Review: Always My Baby by Martha Kennerson

Always My Baby by Martha Kennerson
Series:  The Kingsleys of Texas (# 1)
Release Date:  May 1, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance
Pages:  224
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



The sweetest surprise…  

Ambitious environmental attorney China Edwards pursues every goal with drive and dedication. Having a baby is no different. No husband? No problem—she’ll find the perfect donor. Then one spontaneous passionate night with bachelor executive Alexander Kingsley leaves these two longtime friends with an unanticipated benefit, and throws China’s future plans into turmoil.

China’s brilliant legal mind and friendship are indispensable to Alexander and his multibillion-dollar oil firm. And the possibility of her moving on makes him realize how deep his feelings actually run. Then their all-business relationship takes a wildly erotic detour…until Alexander is drawn into a company scandal that rocks his life. With trust in tatters, can an unplanned bundle of joy lead them to become the family they never expected?


Review:   I always like books with billionaire business tycoons and looked forward to reading the first book, Always My Baby, in the Kingsleys of Texas series by a new to me author.  While I enjoyed the book it was missing some elements for me.  The characters did not have a lot of depth to them although the potential was there and the ending was too abrupt with its happily ever ending that took place in the last few pages.  I will read the other books in the series and get to know the Kingsleys and some of the other characters better but hope that the closure is more fitting even if the book is part of a series.

The Kingsleys are in defense mode since the EPA believes their company has not been following approved protocols in their oil and gas company and is looking into wrongdoing on their part.  The Kingsleys, along with others in the firm including China, an environmental attorney and legal counsel to the firm, and best friend to Alexander, COO, are on the hot seat and are putting their all into getting their name and their company cleared.  Alexander and China have chemistry but neither is willing to put a name to it outside of friendship since China wants to start a family and Alexander does not.  Where will that leave them and China once she moves on?  Her interactions with the dating service were very formal and a hoot as well.  Watching their give and take and support from family and friends was heartwarming but often times heartbreaking as well especially when China isn’t kept in the loop.  Their missteps in communication almost cost them their best friend status as well or does it?  When an outside firm is brought in to help them find out who is really involved it doesn’t seem as if China is being trusted as part of the inner circle.

There are family, friends, business problems, meetings, undercover surveillance, some intrigue, parties, anger, mistrust, sadness, tears, illness, fear, hurt, laughter, happiness, loving and love.  There are twists and turns to the story, some expected and others not.  All the Kingsleys are forces to be reckoned with but especially their mother, Victoria, who is always with her sister, Elizabeth, who is also a part of the business.  The Kingsleys are definitely a family you’d want on your side and not against you!

Favorite Quote:  More Than Just Dating has three ways to identify their clients’ current search status; green identified clients as seeking a match, yellow as a match possibly found and red as a match found…