Review: A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas

A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas
Series:  Ransom Canyon (# 6.5)
Release Date:  October 1, 2017
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 90
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



A shy soul and an adventurous heart. As the holidays approach, can they find happiness together?

Maria Anne David was on her way to an exciting career as a chef in Dallas, until a terrible car accident left her blind. Ever resilient, Maria has reinvented her life on her own terns, starting a business out of her home kitchen, selling her jams and jellies to the local grocery.

Maria loves romance novels, and despite her bold spirit, she fears she’ll never have a big love affair like ones her heroines experience. That is, until she realizes how much she cares about the quiet Wes Whitman, the owner of the grocery.

Was can’t keep Maria’s wildly popular jam on his shelves–just like he can’t keep the fierce, beautiful Maria out of his thoughts. But how could a firecracker like Maria come to love a shy, nervous man like him? Maybe all the need is a grand affair. Wes needs to convince Maria that some affairs last forever, though–just in time for Christmas.


Review:  A Christmas Affair is a Christmas novella in the Ransom Canyon series and was a quick read at only ninety pages.  Although fast paced this book continues the series nicely and there is a depth to the story since characters we’ve met before are back.  Maria, Dakota and their grandmother are just a few of them but it gave reality to the story. There was good plot development and we learned more about the characters a little at a time as their layers were peeled back.  The addition of Travis, and his low self-esteem, as well as his uncles provide fodder for future stories.  There were a few stories going on at once but they intertwined seamlessly.

There are family and friends, loneliness, despair, anger, hurt, hope, romance and love.  Watching Wes and Maria get to know each other was unexpected and heartwarming  as was Travis putting himself out there for someone other than himself and his own agenda.  Seeing how kind words from others gave Travis the boost he needed was both satisfying and gratifying.  There was closure and a happily-ever-after  but I was left with wanting more.  I for one hope the series will continue with more full length novels.

Thomas is always a writer whose books I enjoy whether in this series, the Harmony series or her stand alone books.  But looking at her list of books that I haven’t read yet was eyeopening.  I have added many to my always growing TBR pile and can’t wait to dive into them.

Favorite Quote:  Watching her move was poetry in motion he thought, and then laughed at himself for being almost a romantic.