Review: Seeking Mr. Wrong by Natalie Charles

Seeking Mr. Wrong by Natalie Charles
Release Date:  February 13, 2017
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Pages:  298
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



In this warm, charming, and hilarious romance, a kindergarten teacher and children’s book author attempts to write erotica—and sets out to find the right Mr. Wrong for some hands-on inspiration.

Lettie Osbourne has lived her whole life by the book. Sweet, predictable, and certainly not living life on the edge, she’s always been content to make a living as a kindergarten teacher who writes adorable children’s books on the side. After her fiancé leaves her, Lettie decides she is perfectly content to accept her fate as mother to her beloved dog Odin and favorite auntie to her niece and nephew.

But then everything changes.

When Lettie’s publisher decides to sell only erotica, her editor convinces her to turn up the heat and throw some spice into her vanilla life. Lettie sets out to find the perfect man to inspire her writing…and finds him in her school’s vice principal, Eric Clayman. As Lettie and Eric grow closer and her writing gets steamier, she’s left wondering: is Eric Mr. Wrong? Or Mr. Right?


Review:  Contemporary romance is another genre that I love among a ton of other genres.  I love romance period, it doesn’t matter what genre it is, just give it to me.

I thought that this book was charming and funny, and it moved fast.  It kept my interest and I found myself giggling throughout the book.  I also loved that the chemistry between Lettie and Eric was hot hot hot!  The two main characters need to have some serious heat between them in order for any fireworks to happen, and these two characters really did have heat and chemistry.

Lettie and Eric really were created for each other.  They complement each other so well and Lettie and Eric needed to have someone in their lives to treat each other well.  I loved that her best friend studied the law of attraction.  I study the law of attraction it really works and it has become so popular, it amazes me.

I loved the fact the Lettie reflects a real life romance author.  As a reader we only know the author by their pen name, as they have a life outside of writing and there may be people who would object to their profession.  Or they may be like Lettie and be a teacher of children and if word got out that they wrote some steamy erotica, people, parents, or bosses may object and could land them in a sticky situation.

I loved Lettie’s doggie Odin too, I love animals in books, they can really help the main character get through whatever emotional crisis the author has put them in, and I just love animals period, whether they are fictional or real.

Give this book a try, it was so good.