Review: Last Rights by Ava Bradley

Last Rights by Ava Bradley
Release Date: March 30, 2017
Publisher: Pink Pixel Publishing
Pages: 227
Source: book provided by the author for review



To save one child, she must risk the life of another…

Hired to transport a donor clone across the country for the heart transplant needed to save her nephew’s life, private detective Fallon Monroe never expected to be hunted by terrorists, dirty cops, and vigilantes. Her attraction to the mysterious soldier who saves her life doesn’t help matters. She’s been down the “married man” road before, with disastrous results.

To survive his future, he must accept his past…

Special Ops soldier John White has only just awakened from a coma when a terrified woman bursts into his hospital room, followed by two terrorists who want to kill her and the child in her care. Before he remembers what put him into a coma he’s on the run with beautiful Fallon and her strangely advanced clone child, unwilling to think too hard on exactly what he was doing in a hospital devoted to cloning studies.


Review: I would like to start by saying this is not generally a book I would have chosen for myself…However once I started to read this story I found it hard to put down.

Last Rights deals with traveling in the year 2224. Fallon is sent by her sister to obtain her nephew’s clone. He is needed to save the originals life. For me usually I get lost when reading something that is unfathomable for me to grasp. But to tell you something I was able to follow this story line and it made sense. I found myself to continue to read just to find out what was going to happen to Fallon and Jamie (the clone).

They ended up in John’s room that was in an induced coma in order to heal. He comes out of it and feels the urge to protect these two as they are running to save their lives.

For me the pages just needed to keep being turned to find out the outcome. I guess you could say it was all about the chase, the suspense which was constant.

The morality issues on cloning and organ harvesting was well researched to where you were able to actually understand both sides. It made it easy to understand the characters views; making them all the more realistic. I was able to put myself in the shoes of the characters making it easy to relate to their plights.

While laughing and crying Ms. Bradley threw in some hot and steamy love scenes. They may not have been very long leaving a lot or maybe not much to the imagination whichever way you want to see it.

So if you want something a little different that keeps you on the edge of your seat and is very entertaining give Last Rights a try. You might find a new author and be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.