Throwback Thursday Review: Stern Desire: Love Redeemed by Leah Shay


Stern Desire: Love Redeemed by Leah Shay
Release Date: September 15, 2013
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Pages: 299
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Her love can heal him; his love can set her free.

The moment Kyra walked into billionaire Jared Stern’s hospital room and introduced herself as his nurse he knew that this paragon of loveliness was what he needed to mend his damaged soul. Jared knew he had to have her.

They shared an instant mutual attraction. Drawn together by some irresistible force they stirred emotions in each other that neither had felt in years.

But, Jared’s dark inescapable secrets plagued him, and they were a constant reminder why he was not right for her.

Kyra’s trust in men had been severely destroyed and for years she felt nothing but mistrust and anger towards them. Jared’s mysterious nature reminded Kyra why she had built a fortress around her heart protecting herself from men like him.

Reluctantly, Kyra gave way to Jared’s relentless pursuits. Will she jeopardized her career knowing that anything other than a nurse-patient relationship could be risky and lead to her losing her job or even her license?

Will Jared’s secrets smother their hot steamy love affair, or will he do the unthinkable to trap Kyra into the relationship?

One thing about secrets they rarely stay in the dark.


Review: This is a fast-paced, heavy-hitting read! Full of tragedy, tough situations, and fully fleshed out characters; this kept me turning the pages to see what happened next.

I appreciated Kyra. She went through a lot, but it didn’t’ break her. Seeing her stand strong, remain kind, and succeed made me adore her. While I questioned some of her choices, especially involving Jared, because they were risky, I wanted to see her find happiness so badly, I couldn’t help but want things to work out. Jared was strong and sexy, but he had some control issues brought on by his past. It made for one intense romance between the two.

I was fully immersed in the world she created, and the characters. Her purple prose did throw me off at times. “Magic Stick” acts like cold water in the midst of a sexy scene. I’m also not a fan of cliffhanger endings, so that knocked this down a star for me personally.