Review: Be Mine in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk

Be Mine in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk
Series:  Good Hope (# 3)
Release Date:  January 31, 2017
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Pages:  316
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



Celebrated hairstylist Marigold Bloom knows how to tease beauty out of chaos…until her own life becomes untamable. After losing her prestigious job in Chicago, Marigold returns home to Good Hope, Wisconsin. But her plan to lay low and consider her next move is complicated by an unexpected blast from the past.

Sheriff Cade Rallis has never forgotten the blissful weekend he spent with the irresistible Marigold in Door County. Seeing her again is like a one-two punch to his heart, and he knows he can’t lose her a second time.

Marigold never meant for her stay in Good Hope to be permanent, and she certainly never meant to fall for Cade. As Valentine’s Day approaches and her dream job beckons, will Cupid’s grip on Marigold be strong enough to keep her in Good Hope? Or will the lure of fame and fortune in the big city prove impossible to resist?


Review:   It was nice to be back in Good Hope, Wisconsin.  To me it’s a small town with a big heart.  The Bloom family and their flower named daughters were front and center along with their spouses, children, significant others and the sheriff, Cade.  Cade and Marigold, the youngest Bloom daughter, have chemistry that could set off fireworks.  He’s running for reelection against a home town boy, who is his deputy, and looking to set down roots in Good Hope, or is he?  Marigold comes home after losing her job as a hairstylist in a prestigious salon in Chicago but doesn’t plan to stay there long or does she?  When she and Cade meet up after not seeing each other for eighteen months, they met at his cousin’s wedding, it’s like not a moment has passed.

As Cade and Marigold’s temporary relationship continues to grow and deepen, she’s running scared.  She made a vow when her mom died that she was going to go the furthest in her career, be the most successful and leave her sisters eating her dust.  But is her fame and good fortune worth it or is time to settle down with Mr. Right?  The interactions among all the characters felt real and touched on many emotions.  They were honest to a fault even if the others didn’t always want to hear it!  The book flowed nicely and the characters had a depth to them.

There were laughter, tears, lots of small businesses, the styling world, small town antics, wonderful descriptions, hurt, anger, fear, some darkness, jealousy, sorrow, jobs and careers, their pasts, innuendo, love, loving and romance.  There were some secrets along with a few surprises.  The relationship between the sisters and their dad was refreshing and it was nice to see how often everyone got together.  There was nice closure and a happily ever after but I hope we’re back in Good Hope again since there’s at least Fin’s story to tell although she’s a hard character to like from what I’ve seen of her so far.

I’ve read book two in the series, Summer in Good Hope, but still need to read book one, Christmas in Good Hope.  I do plan to add some of Kirk’s other books to my always growing TBR pile.

Favorite Quote:  “True.  The problem is, unless we let ourselves care, unless we open our hearts completely, we run the risk of missing out on the best life has to offer.”