Review: A Bella Flora Christmas by Wendy Wax

A Bella Flora Christmas by Wendy Wax
Series: Ten Beach Road (# 6.5)
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Publisher: Penguin Group
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Although their lives have changed since their first desperate renovation of Bella Flora, friends Madeline, Avery, and Nicole have always been there for each other. Now they’re returning to Bella Flora for Christmas—where Maddie’s daughter Kyra isn’t feeling particularly celebratory.

Kyra was hoping for a peaceful holiday at Bella Flora—a last gathering before a wealthy, mystery tenant moves into the home she’s been forced to rent out. Instead, she must make a life altering decision by New Year’s — a decision that becomes even more difficult when unexpected guests arrive at Ten Beach Road on Christmas Eve. Now Kyra, Maddie, Avery and Nikki will need to pull together to secure Bella Flora’s future, as well as their own.


Review: Family isn’t always blood. Sometimes it may be just a bunch of people that have been there for each other over the years. Who have been thrown together for whatever reason but have been there for each other. These people all live on Ten Beach Road. They remind me of where my son lived in Florida. Because not everyone has family or could spend the holidays with family they became family. Tables down the center of the street and everyone pitched in for the meal. It was heartwarming.

I loved the renovations that were taking place not only with Bella Flora but also the cottages. Everything was cute and I was ready to move in.

Daniel and his wife weren’t very likable but you have to have someone in the story that just makes you want to punch them. Kyra and her son Dustin were just cute. I love when the story has a small child they bring so much life to the story. Who cares if Daniel is famous he could have asked Kyra before getting his gift for Dustin and his wife who cares that she knows people that know people that could destroy careers if Dustin can’t work on the movie.

Since I have read others in this series I was able to get things. I would suggest however to read the others in the series along with this so that you understand the family dynamics of this wonderfully mismatched set of characters. There is also a bit of a mystery as to who is renting Bella Flora…Cliffhanger indeed. The end leaves/ alludes to what is happening or going to but it leaves you hanging waiting for the next book in the series.

All in all Ms. Wax gave us another heartwarming story of friends that have become family.

I want to warn you that if you are looking for HEA or a story that has an ending there isn’t one. This is a novella that leaves you hanging to await the next book.   In the end it doesn’t matter that there are questions…Or that you are left hanging. I found this still to be a fun book…about the spirit of Christmas.