Review: A Home for Hannah by Amy Lillard

A Home for Hannah by Amy Lillard
Series:  Amish of Pontotoc (# 1)
Release Date:  February 27, 2018
Publisher:  Zebra
Pages: 336
Source: book provided by the author for review



In Pontotoc, Mississippi, the Amish way means a chance to rebuild, renew, and rekindle a love from long ago . . . 

Fifteen years. That’s how long it’s been since Hannah McLean set foot in the Amish community where she was raised. Through it all her heart has never forgotten Pontotoc–or Aaron Zook, her first love. Now widowed, and left with little more than her hurting teenager and her prayers, she returns home, even knowing she and her son may be turned away.

When Aaron learns Hannah has returned, he nearly falls to his knees. He’s a strong man, but lately the care of his three motherless children and family land have been more than he can handle. Now providence has delivered the first woman he loved, and with her, the rush of feelings they once shared. But will his simple, removed way of life leave Hannah longing for something more, or can they begin anew, finding a new way forward together?


Review:   Lillard is one of my go to authors especially for Amish fiction.  I’ve loved her books and A Home for Hannah is right up at the top.  It was nice to get to know the Amish of Pontotoc, Mississippi especially Hannah and her family and Aaron Zook and his.  They have a past since they were each other’s first loves and even though fifteen years have passed with her living in the Englisch world and married to another when she returns home it’s like they were never apart in their feelings for each other.  Since she ran away without telling him or giving him a reason, why can they really pick up where they left off if she does enter the church and becomes Amish again?  He was married in the interim as well and has three children but his wife died almost a year ago. . When Hannah returns with her fifteen year old son it’s because her husband has died and left her with lots of debts that his estate has to work through and has nowhere else to go.

Watching Hannah with one foot in the Amish world, or “Amish Land” as her son calls it, and one foot int he Englisch world was heartbreaking..  Watching Hannah reunite with her family and get closer one minute and take two or three steps back the next hurt my heart.  She did the same with Aaron.  It was nice to see how her son began to understand the Amish world even if he knew he wouldn’t be comfortable living in it forever but could see his mom embracing her upbringing once again. Having his cousin, Joshua, help him navigate some of the pitfalls was helpful and seeing how Brandon was readily accepted was nice and unexpected.  Watching Brandon shed some of his surliness as he got to know his relatives he never knew he had was heartwarming.  Brandon had questions answered about her past and even his childhood and his feelings often brought a smile to my face.  Seeing her family and Aaron learn of most of the events at the same time was touching

There were lots of prayers, getting to know you moments, matchmaking, cooking, chores, the church, love, friendship, laughter, tears and love.  There were twists and turns to the story but some expected happenings too.  The bishop was more understanding than I expected.  There is wonderful closure, not at all what I expected.  I can’t wait to return to Pontotoc over and over again to find out what everyone’s up to since there is much more story to tell!

Favorite Quote:  …he hadn’t complained since those first few days.  Hannah was grateful.  She knew he wasn’t happy about being in “Amish Land,” as he liked to call it.  She had never expected him to accept it as a way of life, but it was a lot easier to get along when he wasn’t constantly griping about one thing or another.




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