Review: Shattered Memories by V.C. Andrews

Shattered Memories by V.C. Andrews
Series: The Mirror Sisters (# 3)
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pages: 433
Source: Book provided by publisher for review



They share an unbreakable bond…

An inescapable bond.

As identical twins, Haylee and Kaylee Fitzgerald have always done things in exactly the same way. Under their mother’s guidance their every outfit, every meal, and every thought was identical.

But now things are different.

With Kaylee back at home after her sister’s betrayal, her life has been turned inside out. Both her mother and Haylee are away and Kaylee’s alone and more lost than ever. Her father suggests going to a new school where she can have a fresh start, and where no one will know about her dark past. But if Kaylee knows her sister at all, she knows that her twin isn’t through with her yet…


Review:  In the aftermath of an ultimate betrayal, Kaylee Fitzgerald is trying to put her life back together. As the final installment of the Mirror Sisters trilogy, Shattered Memories provides a thrilling conclusion that left me stunned.

V.C. Andrews is well known for being able to craft literary masterpieces that are dark and twisty, focusing on those very valuable relationships that we call family. As demonstrated in this series, not all of those encounters are filled with love and good will. In fact, some of them are downright ugly and hateful.

While the Fitzgerald sisters are technically identical in appearance and have been groomed from birth to appear as mirror images, this particular installment highlights how different they have become. In the aftermath of a terrible tragedy that leaves one twin in a psychiatric facility and a family splintered, the other twin has to somehow find a way to establish herself as an individual.

I was amazed at how the author delved into the relationship between the two sisters, making this nightmare come to life. It was clear that both girls bore the emotional scars from a mother who orchestrated the mirror image concept from the beginning. Although I certainly didn’t expect the story to end as it did, there was no doubt that a simple reconciliation would never be possible.

My recommendation would be to read the series in sequence for maximum enjoyment. The story flows very well, with plenty of twists and turns to maintain interest. Ultimately, the events of the past resurface and must be faced before fresh beginnings can occur.