Review: A Spoonful of Sugar by Kate Hardy

A Spoonful of Sugar by Kate Hardy
Series: The Bachelor Bake-Off (# 2)
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Pages: 167
Source: Book provided by NetGalley for review



Tyler Carter is a healthy-eating gym owner who doesn’t bake. When his employees enter him into a bake-off contest to raise money for Harry’s House, an after school space for kids commemorating local first responder Harry Monroe, he needs to learn–fast! Shy special needs teacher Stacey Allman loves to bake and often dreams of sharing her confections with her uber fit, gorgeous neighbor. So when Tyler sets off his smoke alarm and explains his dilemma, she can’t resist the temptation of playing pastry chef tutor. He offers boxing lessons in exchange. More time together? Yes please, But when Tyler’s ex comes back to Marietta asking for his help, will it derail Stacey and Tyler’s chance at love, or will it make them see that they’re the perfect fit?


Review: Drop dead gorgeous and can’t bake if his life depended on it. We are first introduced to Tyler as he practicing for the baking competition to raise money for Harry’s House. His neighbor Stacey comes over to see if she can help seeing as he set off his smoke alarm during his baking experiment. The author is very detail oriented in her writing. One of the best parts is how all that detail comes out in the character’s inner monologue.

The chemistry is off the charts between Tyler and Stacey but at the same time so isn’t the shady people of their past that threaten to stop them from finding out how truly wonderful they are together. How the strength of one brings out the strength of the other and how together they come across as unstoppable.

The way the secondary characters are introduced into the story was seamless and made it seem almost as if they had been an integral part of the story all along. They are supporting to the story and help the main characters see what is right in front of them but they are too stubborn to see.

The details are heavy throughout the entire book and help move the story along, and make sure that the reader doesn’t miss anything. Because of that fact and the fact that I love cooking romance novels I give this book a Rose that Rules All rating. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

Favorite Quote: “Because this is the twenty-first century and women aren’t possessions-they make their own choices. Your daughter is an amazing woman and I love her very much, and I very much hope that I can welcome you to my family.”