Review: Marital Duty by Ingrid Hahn

Marital Duty by Ingrid Hahn
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Publisher: Loose ID
Pages: 131
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Each morning while pretending to be asleep, Evaline St. John, Lady Kingston, submits to her husband’s attentions. She can never dare admit she yearns for more…until her friend Selina, Lady Beaumont, initiates a conversation about what she does with her own husband in the bedroom.

But Selina is bored with her intimate life and suggests that she and Evaline seduce their husbands. She will begin while Evaline will hide in the bedroom to watch. Evaline and Selina do more than make a pact, however. They give in to unspeakable desires and soon they are exploring each other’s bodies as they always dreamed.

When Evaline is forced to confess her misdeeds to her husband, Lord Kingston, he is shocked, but also aroused. The admission changes everything he believed about his wife–for the better. Now, whatever Evaline demands, he happily delivers.

Evaline and Selina realize they are falling in love–with each other–yet they still love their husbands. What are the two women to do?

When Selina’s husband catches all of them together in bed, he flies into a jealous rage and forbids them from ever seeing each other again. Now, it’s up to Lord Kingston to issue the ultimatum to Beaumont: come to their bed or lose them forever. Kingston must show his former friend that he has nothing to fear…and everything to gain.


Review: Lady Kingston is everything that embodies a highborn English lady. She has a beautiful home, a busy social schedule and a husband who visits the marital bed every day. What more could she ask for?

Author Ingrid Hahn delivers a deliciously naughty historical story in Marital Duty. At the center are the Kingstons, a married couple going through the motions of what they think they are “supposed” to do, but never exploring the possibilities. Lady Kingston yearns for more, as demonstrated clearly in the story’s opening scene. However, in a time when wives were simply vessels to produce children, there was little thought to actually introducing real pleasure into the bedroom.

This creates an interesting dilemma because in formal society, there were really few options for Evaline to change her situation since ladies simply didn’t speak of such things. It’s not until Lady Beaumont brings up the subject that Lady Kingston realizes how much she doesn’t know.

What ensues is a rather intense attraction between the two women as they begin a journey of sexual exploration. The author delivers an explicit accounting of their interludes, only to throw in a delightful plot twist when Lord Beaumont puts an end to their shenanigans. This particular part of the story was my favorite because in the aftermath, Lord Kingston finally gets clued in on his wife’s desires, making their marital duty filled with much more than just a cold, clinical process.

The only question is whether Lord Beaumont will be able to handle the idea of a ménage or if he will keep the two ladies apart forever. I was impressed with how persuasive Lord Kingston was in trying to make Evaline happy. The added bonus of a m/m scene was a bit unexpected, but illustrated ultimately that polyamory is not a new concept.

I found this to be a quick, spicy read within a proper historical backdrop. The twists and turns maintained my interest, making me eager to explore other books from this author.



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