Try It Tuesday: Luxury Bath Sheet


Piano Collection 100% Turkish Cotton Luxury Bath Sheet, White
Manufacturer: Berrnour Home
Size / Weight: 27 x 55 x 0.2 inches / 1.6 lbs
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Absorbs and dries up to 50% quicker than regular cotton bath sheets
  • Beautiful and durable stitched hems, ensure a longer life for everyday usage
  • Dazzling yarns with gorgeous colors chosen to match the best bathroom textures
  • Made of 100% Durable Turkish Cotton
  • 39” X 59” high quality 450 GSM bath sheet


Review:  I wasn’t in the market for a new towel, but was curious when I was asked to review this bath sheet.  As a plus sized woman, most towels are just not big enough to wrap around myself.  So I was interested in testing out this towel.

The towel arrived in a plastic wrap inside a plastic mailing bag.  There was not need for additional wrapping as it is a towel.  However, I would have preferred a slightly stronger mailing bag or layer of padding  just in case the mailer had been damaged,  But mine arrived perfectly fine.

After washing the towel, I began testing.  The towel is quite absorbent, which may have to do with the pattern of the towel.  It’s not a flat weave like many towels, but had ridges.  It seems to help absorb the water faster.  The towel is also larger than your standard towel.  Of course, this gives the user more surface space for water absorption.

I’ve been using the towel for a couple months now.  It’s gone through multiple washings and countless uses.  I have the white towel and it’s still a pretty bright white.  It’s also not showing any wear and tear.

I’ve been very happy with this towel and when I’m in the market for more towels, I’ll most definitely considering picking up more of these luxury bath sheets and others in the line.