Review: Love’s Sunrise by Dorothy Wiley

Love’s Sunrise by Dorothy Wiley
Series: Wilderness Hearts (# 2)
Release Date:  June 24, 2017
Publisher: self published
Pages:  375
Source: book provided by author for review



Gabe McGrath has secured the title to his land among the blue-green pastures and rolling hills of 1806 frontier Kentucky. During a violent storm–the second worst night of his life–Gabe seeks shelter at the home of a nearby cattleman and meets the man’s stunning, strong-willed daughter, Martha Wyllie.

Burdens of grief and a desire for justice stand in the way of Gabe’s happiness. And Martha holds a sacred, secret promise deep in her heart that makes her deny her attraction to the handsome neighbor. While Gabe heroically confronts both the haunting tragedies of the past and the ruthless and wide-ranging violence of a brutal gang, Martha must make a heartrending choice between keeping her word and following her heart.

Wiley’s newest page-turner is a tale in the style of her seven other highly rated historical, frontier western novels in her popular American Wilderness and Wilderness Hearts series. When the destinies of Wiley’s memorable characters intersect, and obstacles stand in the way of love, this author delivers a riveting story teeming with action and brimming with emotional realism. Wiley’s well-blended use of humor, sadness, and tender moving moments will touch your heart and make you smile. It will appeal to all readers, especially those who love westerns and American historical romances.


Review:  Tears, anger, laughter and fear are some of the emotions that I felt while reading Love’s Sunrise.  Reuniting with the Wyllie family and their offspring along with meeting newcomer Gabe McGrath was heartwarming and I felt I was home once again in the wilderness of Kentucky.  There are conflicts and loss, especially with the gang of murderers and thieves led by Laughing Luke Smith, but such is life in that area.  How Stephen, Sam, Gabe and William deal with them show what upstanding citizens they are even if they don’t want to follow the letter of the law.  The interactions between the gang and Stephen’s family was heartbreaking and filled with fear but also resilience and calm.   Martha, only eighteen years old, has a good head on her shoulders and has committed her young life to caring for her family. She would do anything to protect them and shows us what she’s made of.

She and Gabe have an instant chemistry when they meet in her home during a powerful storm when Gabe is feeling at his lowest due to a string of bad luck and circumstances involving his family’s move west.  Martha tries to avoid him and discourage him as best she can but others are trying to make her see reason since they can see the feelings they have for one another.  Seeing them take one step forward and several back was both heart wrenching and sad.  Martha didn’t want to take the advice of her dad, her aunt or her younger sister regarding her feelings and what was best for her but only she knows why she’s so adamant in her stance.

The camaraderie and the love between the families was beautiful to watch.  One is more generous and open than the next and it was wonderful to see how much they love and care for each other and always have each other’s back.  The descriptions of the scenery, the land, the weather, the homes, the inn, the horses and cows along with the town of Boonesborough and its inhabitants and even the savagery made me feel that I was there.  The story is action packed but flows smoothly from one page to the next and kept me turning the pages far into the night.  There is nice closure but also hints of what’s to come in future books which only made me smile. There are several happily-ever-afters in which instinct plays a major role along with love.

Wiley is one of my favorite authors of historical romance.  Her books are set in the wilderness of the West as America pushes westward.  Love’s Sunrise is set in Kentucky in the spring of 1806 and didn’t disappoint.  The flow of the story and the multidimensional characters live up to her high standards and the bar she has set with her previous six novels in the American Wilderness series and her previous book in the Wilderness Hearts series.  I for one can’t wait to read more of her books!

Favorite Quote:  The astonishing kiss felt like a sunrise in his heart.