Review: Maybe This Love by Jennifer Snow

Maybe This Love by Jennifer Snow
Series: Colorado Ice (# 2)
Release Date:  May 30, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Pages:  304
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review




Hockey player Ben Westmore has some serious skills—on and off the ice—and he’s not above indulging in the many perks of NHL stardom. When a night in Vegas ends in disaster, he realizes two things: 1) it’s time to lie low for a while, and 2) he needs a lawyer—fast. But the smoking-hot woman who walks into his office immediately tests all his good intentions.

Olivia Davis doesn’t need anyone derailing her career—or her dreams of starting a family—least of all a skirt-chasing player like Ben. But soon he’s unleashing a full-court press to convince her that he’s the real deal. She’s slowly falling for his sweet, rugged charm, but with so much on the line, Olivia has to decide whether Ben can truly change—or if he’s just playing the game.


Review: Jennifer Snow is an author whose books I’ve enjoyed over the years and I can never patiently wait to see what her new releases are since she’s one of my go to authors for contemporary romance. I need to read the two novellas I’ve missed in this series, Maybe This Kiss and Maybe This Summer.

Maybe This Love was a nice continuation from the first book in the series, Maybe This Time.  I was immediately immersed with characters we’ve met before and the Colorado Ice professional hockey team.   The story flowed nicely with a few twists and turns and Ben’s family getting their digs in as much as they can.  Olivia and Ben have chemistry from the moment they unexpectedly meet in the parking lot at her law office.  He doesn’t know that she’s about to change his life in more way than one!  The angst was cooled by their playfulness even if it wasn’t professional.  Olivia is on a roller coaster ride of her own choosing but things don’t always work out the way she expects them to.  Ben has to get his head back in the game before there are dire consequences to deal with.

There are family and friends, the hockey team and the fans, sadness, anger, hurt, tears, happiness, laughter, romance, loving and love.  Olivia and Ben seem all wrong for each other but are they?  They often seem to give peace to the other just when they need it.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of other times that peace would be just what the doctor ordered.  There was some closure but the book ended too abruptly.  An epilogue or a chapter set sometime in the future would have been a nice touch.  There was a happily-ever-after in the offing and I can’t wait to be reunited with everyone once again in the fall. I look forward to reading book three in this series, Maybe This Christmas, which will be out in September.

Favorite Quote: She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin.  “I am a successful, strong, confident woman,” she told her reflection.  The daily affirmation was part of her routine before every face-to-face with an opposing lawyer.  “I can achieve greatness.  I can be the best version of myself.”  She smiled, then added a new one.  “I have good eggs.”