Review: A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss by Eva Devon

A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss by Eva Devon
Series: Must Love Rogues (# 4.5)
Release Date: November 12, 2017
Publisher: Bard Productions Inc
Pages: 86
Source: book provided by Aurora Publicity for review



Bah and a hum bug:
Sebatian Rutherford, the new Earl of Gray, has no desire to settle down. Ever. The only thing he dislikes more than the idea of taking over his recently inherited earldom, and all it’s responsibilities, is Christmas. So, when he agrees to an arranged marriage to the former earl’s daughter, he plans on a quick wedding and a quicker return to his adventures abroad. Surely, even a hint of Christmas cheer won’t need to be shared? But when his clever new wife, Lady Marabelle begins to thaw his heart, he finds that not only is family a joy, but Christmas may be the best season to lose one’s heart.

Deck the Halls:
Lady Marabelle loves Christmas. She loves everything about it. So, when she faces her first Christmas since the death of her beloved father, married to a man she’s never met, she decides to make sure that the Christmas hating new Earl must be taught the spirit of the season. But with each day toward Christmas that comes her way, she begins to find that perhaps a marriage of convenience can be a marriage of the heart and a veritable Christmas miracle.

This was originally included in the Limited Christmas Set ‘Twas the Night Before Scandal.


Review:  I believe this is the first Eva Devon book I’ve read.  I’m not sure how this author has flown under my radar.  But after having read A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss, I will have to hunt down more of her backlist.

This was a short story and part of the Must Love Rogues series.  I’m not read any of the books and I felt it stood alone, quite well.  I probably would have gotten more out of the secondary characters if I’d read the series, but I didn’t fee like I was really missing much.

I’m a fan of the arranged marriage trope within historical romances.  This book starts out as Sebatian and Marabelle meet just before their wedding.  Sebatian is a confirmed bachelor, but is going into this wedding as a favor to Marabelle’s father.  He goes into this marriage thinking that he’s going to remain indifferent and can beget his heir and then England.  Marabelle on the other hand is still mourning the loss of her father and brother.  She’s going into this marriage hoping that she’ll find love and companionship.

Since we have a novella and a romance, we know there’s going to be a happily ever after and a pretty simple plot line.  There aren’t any external forces trying to keep these two apart.  The story is really all about these two getting to know each other, adjusting to married life and well, falling in love.  At times I felt that it was perhaps just a little too simple.  But I was cheering them on and even had a couple tears come to my eyes.

All in all, this was an enjoyable Christmas read and I would recommend for those wanting an introduction to Eva Devon or a short historical romance.