Review: Say You’ll Stay by Carrie Lomax

Say You’ll Stay by Carrie Lomax
Series: Say (# 1)
Release Date: October 28, 2017
Publisher: self published
Pages: 211
Source: book provided by the author for review



A broken engagement.

Alyssa Carlisle arrives at her parent’s house in Florida nursing an unexpected heartbreak. She jumps at the chance for a no-strings-attached fling with the neighbors’ ridiculously sexy college-dropout-turned-real-estate-investor son. Marc’s hot—and every woman in Florida knows it. Half of them firsthand. Alyssa’s not immune; she just knows better than to expect anything beyond a hook-up. Once she set her sights on New York, she never looked back. Maybe once or twice, just to get a better glimpse of Marc’s butt. No harm in looking…

An ill-advised fling.

Marc’s wanted his aloof, ambitious neighbor for years, but she’s been thousands of miles away chasing her dream. He almost gave up the fantasy when she brought home a rich fiancé. Now their engagement’s off, and Marc’s not about to pass up his chance. But how can he convince her to take him seriously—when Alyssa’s on the rebound and leaving in a week?

A reality-TV-inspired dating contest.

An unexpected visit from Alyssa’s ex gives Marc the opportunity he needs—if he doesn’t mess it up. But Marc has a dream, too, one he’s worked toward for years. One of them will have to give. Blindsided by unexpected feelings, Marc and Alyssa fight for a future neither could have imagined.


Review: A one night stand with her sexy hot neighbor turns into a HEA for Alyssa. Marc has been waiting for ever for this chance. Things never worked out.

Fate takes over when we least expect it.

Alyssa has been secretly crushing on her hunky neighbor Marc forever and we find out that Marc seems to have been crushing on Alyssa. Chance took them in different directions but fate has brought them together if only for a week at the holidays. But it seems that things are going to work out.  Who ever thought that taking the garbage out could end up with smoldering sparks…if only?

Things start out hot and heavy.  The sex is steamy, simple, rough with a little BDSM.  They were going to make the most of this fling.  But is it leading to something more?  The sex scenes may have been a little explicit for some but they were done with class so that they were tasteful not raunchy. Which I tend to find is hard to do for some authors.

I liked the interaction between Alyssa and Marc, other than last names I didn’t realize that Marc was of a different cultural. Ms. Lomax blended the interracial differences so well that they were just people…just neighbors…same problems…  They were characters that were well written that knew what they wanted well, except for Alyssa all she knew was that she didn’t want her ex Zach and she did want Marc for a fling.

She captured the magic of fireworks with her vivid display of imagery. Her use of detail added to making this story seem realistic to me. Ms. Lomax even added a bit of humor to the story with a fun little play on the Bachelorette giving us insight on how it plays out and what it would actually feel like to be a part of the show…the competition between the contestants and how things can get out of hand. It was a bit of added entertainment to tame down the steaminess.

One of the parts of the story I enjoyed the most is the compassion that Alyssa had for Gail the homeless woman she passed for years. Giving Gail the chance to enjoy the holiday season and not have to stay in a shelter she gave her the keys to her apartment. She took a leap of faith and trusted Gail. I was just so in awe…it was inspiring…

Overall a fun little story that will keep you entertained…