Review: More Than a Marriage by Amy Lillard

More Than a Marriage by Amy Lillard
Series:  Wells Landing Quilting Circle (# 3)
Release Date:  February 28, 2017
Publisher: Zebra
Pages:  150
Source: book provided by author for review



In the close-knit Amish community of Wells Landing, Oklahoma, a women’s quilting circle welcomes a new member who is struggling to keep her marriage together—or let it go . . .

Quiet and unassuming Tess Smiley is new to Wells Landing. She is also newly married to Jacob Smiley. But already she is finding that married life isn’t the gentle union of contented devotion she had envisioned. Rather, the old-fashioned qualities that had endeared her to Jacob have become a source of inner confusion. As his father did with his wife, Jacob has begun treating Tess like a servant, taking her for granted, no longer surprising her with little presents. And once he began his job at the Englisch shed company, he has become more interested in his company smartphone than in spending time with Tess . . .

Jacob can’t see what Tess is upset about and continues his boorish ways, ignoring her pleas to attend marriage classes. Tess loves Jacob with all her heart, but it’s her heart that tells her she must take a stand. With surprising determination, she asks for help from her new community and is welcomed into the home of her friend Clara Rose and her husband Obie. Only then does Jacob begin to see how deeply his behavior has hurt Tess. But is he too late? He may be contrite, but he will need to show much more than that to win her love all over again . . .


Review: More Than a Marriage is book three in the Wells Landing Quilting Circle series.  While I haven’t yet read the first two books in the series I didn’t feel lost at all since the three  novellas are a spin-off from the Wells Landing series.  Many of the characters I’ve met before were either a part of this story or referred to.  It felt like I was coming home.  This is a wonderful Amish romance that tugs at the heartstrings!

Tess and Jacob are having problems in their marriage due to their inability to communicate with one another.  While already married three years they are becoming envious of others married less than they have been that are already pregnant, have a baby  or are working their own land.  Tess and Jacob are still scrambling to save enough to buy their own land to farm and he’s working at an Englischer’s roofing company to try and earn enough after their normal expenses of housing, food, etc.  He hates every minute of his job as does Tess but for different reasons.  She doesn’t like how he’s always tired or  how his work phone or his being on Facebook takes away from their time together.  Their lack of communication is definitely hurting their marriage but Tess seems to be the only one who thinks so and when she goes to do something about it things only get worse.

Tess’ goats are a source of contention between her and her husband as well.  The goats bring in some money to their funds needed to buy land but they are also escape artists and the neighbors are forever calling that they’re out again.  When they are out of the pen they do lots of damage which doesn’t endear them to anyone, least of all Jacob.  To him they’re a nuisance and takes Tess away from other things she could be doing but she doesn’t see it that way. There was a nice flow to the story with some complexity to the characters and their feelings.  There was a happily ever after in the offing and nice closure.  I can’t wait to return to Wells Landing again and again.  At the back of the book there was an excerpt of Marrying Jonah which is due out in March 2017, which only whet my appetite for more!

Lillard is one of my go to authors.  I love her Amish books that wrap me in a feel good feeling with warmth and lots of family and friends. I just bought the first two books in the series, More Than Friendship and More Than a Promise, so I can read all the novellas that take in Wells Landing, Oklahoma, one of my favorite places to be!

Favorite Quote:  “What did God tell you to do?”

“He never answered me.”  Tess sniffed.

“Maybe He did.”


“By not answering.”