Review: Chasing Secrets by Anna James

Chasing Secrets by Anna James
Series: Forevermore (# 3)
Release Date: February 20, 2018
Publisher: Markham Cove
Pages: 230
Source: book provided by the author for review



Some scars run deeper than others. Wyatt Leone knows that better than almost anyone. Injured in an explosion when he was a child, he lives with his physical and emotional wounds every day. Now the only thing he feels adequate for, running his family’s Sonoma winery, is in jeopardy. The grapevines he needs for a successful harvest have been destroyed, whether by animal or human predator he doesn’t know. The same day he learns of the destruction, he runs into the last person he ever wanted to see again, and she’s got another man’s baby in tow.

Maddie Scott-Smith is back in town to be there for her grandfather as he battles lung cancer. The old man needs help keeping the family winery afloat, even if he doesn’t want her moral support. Wyatt broke her heart a year ago when he ended their relationship, believing she’d betrayed him with another man. Now he’s back in her life, and she’s not sure how she feels about that.

Wyatt is amazed and thrilled when he learns the truth about Maddie’s baby. He plans to take this father thing seriously. It doesn’t take long before he and Maddie rekindle their relationship—and the sheets start sizzling.


Review: This was a story that tugged at the old heartstrings. It showed that beauty really does love the beast. But that family and friends sometimes get in the way of that love. Maddie and Wyatt were characters that were easy to care about but every time things seemed to be going right, family and secrets tore them apart. Love brought them together despite eternal scars on Wyatt from a fire that killed Maddie’s parents. Those scars made Wyatt who he was one very sexy guy. Maddie was able to overlook those scars and fall for him.

A child came out of that relationship but family on Maddie’s side tore them apart. Greed, secrets and hatred came between them. Maddie was pulled from Wyatt due to lies her Grandfather told her. A lot went on in a year and yet somehow she found her way back to Wyatt who found out that the baby she had was his. With open arms he and his family accepted her. Ms. James showed that there is always to sides to every situation. Along with the fact that some people are just so humble that they just accept things at face value, open their arms and welcome you in. Ms. James also showed us that while others are spiteful and turn things so that they can live with the deceit and lies.

The characters were easy to fall in love with or hate. The scenery for me wasn’t as vivid as I would have liked it was okay… I did get a visual of the guesthouse. The description gave me a feeling for the layout. There was talk of fire with accelerant and the smell of the accelerant was mention but to me I couldn’t get the feel or smell of the smoke and fire. I just lost it somehow.

However overall the story which as set in a vineyard setting was pleasing I was ready to sample the wine.

To me I found that the end seemed rather rushed. There were some things that were just left hanging and not really finished.

Grab a glass of wine… and settle in for a version of Beauty and the Beast and a whole lot more.


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