Review: The Lady’s Legacy by Deb Marlowe

The Lady’s Legacy by Deb Marlowe
Series: Half Moon House (# 3)
Release Date: November 27, 2017
Publisher: self published
Pages: 283
Source: book provided by the author for review



Light fingers, fast feet, a quick wit and empathy for the downtrodden—none of these qualities will help Miss Francis ‘Flightly’ Headley fit in with Regency Society. They are perfect for a young woman helping the infamous Hestia Wright at Half Moon House, however. And they might be exactly what is needed to find Hestia’s long-lost son.

Lost is Mr. Rhys Caradec’s preferred state. An artist and a hedonist, he lives his life exactly as he wishes—unfettered and free. He has no interest in either of his warring parents, but finds himself unexpectedly fascinated with his mother’s assistant.

Each believes they can bring the other around to their way of thinking. Both recognize the rising passion between them—but they are far too different, their circumstances too convoluted, for them to ever fall in love . . .


Review: Unique and captivating, this historical romance was a delightful and fresh storyline that I hadn’t anticipated! Flightly isn’t her real name, but it’s exactly what she is able to do. Raised a street urchin, she is the remarkably thankful recipient of Hestia Wright’s generosity and assistance. But Hestia’s greatest secret is her son, the father of whom is wicked and bent on the son’s destruction. Feeling the need to repay the debt of generosity that Hestia has given to Flightly, the young lady dresses up as a boy, shifting between disguises when it serves her purpose, and heads to Edinburgh, where the now grown son is rumored to be staying. A well known and reclusive as well as illusive artist, Rhys is not easily tracked or found, but Flightly’s street smarts uncover a multitude of secrets as she begins her adventure. But her greatest adventure is falling in love with the very man she was determined to ferret out.

The art depictions, along with the way Rhys views the world are beautiful and deep. The emotional and physical bond between Rhys and Flightly (also known as Francis) is tangibly and sexy as hell. Flightly illuminates the false neutrality that Rhys has built around himself as a protective wall regarding his mother and father’s feud, and as the walls around his heart crumble, the isolation he’s coveted is destroyed.

For better and for worse.

Because his father, the Marquess of Marstoke is a vindictive and evil man, bent on exacting revenge in the most cruel way.

And Rhys has to finally face the truth…that maybe love is stronger than fear.

I enjoyed each page of this story, and devoured it in one sitting! The descriptions of Edinburgh are spot on, and I loved that the story line remained strongly historical, yet it was also a fresh take in the historical romance genre. An amazing read! I give it five roses that rule!


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