Review: From Exes to Expecting by Laurel Greer

From Exes to Expecting by Laurel Greer
Series: Sutter Creek, Montana (# 1)
Release Date: March 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition
Pages or File Size:  224 pages
Source: book provided by author for review



This time there’s a baby on board…Dr. Lauren Dawson knows her brief marriage to footloose photographer Tavish Fitzgerald ended for a reason. That doesn’t mean their undeniable chemistry isn’t as potent as ever. And when Tavish returns home to Sutter Creek for his sister’s wedding, the sparks between them turn into a blaze. But when Lauren finds herself pregnant, these exes have nine months to build a forever family together…


Review: A quick and enjoyable read that had me finishing the book in a few hours.  Tavish and Lauren dated in high school, were briefly married although their families don’t know it and are now divorced.  But when they’re both in Sutter Creek for the wedding of his very pregnant sister to her brother the sparks are still there.  Especially when they keep getting thrown together for relaxation, the wedding and her family’s business that they’ll help out in while Mackenzie and Drew are on their honeymoon.  She’s a small town doctor and he’s a world known photographer with different goals and outlooks on life.

As we get to know Lauren and Tavish we also learn about their fears.  Her’s is that every time she’s away from her family something bad happens to them.  His is that he’s too much like his dad that abandoned his family because he couldn’t put down roots.  As their loved ones find out about their past and try to give them suggestions and hope they’re not always listening.  For every step forward one or the other seems to be taking two or three back which was heartbreaking to watch especially knowing that the chemistry and love is still there.  It doesn’t help that Lauren isn’t sure she wants to be a partner in the clinic that her mom helped establish.  Tavish isn’t sure he can stay in Sutter Creek or anywhere else for any length of time before getting wanderlust again.  But their one time hooking up again leaves them having other things to think about.

There’s a nice flow to the story.  There’s love, hope, family, friends, plans, illness, accidents, happiness, tears, secrets, anger, fear, sadness and some loving too.  There’s nice closure especially with the epilogue that takes place fourteen months later and I got the happily-ever-after I was hoping for.

This is a debut novel for Greer and I’ll be back for more not only in this series but other books she writes.  I look forward to reading Zach and Cadie’s story next.

Favorite Quote: Lying required too much effort.  “Blood makes me sick.”  She let that hang in the silence as she rinsed her mouth with water from the tap.




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