Review: Marrying Jonah by Amy Lillard

Marrying Jonah by Amy Lillard
Series: Wells Landing (# 6)
Release Date:  March 28, 2017
Publisher: Zebra Books
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by author for review



Life isn’t always as simple as it seems for the Amish community of Wells Landing, Oklahoma. Neither is love. . .

Everyone in town knows that Sarah Yoder is enamored with Jonah Miller, even though he’s been with his girlfriend, Lorie, for years. But all that changes when Lorie runs off with another man. Inconsolable, his faith in love shattered, Jonah resists everyone’s attempts to ease his pain—until the unexpected happens one night.

Jonah is filled with confusion. Sarah is not the woman he yearns for, yet he asks for her hand in marriage, if only out of honor. Still, he worries, can they live in harmony if their vows are built on a lie? As Sarah seeks spiritual advice, Jonah tries to look toward the future—and finally begins to see her for who she really is: A beautiful, strong-willed woman whose heart is pure and belief is true. But will it be too late for him to prove that he wants to be her husband?


Review:  Once again Amy Lillard does not disappoint with her latest tale in the Wells Landing series.  Marrying Jonah is the sixth book in this series and I loved how we were reunited with the residents of the small town and were able to catch up on their lives.  Jonah and Sarah along with their families are front and center.  While Jonah and Sarah both felt that the circumstances surrounding their need to be married was heartbreaking and also a sin there were so many possibilities if only they would embrace their new marriage.  Since they couldn’t and had a hard time communicating as well it was a very emotional read with tears, hurt and anger at the forefront.   Every time they took a step or two forward they would take at least that many back.  There were times I was hopeful that they’d reconnect but for most of the story it seemed that they were at odds and it felt that it was more Sarah’s fault than Jonah’s.

There were quite a few twists and turns to the story including how Jonah’s mother looked at the marriage and at Sarah.  Her feelings that Sarah and her family were “fancy” Amish seemed to be more envy than anything.  I loved how Buddy, Jonah’s younger brother who has Down’s Syndrome, was portrayed and was always in the thick of things.  Sarah seemed to get wisdom passed to her by everyone whereas Jonah tried to make things right not knowing where he even went wrong.

There are family and friends, the Church, Jonah’s English friend, April, the homes, the gatherings, arguments, sadness, unhappiness, depression, cluelessness, food, tender moments, laughter, romance and love.  There was wonderful closure especially with the epilogue that took me by surprise.  I look forward to reading many more books by Lillard, one of my favorite authors. I hope that we’ll be back in Wells Landing again and again.