Review: Tangled Up by Erin Nicholas

Tangled Up by Erin Nicholas
Series:  Taking Chances (# 2)
Release Date:  January 17, 2017
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Pages: 322
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



Storm chaser Max Grady can already feel it: there’s a tornado coming to his hometown of Chance, Nebraska. Max is going after it, and the only person he wants by his side is police officer Bree McDermott, fellow adrenaline junkie, his best friend, and the woman Max has secretly been in love with for years. But when a close call with a tornado leaves them lip-locked, Max knows that the danger is only beginning.

Bree is always up for excitement. Her close and sexy encounter with Max is unlike anything she’s felt before, and she wants more. As they work together to help clean up Chance, the air between them crackles with sexual tension. But Bree has a tendency to look ahead to the next thrill, and Max knows it. Now they’re all tangled up as they chase the strongest force of nature on earth: love.


Review: Nicholas is one of my go to authors for contemporary romances and she didn’t disappoint with Tangled Up, book two in her Taking Chances series.  Although I haven’t yet read book one, Twisted Up, I got to know the characters and their relationships.  I hope to read Twisted Up soon in order to get the back story.

Tangled Up had a lot of emotions since tornadoes are front and center with the number of times Chance, Nebraska gets hit by them.  There is an emergency preparedness team that tracks and follows the storms and deals with the aftermath of the damage and destruction.  Max is a storm chaser but wears many different hats.  He currently lives in Oklahoma City but comes home once a month to see his family and his best friend, Bree.  They have been friends for a lifetime but when they dipped their toes into the romance pool and tried to date when they were seventeen they felt they couldn’t be what the other needed or wanted so went back to being friends.  Bree is an adventure enthusiast, the riskier the better and she and Max take adrenaline raising trips together once a year.  She finds life boring unless she’s off on an adventure even though she’s a cop.  Their chemistry is off the charts but neither is on the same page as the other even when they have conversations about their thoughts and feelings.  I sometimes felt I was at a tennis match watching the ball get tossed back and forth to each other.  Everyone around them can see what’s between them except for the two of them.  Their conversations seemed real and I could feel their emotions whether at a high point or a low one.

This was a fast paced read with many characters woven throughout and several stories being told at the same time.  There are family and friends, a small town with lots of community spirit, storms, destruction, fear, hurt, anger, injuries, tears, alpha males, laughter, happiness, camaraderie, twists and turns, romance, loving and love.  There were some very steamy moments that were necessary for the flow of the story and didn’t detract from it at all.  The vividness of the descriptions of the storms, the damage, the repairs and the gatherings made me feel that I was there.  There is some closure and a happily ever after in the offing.  I look forward to returning to Chance over and over again!

Favorite Quote: Adventurous friends who shared a need for adrenaline.  Which he clearly needed in smaller doses, less often than she did.  He didn’t date girls who like to climb and race and get dirty.  He dated nice girls who liked musical theater and art galleries and taking trips to places like Napa.