order to get it.

This book has plenty of ups and downs. The characters were fleshed out, the pace was perfect, and the conflict was believable. I found the deep emotional development quite impressive. I truly felt for Hayden, and I genuinely liked Travis. He was a kind gentleman. Not to say he was perfect He made his mistakes, but I found him to be a refreshing change of pace from many heroes in romances.

I don’t feel fit to judge the way H.I.V. was approached in the story. I don’t know enough about the disease or how it feels to live with it. I will say this felt real, raw, and hope giving. It showed life is not over when you hear the word positive


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