Guest: Morgan Doremus

Guest Post: Do Clothes Make the Man?

Today we have a guest blogger, Morgan Doremus.  Before we get to her post, here’s a little about her:

Morgan Doremus is a lifelong romance addict who loves anything with a happy-ever-after. Following her passion, she has worked as a publicist for several romance publishers and at the industry’s leading magazine, RT Book Reviews. She can be reached on Twitter at @MorganDoremus.

Does it matter if your ideal man wears a tuxedo or lace up work boots? Probably not, but a person’s wardrobe can give you insight into their personality. From a law enforcement uniform to a leather biker jacket, the heroes in recent romance releases have different tastes in clothes, but they do have one thing in common—their ability to look good in anything they wear. Read on to learn which romance hero suits your style but remember the best accessory will always be his big…heart.


Suits Him Just Fine: Jason from Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee

Jason Fairchild is the ultimate suit wearer, probably because he has been dressing in them since birth. Even though he was born into a wealthy family, Jason’s never been one to rest on his trust fund. He works hard to keep Fairchild Charters, his private jet company, a success. Driven, suave, and oh-so-sexy, in and out of a three-piece suit, this is one hero that will give you your heart’s desire because when you have a fleet of planes at your disposal, there is nowhere too far to go to woo the one you love.


Cowboy Hat Hottie: Ethan from Reckless by Lex Martin

Ethan is a real Texas rancher—cowboy hat, worn Levis, chaps and all. He works from sun up to sun down with his horses to make sure his family’s legacy lives on and he’s just as committed to raising his young son and daughter. A homebody at heart, you won’t find Ethan getting gussied up for a night on the town, but instead he likes to chill on his couch watching a baseball game on TV and feeding his lady ice cream. Now that’s a date we can get behind!


Biker Boss: Snapper from Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley

No one writes a biker better than Kristen Ashley, and no Club can compare to Chaos. The author’s heroes are hard riding, love-’em-till-it-hurts men of action that take care everyone around them. There is always danger when hooking up with a Chaos biker, but know this, the brothers have your back—especially Snapper, the ultra-protective club member who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty to gain vengeance against those who wrong him. If you are looking for the ultimate bad boy, then get ready to fall in love with Snap’s rough, gravelly voice, awesome tattoos, and a leather cut proclaiming him “Chaos”.


Geek Chic: Nate from Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

A tech genius doesn’t get to be Brooklyn’s newest billionaire without some all-nighters. And there is nothing more comfortable for a midnight session in front of a computer than a hoodie and sneakers. While Nate Kattenberger may have sacrificed his time, kicks, and ping pong table for a New York City high rise, throughout it all didn’t change…much. He’s still just a geeky guy that prefers laidback clothes and bad Dr. Who jokes. Nate may be rich beyond your wildest imagination, but at the end of the day he’s just a man looking for commitment from his one-and-only.


A Man in Uniform: Cole from Keeping Her Warm by Alexa Riley

Protect and serve aren’t just the words emblazoned on the side of Sheriff Cole Bannon’s cruiser, they are his motto. After a stint as a Ranger in the military, Cole is back in his hometown donning his sheriff’s uniform every morning for work. However, his bone deep need to help others isn’t something he puts on and off, it’s who he is. Strong, resolute, and willing to break the rules for just the right woman, nobody works harder to provide for his family and his community. Is it any wonder why we want to get a look under the sheriff’s badge?

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