Review: Once a Moretti Wife by Michelle Smart

Once a Moretti Wife by Michelle Smart
Release Date:  March 21, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Pages:  224
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



-I love having you at my mercy… And you love it, too.-

The only desire billionaire Stefano Moretti has for his estranged wife, Anna, is revenge–she humiliatingly left him weeks ago. So when Anna returns to his life, with no memory of their tempestuous marriage, he’s certain fate has dealt him a winning hand.

Stefano’s plan is twofold: a private seduction that will reawaken Anna to their red-hot attraction, followed by a public humiliation to match the one she landed on him. Until Stefano realizes there’s something he wants even more than vengeance–Anna, back in his bed, for good!


Review:  I’ve always enjoyed Harlequin Romances especially since they are quick reads and Once a Moretti Wife by Michelle Smart did not disappoint.  Smart is a new to me author and I look forward to reading more of her books.

They say the opposite of love is hate but what are the true feelings between Anna and Stefano?  Anna has amnesia and can’t remember the last year of her life.  Convenient since she was married almost a year ago and only remembers Stefano as her boss and can’t believe she’d marry him.  Stefano is out for revenge and little by little we learn why but also that doubts are starting to sink in.  He and Anna are like fire and water together but their passion is strong and they have undeniable chemistry.  Stefano is helping Anna to heal since she collapsed in front of him at the office but what was she really doing there and why would he help her given their past?

We learn about Stefano and Anna little by little –  their younger years as well as their history – how they worked together and when passion entered the picture how they reacted.  When things took a turn for the worst how they handle it is truly telling.  There are family, coworkers, homes, injuries, sorrow, sadness, hurt, anger, disbelief, tears, lots of money, the jet set, happiness, laughter, lots of heat and between the sheets moments but is there love?  There is wonderful closure, a happily ever after and the epilogue tied up loose ends.

Favorite Quote:   She swallowed and croaked out a reply that was nowhere near as witty or nonchallant as she wanted.  ‘I normally sleep with bed socks on.’

Bed socks were as unsexy as they came and right then she was prepared to grab at anything that didn’t make her think of sex.