Review: Feels Like the First Time by Marina Adair

Feels Like the First Time by Marina Adair
Series:  Destiny Bay (# 2)
Release Date:  April 25, 2017
Publisher:  Forever
Pages:  320
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



What’s wrong with a little white lie?

There are a lot of things Ali Marshal doesn’t do: pink anything, a day without chocolate, and Hawk, her sister’s ex-husband. Sure, he’s a sexy former NHL star who can make her pulse pound with just a wink. But he belonged to Bridget first. And no matter how long she’s had a crush on him, how great he’s always been to her dad, or that her sister is engaged to someone else now and Ali needs a date to their engagement party, she can’t give in to temptation. Can she?

It’s been years since his disastrous marriage crashed and burned, and Bradley Hawk has finally moved on. So when Bridget blows back into town with her new fiancé, throwing the engagement party of the year, he could care less . . . until Ali tells one little lie that lands him smack dab in a fake relationship. After one promise to be Ali’s date and two of the hottest kisses he’s ever had, Hawk can’t deny how much he wants her. But what happens when this fauxmance starts to feel very, very real?


Review:    Ali and her family aren’t anything if not dysfunctional.  While she was raised by her dad in small town Destiny Bay, her sister Bridget was raised by their mom in Seattle.  They had totally different upbringings and differences on their outlooks on life and what’s owed them.  It doesn’t help that Ali and Hawk are best friends and he’s  her sister’s ex-husband whom she dumped but may have an interest in again or does she?  Her current boyfriend, Jamie, is more gone than present in Bridget’s life and she doesn’t seem to care or does she?

Hawk is always there for Ali and gets  Ali even with her insecurities.  They have a chemistry that they both start to feel and even act on and left me rooting for them time after time.  When her mother and her sister swoop in to town it’s not in support of Ali who is making a name for herself as an artist who works with metals but because Bridget has news of her own.  It results in a lot of twists and turns to the story along with a lot of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, sadness, tears, anger and fear.  As she and Bridget try to work out their feelings it’s one step forward and two or three back.  It doesn’t help that Ali is very protective of their dad whom has health issues or her doubts of her mother’s real motives or even her love.  As we get to know each of them better a lot of emotions are front and center and have to be dealt with.

There are  family and friends, small businesses, the small town feel and its residents,  the cider, chocolate and other pies, Marty’s boat, wedding planning, the magazine layout, laughter, tears, happiness, sadness and lots of emotions from everyone involved.  There is loving and love along with romance and a nice flow to the story.  There are revelations made as well as peace coming to fruition.  There is a happily ever after on several fronts with nice closure and I look forward to returning to Destiny Bay again and again.

Adair is one of my go to authors for contemporary romance not only in this series.  I look forward to reading more of her books.

Favorite Quote: She wasn’t sure what she’d expected to happen tonight, but the strange fluttering in her belly was starting to give her concern.  She’d prepared herself ahead of time, was ready for the fauxmance to continue, and then Hawk had to go and do something sweet, like make her feel girly, and muck everything up.