Review: The Prodigal Duke by Theresa Romain

The Prodigal Duke by Theresa Romain
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 127
Source: book provided by the author for review



When the prodigal duke returns…

After his older brother’s death, Leo Billingsley returns to London to assume the duties of Duke of Westfair. He has spent years abroad, traveling the world and building a fortune—but to his uncle and only remaining relative, Leo is still the impulsive black sheep who doesn’t deserve a chance to make good.

Tied to England and an impoverished dukedom, there’s only one person Leo trusts: his old friend and first love, Poppy Hayworth. But Poppy’s life has taken surprising turns since Leo left, and now she carries a crushing secret. Desperate to save enough money to flee the country, she earns a temporary living as a Vauxhall Gardens tightrope walker.

To win over his uncle, Leo offers Poppy a fortune to pretend an engagement with him. It seems the ideal solution, especially when they rediscover love and passion. The one flaw? If their ruse succeeds, they’ll be parted forever…


Review:  This was a fun, interesting, and unique story there kept me turning the pages. Poppy was a different kind of heroine. Independent, self sufficient, and bold, she stood out from the women of her time. I liked her from the very first introduction, and admired her even more as her story unfolded. Leo is her childhood best friend back from seeking his fortune abroad. I liked him, he has pluck, manners, and issues I found relatable and believable. It made for the best kind of Duke.

They both have situations that need taking care of, and he has the perfect solution to there troubles, a fake engagement.  We all know things never go to plan when emotions get involved.

This wasn’t your average Regency read, and it checked all the boxes: humor, adventure, romance, and uniqueness.

Please be aware that this is a reissue of a story originally published in the  The Dukes of Vauxhall anthology.