Review: Wedding Date for Hire by Jennifer Shirk

Wedding Date for Hire by Jennifer Shirk
Series:  Anyone But You (# 2)
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Pages: 164
Source: book provided by publisher for review



Maddie McCarthy is single, between jobs, and (oh, the shame) lives with her mother. To make matters worse, she’s the maid of honor for her sister’s wedding, and desperately needs a date. Then she sees her salvation-Match Made Easy, a service for women in Maddie’s exact position. If she can’t find a boyfriend, she’ll do the next best thing…

Hire one.

Trent Montgomery isn’t actually part of Match Made Easy. He’s just doing a favor for his cousin, but one look at the blonde who hired him, and he’s totally hooked. Now Maddie thinks that the attraction sizzling between them is just “part of the package.” And Trent is running out of time to prove to her that her date-for-hire might just be her happily-ever-after…


Review:  Anyone But You is a fun series that has some playfulness to it along with some angst and sadness and a curse besides.  But is there really a curse or is it only in Maddie’s imagination?  How does Madame Butterfly play a part in Wedding Date for Hire since we met her in the first book in the series, Fiance by Fate?

Maddie is not thrilled to be her sister’s maid of honor after fulfilling that role in her best friend Sabrina’s wedding a few months before.  Since she’s not working and her boyfriend broke up with her at the same time this isn’t a happy time for her.  Throw in the curse and she’s very unhappy.  When she sees an ad for Match Made Easy she decides to hire a date.  One of the problems is that a date is needed for five days surrounding the wedding which is going to deplete her savings a lot.  The other is that her escort is a nemesis from high school, Trent, and things get interesting pretty quickly.  The chemistry between them was pretty intense but they had a lot of explaining to do to each other about their feelings or lack thereof from that time.  Watching their one step forward and two or more back was heartbreaking especially when they were beginning to have real feelings for each other but were they real.  There was so much doubt between them and Maddie seemed to do more damage to any relationship she was in regardless of the curse.

There were family and friends, lots of wedding prep and activities, feelings, sadness, fear, hurt, anger, accidents, tears, secrets, lies, happiness, laughter, feel good moments, kisses, romance and love.  It was nice to be reunited with some of the characters we met in the first book in the series but Maddie and her sister, Louise’s cousin, Veronica was not very likable.  There was nice closure and most loose ends tied up but enough to segue into book three, Wrong Brother, Right Match.

I’ve now read all three books in the series after having read the third book first not realizing it was part of a series.  Shirk’s books are definitely being added to my always growing TBR pile since I enjoy her humor as well as her take on sweet romances.

Favorite Quote: After losing her job and her boyfriend, being asked to be maid of honor for two weddings was the final twist of the middle finger her life seemed to be giving her this year.